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Home and office programs are varied, in consecuense, the formats that are handled are also. It is because of that it is usual that we receive a file that we cannot open or edit. In the same way when we send a document, the recipient may not have the program or version indicated.

Fortunately, the compatibility between these has been strengthened over time. For that reason, information can be passed between documents from one software to another different.

Among the most used extensions outside the Office suite is the Adobe PDF. To know how to use the data included in the latter within Excel, we bring you this post.

Steps to open a PDF file in Microsoft Excel without losing information

Steps to open a PDF file in Microsoft Excel without losing information

As we anticipate, in this post content you will learn to use the information stored in a table within a document Pdf in you Office spreadsheet. In this way you will avoid redoing the work or asking your partner again. Within this Step by Step you will find two ways to do so. The first will use the same PDF program. The second does not require any additional payment program, in addition to the ones you already have installed on your computer.

Let’s get started:

Converting PDF to XLSX

It may be obvious, but the best way to do this is with Adobe Acrobat DC software.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Once the document is opened in Pdf, go to right panel and click on the tool “Export PDF”.
  • Then select “spreadsheet” as the output format.
  • Choose “Microsoft Excel Book”.
  • To finish click on “To export”.


The only drawback with the previous form it is necessary to have a paid license of this program. Unlike the free version that only allows us to read the document.

However, there is an alternative method without the need to invest money:

  • Open the document .pdf (it doesn’t matter if you don’t have Acrobat paid version)
  • Inside the table Choose the headers and copy them with “Ctrl + C”.
  • Open a new notepad and press “Ctrl + V”. Make sure that between each column there is a space. Press “Enter” to go down a line.
  • Then, copy the data included in the table.
  • Job said content on the pad.
  • Guard the new document .txt in the location you want.
  • Start Microsoft Excel and create a new spreadsheet.
  • Inside the menu “Archive” Press the button “open” and choose and open the document .txt recently created.
  • Doing so will bring up a window with a preview of the result. In separator options select “Separate by” Y “Space”. Press “To accept” to end.

List of the best online tools to convert PDF to XLSX

List of the best online tools to convert PDF to XLSX

A simpler and at the same time free way is to use a conversion software. It is best to use one On-line, in this way we will not occupy space on our disk. Unfortunately most have limitations in their standard versions.

But if it is a small document, these are the best pages to do it:

It is considered by various experts as the best choice to convert files PDF to XLSX since it does not need any type of registration or payment. You just have to upload the original file to the site, choose the output format and press “Convert”. The site ensures that the 100% of the data.

Next on the list is this page that works completely online Y no payment required to be used. But nevertheless, it is necessary to register on the site. Since the result of the conversion is sent by email.

The last one on the list uses the same mechanics of Drag and drop than the previous ones. But add the possibility of use files saved in the cloud to convert them. It also offers a paid desktop version with more profits.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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