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While it is true that the use of technological resources benefits current work through networks, it is also true that for this reason we are exposed to the information being stolen or hacked. That is why the Firewall becomes a key that restricts other computers from accessing data on the network that you have and that Windows has integrated for this purpose.

This program allows your computer to be less vulnerable to possible external attacks, protecting the information you have on your server, in such a way that it is only you who authorizes which computers can link with your main computer when configuring this resource.

It is important to highlight that it is an action that must be done with calmly and with the precaution of having read in advance the steps for its activation, if you want to conserve both the resources of the main equipment and the security of its correct operation. The processes necessary to access it in the indicated way are mentioned below. This will help you to browse safely and that nothing you have is compromised.

What is the default port for Remote Desktop in Windows?

It is nothing more and nothing less than a code, the TCD 3389 built into your Windows server. This computing resource will be the one who will receive the orders to link its use remotely through a configuration.

By changing the original encoding of this server, it will be shielded from attacks and possible theft of information, thus providing high security. It is useful for network jobs that require the use of several servers connected to a main computer. It should be noted that this sector can be considered vulnerable in terms of the amount of information that is handled and in those things that are confidential and require the exclusive interest of users.

However, this can also be used for personal use, since it is so versatile that you can do an activity from another computer in your home or anywhere else without the need to mobilize any equipment, only remotely controlled from a previous setting. This is integrated for Windows 10, 7 and 8, of similar execution for each version.

It is necessary to make sure that this new code is unique and is not occupied by another server. You should also keep in mind that you must allow access to Firewall for the new security remote port code. In this case, we must be the administrators of the main team to be modified.

It is advisable to back up the registry and it is necessary to have basic knowledge to make coding changes, because if it is not handled correctly, the safety of the equipment is compromised.remote desktop connection

This remote desktop offers a kind of key to prevent other local computers with the same software from having access. Similarly, it prevents them from doing so from the open internet connection.

Steps to open the port in Remote Desktop Firewall

Here are a series of steps to easily but carefully enable Firewall port activation. It is necessary to have an internet connection, basic knowledge of computer science and the domain o core team management that you want to link for its due control. “In key” as it is called in this article, for the restriction of users outside those linked to the remote action.

For windows 10

Before continuing, You must check that you have activated the function on the computer you want to connect to, this to make sure it accepts remote connections. If everything goes well, check that both are linked to the internet.

  • Go to “Start” and enter “Control Panel”.

control panel windows 10

  • In the upper right margin (where the magnifying glass appears) write “Firewall”, this will bring up the following.
  • Then click on the option “Windows firewall”, this will bring up a new window.

windows firewall

  • There you must click on the left side where it says “Advanced settings”.

advanced configuration firewall windows 10

  • A window will appear and on the left side you must click on the part of “Inbound rule”.

entry rules windows 10

  • Then to the right side you will press “New rule” so that a pane is displayed that says “Wizard for new entry rule ” and you will select “Port”.

new inbound rule wizard

  • This will bring up a popup asking Does this rule apply TCP or UDP? Choose TCP and then within the same window locate the option “Specific local ports”. Leave marked “Allow connection followed”.

This TCP or UDP rule applies

  • Later you can specify the profiles where this will be applied, either “Domain”, “Public” or “Private”. When choosing it you must indicate the name and port.

Specify the name and description of this rule

  • Immediately afterwards the “Entry rules”, Choose
    the name and port that you had already written in the previous step, to verify that it is enabled.

 entry rules

  • Right there click on the right side the option “New rule” and active “Port”.
  • Where it indicates “Specific local ports” put the number 21.

Specific local ports

  • Check the box “Block connection”. Choose “Public domain” Y “Private”. When choosing it, another window will appear again where you must place the name and in “Port” the 21st.
  • “You accept”, at the moment should throw you the following: The blue selection shows the example of how “Port 21” is locked with its respective symbol and the “Port 80” It is activated.

inbound rules ports

For Windows 7

As in the previous step, check. In case you have problems connecting to the internet, you should know that you can do it using the IP.

  • Right click with the mouse on the internet connection located at the bottom right corner of the “Taskbar”. Then press on “Open the Networks center”.

network center task bar

  • Locate the option “Windows firewall” on the left side of the screen.

firewall windows 7

  • Go to “Advanced settings” click on “Entry rules” I “New Rule” (on the right) and select the following ports:

advanced configuration firewall windows 7

  • Active “Port”, then click on “TCP” and enter the code 3389. Dial “Allow connection” and keep active “Domain “,” Private “and” Public “. Finally put the name of your choice and the description. Done, this way it will be added.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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