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What sad news to know that we will no longer be able to access Openload, and all due to an unexpected shutdown. But, Why does it close? Questions like these will be answered later in this post.

But knowing why it closes is not simply the solution to our regret, But maybe if it relieves us a little, to know that there are other pages that can offer us the benefits that this one offered us.

That is why we leave a list of web pages that will be an alternative to be able to upload content and download them whenever we want, but above all that we allows you to watch movies and series for free without any problem, although if you want a Premium mode, you can have it just by paying and thus enjoy without any limitation.

What happened to Openload? Have they closed or is it not working?

Openload It is a site with a lot of fame, its level of visits surpassed even those it received monthly HBO Go. Despite being a page that complied with all the law, this was considered one of the most “illegal” , since people used it to upload content illegally because they did not have the consent of its owners.

Many of the pages that offer the service of movie downloading or streaming of it in online mode, they had to modify their links since they were clearly connected to Openload, that is, they were bridges to it. The causes of its closure we do not know, what we can say so far is that when we try to access your domain or, a notice appears that says “This website cannot be accessed.”

Many times the server can be accessed, the status of the page appears with a notification that says “ServeHold” which according ICANN aims when this notice appears it means that there are legal disputes, non-payment or when the domain has been selected to be deleted. That page state is assigned Tucows, which is responsible for registering the domain as inaccessible.

For now, there is no information on the exactness of its closure, and neither Openload He has wanted to mention anything about it, not on his social networks. So we can assume that this not due to a simple page faultbut a complete closure of it.

List of the best alternative websites to OpenLoad to watch series and movies online

It certainly closed Openload and it is a total disgrace, but that is not why we will stop looking for how download series and movies for free. That is why we leave you a list of 9 web pages that They will allow you to do the downloads you want and when you want:


This is a fabulous tool that allows us to upload and download content. It offers free content to all audiences, we only write the series or film that we want to download and they will find it. Its content is very broad, thanks to the fact that it is free and freely accessible to everyone.

Like Mega and Openload, the loading and unloading method is very simple so any user can be attached to it. If a search is to be carried out from your search engine, it is highly recommended to place the URL of what we want to see, since this way the search will be more precise.


Excellent site, which allows you to see and enjoy content of movies and series for free in mode online or offline. Even though many pages have suffered from closure due to breaking the law, this page still stands, offering a huge catalog of cinematographic contents.

This page is also known as And although its appearance is not very attractive to many, it offers quality content. You are always up to date with the latest chapters of the series and filmsIn addition, we can enjoy it in free mode with some limitations or in premium mode, without any limitation.

This is software from virtual storage, which we can enjoy at no cost (although there is a premium mode), there we can download and view any content. This website is used mostly as virtual storage, with a similar usage to MEGA, but a little different.

Thanks to its interface and comfortable page layout, we can quickly adapt to its functions, thus achieving an excellent experience for users. To be able to use it, you need to register and then log in.


It is a tool that allows us watch videos and share them with our friends or family. Its fame is not very great, but even so it is very complete in its functions. Also, if what we want is to use it as Openload surely this page will help you a lot.

This page can be found in different languages. In order to use it we must make a user registration, and then upload files. If we talk about design, this page is not at all the most striking, and the colors they use are somewhat opaque.


Dailymotion is a page that allows us view online content, as well as series or chapters of novels. When what we want is to see quality content, this is the website that we will always find. Its web design is totally nice, and easy to use, so that anyone can find the content they like.

So we can use this fabulous online tool We must make a prior registration, although some other content can be enjoyed without any registration. Each movie comes with a brief description that will tell us what we are going to see.


So that you do not miss that virtue of Openload that allowed us to upload files and share them with anyone, we bring you Dropbox, which allows us to enjoy a very similar service. This is very famous, thanks to the fact that it is a service of totally secure cloud, which allows us to upload any type of content, and create an account as a natural person or as a company.

It has different plans for the Premium mode to expand the cloud storage that it offers us. In addition, this also offers us a android app to enjoy wherever we go.

flashx is a site where we can find many movies and series. Although its content is very outdated, it is still a good option to spend the weekend watching movies. Its page layout is a bit outdated but it is still very comfortable so that anyone can use it quickly.

Like the other pages we can create a user for free, but since it is free it needs to be maintained in some way, so we will see many advertisements before, during, and after watching each movie.


This is a somewhat famous site, and it is because it offers us the opportunity to watch and download movie videos for free. But, in order to use it, we must make a registration, since without it we will not even be able to see the content published on the page. In order to register we must have an email and the page will then need us to confirm the email, this protocol is done to prevent the entry of robots.


This is a page that allows us watch or download content from movies and series, non profit. But this is not all we can find, as we can download software, music and other content. is a very recognized place among those who seek ad-free pages, since its mission is to offer totally free content, committed to the content campaign for all audiences (non profit).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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