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Create a tournament on Facebook Gaming and broadcast it live to your entire audience is not difficult. But you should take into account some tips that we will give you below for your strategy to be successful.

We will teach you how Tournaments work and what are the requirements to create one. With this you will be able to recognize the benefits that you will obtain when you organize an online competition.

Finally, we will tell you the steps to create a tournament and broadcast it live without making mistakes. Don’t miss our tips so that Facebook Gaming Tournaments have a much larger audience on the platform. Check out.

How do Facebook Gaming tournaments work and what are the requirements to create one?

Facebook Gaming is a platform that belongs to the social network to enjoy streaming video games. With this digital tool it is possible to broadcast live games and thus attract gamers. In this way spectators enjoy other players and see how they beat the levels in the most popular games. Inside Facebook Gaming it is possible to create a tournament for spectators to participate.

A Tournament is a virtual meeting organized by a user of the platform (also called a creator) so that consumers in the Gameplay market can demonstrate their skills. These tournaments can be private or public and It is only necessary to have Facebook Gaming enabled, upload a tournament profile picture, choose a name for the competition and create the Tournament in private or public mode. Don’t forget that participants must have a profile registered on Facebook.

Advantages of creating and organizing tournaments on Facebook Gaming Why should you?

Advantages of creating and organizing tournaments on Facebook Gaming Why should you?

When create a tournament and organize it through Facebook Gaming you will find different advantages for your profile within the platform. For example, you will become recognized by the community, which will increase the followers that will help you monetize your channel. You will also become a benchmark in the area. This way you will get some companies to contact you for you to test their products on live broadcasts.

This will also help you earn money through Facebook Gaming. When you create a community it is necessary that retain and grow it all the time. To do this, you must establish strategies that help you achieve the objective, one of them being the generation of a tournament within Facebook Gaming. On the other hand, when you organize tournaments and grow in popularity you will be generating empathy with your followers.

This is because within the virtual competitions you create, viewers will highly value your interest in their progress within a game. To achieve different objectives and strategies of growth of your brand it is not necessary to spend money to create a tournament. You will only require that you have a registered user and transmit the content through streaming software – to improve the visibility of the live broadcast – so the costs are generally low.

What’s more, you will have different types of tournaments that you can create. For example, you can choose a direct elimination competition in which there is a key that discards each participant. You can also pick a double elimination to give eliminated competitors one more chance, or choose team tournaments or all against all.

If you wish, you have the possibility to create and organize several tournaments that are linked to the same event. So the level of popularity of the competition will grow considerably. Finally, you will have different tools to moderate and manage the games and participants. For example, you can choose the functions called Seasons in order to control events that are of great concurrence of users and you can assign, individually, special configurations to games.

Learn step by step how to create a tournament on Facebook Gaming and broadcast it live with your entire audience

If you want to create a tournament on Facebook Gaming, pay attention to the step by step you must follow:

Sign up as a Facebook Gaming creator

Sign up as a Facebook Gaming creator

The first thing that you are going to have to do is obtain the category of Content Creator in Facebook Gaming. To do this you must enter the URL with your trusted browser and register your email. In this way you will create a page with the name of your business, brand or organization. Then you must choose, always in the left column of the display, a category and one description to keep other users informed about your activity.

Become a Level UP affiliate

When you have finished with the steps that we have shown you so far, you must press the button Continue so you can join the community of creators of Facebook Gaming. Once these steps have been completed, you will be able to create your own tournament, but for this you must do a previous step that will help you with the graphical interface of your broadcasts.

Download streaming software

As we informed you before, the previous step consists of downloading a tool that help you improve the display of your live broadcasts. To do this, you must download any program that you can use to edit the graphic aspects of your broadcasts. For example, you will be able to choose OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS.

Login to Creator Studio

At this stage you should login in Creator Studio to start the live broadcast and choose where to post the streamer. You can do this by entering and later writing your username and password that you just created in the steps we mentioned before.

Copy the transmission key

When you click on the option Create Live Stream within the content creators portal you will have to choose where you want to broadcast the tournament. So you will see a Stream key that you must paste on the platform so that it is synchronized and you can use all the tools in the transmission.

Head to Tournaments on Facebook Gaming

What you have left to do is enter Facebook Gaming and go to the left column where you will find the option Tournaments. If you press on it, a menu will scroll in which you must choose the blue button Create a tournament. Next, you must accept the terms of conditions and policies established by Facebook for tournament organizers by clicking on To accept.

Choose the type of privacy

Choose the type of privacy

In this step you will have to go to the left column, write a name for the tournament and display the privacy menu. Select the type of audience you want to participate in your tournament. When you are done, choose if you want guests to be able to invite friends. Once you are done with these tasks click Next.

Finish customizing the other options

Next, you will have to choose the way people can come together to your online tournament. So you must choose the type of location, which can be through Messenger rooms, links or direct instructions. Choose a description for the tournament and choose the type of elimination that the participants will have. In this step you can also configure whether the participants can report or dispute scores within the brackets.

Create the event

By last, you will stay upload a photo of the tournament, choose if you want to show a list to the participants and customize if the guests can share a link in the room. When you have finished with all the configuration click on Create event.

Tips to make your Facebook Gaming tournaments have a much larger audience on the platform

Tips to make your Facebook Gaming tournaments have a much larger audience on the platform

For your Facebook Gaming tournament to be very successful, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • It is important that the configuration is done properly. So, at the beginning tournaments will need to be public and that users can share the links to invite other members. Once this takes effect, the community will get bigger, so you can create special games with only VIP guests.
  • The image of the tournament must be unique. So take the time to edit the photo to make it represent all the spirit of the tournament you want.
  • Another aspect that you should take into account is the description and name of the tournament. You have to try to attract your audience with these two elements, so it is convenient to include an impressive name and a description that will leave everyone interested in participating.
  • Try creating popular game tournaments. This will help you to make yourself known at first, there will be a large community that will be interested in participating in current games.
  • Invite professional and recognized gamers. With this strategy you can quickly advance in the recognition of your personal brand.
  • Within the live broadcast of the tournaments try to solve problems or advance level to demonstrate to others some secrets that you are willing to share. With this strategy, you will be able to arouse the interest of viewers, which will also help you increase your Facebook Gaming community.
  • Try to choose a fair elimination type. That is, according to the level of the participants, you can choose whether the members who lose get an opportunity or not. By increasing the level of complexity, it helps everyone want to participate in tournaments.
  • Don’t forget to promote your competitions on all social networks. It is important that you include in all the groups to which you belong on other platforms a certain advertising or promotion of the tournament that you are about to carry out.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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