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Nowadays, Windows 8 still one of the most popular versions operating system Microsoft, all over the world. Since, although it is not the most recent, the truth is that brings numerous benefits to its users and stands out for its great innovation that marked the history of Microsoft Windows, without a doubt.

So, W8 stands out as an operating system that provides remarkable efficiency regardless of the hardware used. In addition to it, has high compatibility with external devices and allows to acquire a high level of customization. As if that were not enough, it is also characterized by being an OS that bets on the organization to offer an optimal user experience.

Consequently, many people who use W8 are interested in knowing how they can sort the active windows or the programs you are using on your PC. Reason why, here we will indicate each step to follow to carry it out individually, from the task manager and via the toolbar.

What are the benefits of organizing windows in Windows 8?

While it is true, when you undertake any task through the PC, it is likely that accumulate a large number of windows open on the desktop which are what allow you to carry out the different actions necessary to complete this task. Which, in most cases, create chaos to find what you need between the various active windows. Because of this, Windows 8 offers the possibility to organize those windows easily.

Of course, with the aim of providing a higher quality user experience and thus, provide some advantages to users such as:

  • Move from one window to another quickly: Efficiency is one of the most important benefits of organizing the windows of the programs you use in W8. Which, too it is more practical.
  • Multiple windows visible at once: Another pro worth highlighting is that this functionality allows have two or more windows in view simultaneously.
  • Ease of execution: Luckily, it is also a W8 utility that it is simple to perform And it supports three different techniques, so that people can choose the one that seems easiest to them.
  • Improve the user experience: Because it allows multiple windows to be viewed at the same time and is a quick process to do, it also achieves optimize the user experience on W8. Well, that way, each person will adjust and organize the active windows as needed.

Learn step by step how to organize windows in Windows 8

As we mentioned earlier, Windows 8 allows ordering the windows of the programs you are using from three different modes. Either individually, through the task manager or through the toolbar.

Therefore, in this section of the post, we will explain what you should do in each of these techniques:



Basically this solution refers to use Aero Snap which was introduced in W7 and also available on W8. Which consists of a utility that has the ability to organize two windows in a simple way, without having to modify their size or move them manually. Well, it makes one window fills up half the screen quickly.

Now to use and run Aero Snap, press and hold the Windows key and press the arrow keys in the left or right direction. In this way, you can place the active window to one side of the desktop. In addition to this, if you want to organize the windows individually, it is possible maximize, restore, and minimize windows using mouse and keyboard. So for example, to maximize it, you just have to drag and drop its title bar to the top edge of the screen.

In addition, with the following keyboard shortcuts you can also carry out these actions:

  • To maximize a window: Press the Windows key and the up arrow.
  • To restore a maximized window: Press the Windows key and the down arrow.
  • To minimize a window: Press the Windows key and the down arrow again.

From the task manager

From the task manager

Although it is true, the task manager refers to a computer program that is used to provide information about the programs and processes that are running on a PC, at one point.

Therefore, it also consists of a utility that provides the option to order the windows of the active programs and as a consequence, here we will explain what you have to do to order these windows using the Windows 8 task manager:

  • First of all, enter the Task Manager of the system. Either, by pressing the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” or via the taskbar from the right button menu.
  • Then you can start make use of window management options which, by default, are integrated into the Task Manager.
  • For example, click the right mouse button to open the menu for a specific window and choose “Horizontal tile” or “Vertical tile”. This will organize the windows differently than the options on the taskbar.
  • Also, from the tab “Applications”, you can select several windows at the same time so that they are all ordered specifically (that is, to perform a kind of batch change).

From the toolbar

Through the menu available on the toolbar, users also have the possibility to organize the windows of the software they are using in W8. Whereas, this element is only shown when you drag the mouse over the bottom of the screen, both from the desktop and in any application.

To order the windows in this way, the steps to follow are:

  • Initially, move the mouse at the bottom of the PC screen and right click on the toolbar to be able to open the required menu.
  • Following that, several options will be displayed that you can choose to organize the program windows. Which are: Show Cascading Windows, Show Stacked Windows, and Show Parallel Windows.
  • Once you choose any of the alternatives mentioned above, automatically, the program windows will proceed to organize.
  • If you select “Show cascading windows”, only the title bars of each window will be visible. Therefore, it is not considered the most practical or orderly way.

From the toolbar

  • If you choose “Show stacked windows”, it will be easier to arrange the application windows in a stacked and vertical way, that is, one on top of the other. However, it is not relevant for those screens that are panoramic.

From the toolbar

  • If you prefer “Show windows in parallel”, the windows in question will be arranged side by side automatically. Thanks to this, it allows to have more than three windows open simultaneously and therefore, it is ideal for multitasking on widescreen and large-screen monitors.

From the toolbar

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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