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Word is the world’s most used and popular copywriting, editing and proofreading software. Nowadays their new tools are very broad and they go from the search for synonyms, going through the design of pages and even the insertion of hyperlinks.

But nevertheless, has not left aside its most classic utilities. Among them we can find the modification of margins, spell correction and typography change. All this makes the program a useful app for experts and beginners.

In this case we will deal with the page break. If you want to know more about this tool, continue with the post.

What is a page break in Microsoft Word?

What is a page break in Microsoft Word?

Before the massive use of computers as a device for write text, people used to use typewriters. A lot of the tools we found in the interface of programs like Word, come from there. This is the case of page break.

Before, when you wanted to go on to write the next leaf, you just had to remove the current one and replace it with a new one. With software it is impossible to do this. However, if we want to go to the next page of a document we can use the tool “Page break”. While the same It does it automatically when reaching the end of the available space, we can force it through a command.

It will tell the program not we will write nothing on the current page and that we will continue to do so in the next. This will avoid unnecessary line breaks to get to the next blank sheet.

When is it convenient to insert a page break in Word?

When is it convenient to insert a page break in Word?

There are several reasons why we must use this tool over other methods. The main one is to avoid using the key “Enter” to get to jump the page. By doing the latter we can obtain a disastrous result.

Since, if we want to add a line or sentence in the text at the beginning, all those row breaks that we gave with the button will continue to go down. Leaving an unwanted blank at the beginning of the new page that we will have to solve by deleting invisible characters. And by doing this, will mess up the rest of the text.

The same will happen if we modify the margins or the sheet size. The same result will be given if we copy all the text and paste it into another document or program. So much so that it could create conflicts when passing what is written in Word to a web platform HTML. To confirm it, you only need to press the keys “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “)”.

In the event that you are writing a very long document, like a book. You will need to divide it into chapters. This utility will not only save you time. Since, if you are going to print it, the correct thing will be leave blank sheets to match the beginning of each segment with a odd page.

Next we will see how to do it:

Steps to set up a page break in Microsoft Word like an expert

Steps to set up a page break in Microsoft Word like an expert

You already know what this tool is about, as well as the advantages of using it. The following will be learn to use it. For this there are two methods. In both cases, the Text cursor should be at the end of the sentence that you consider to be the last on the page.

To then continue with these steps:

  • The first method consists of going to the tab “Insert”, which is at the top of the program.
  • Inside it, you will find the section “Pages” which allows adding three elements. We will select “Page break”.
  • Doing this, the cursor (the flashing bar at the end of each word) will be positioned at the beginning Of the new page.
  • The second alternative to do it is through a keyboard shortcut.
  • It consists in Hold down the button “Ctrl” and then press Enter. All this from the physical keyboard. Every time we perform this action we will go to next page.

In the event that you have made an involuntary jump is very simple to solve. You will have to position yourself at end of text, just before the blank page. Once there press the button “Delete” or “Delete” depending on the keyboard language. Perform this operation until corrected the error.

You must be careful of don’t leave it down if there is text after the jump. Since you could delete important content.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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