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One of the great advantages that Android phones offer us in terms of aesthetics is the possibility to fully customize their appearance thanks to what we know as launchers. These are launchers that you can download and install on your smartphone to completely change your interface in a very simple way. Among the most popular is Nova Launcher, thanks to its adaptability and the amount of possibilities it offers. Learn more about this app and make your Android unique.

What is Nova Launcher?

Launchers are among the most important apps you can download on Android, as they are actually launchers for other apps. It is, therefore, an application that allows modify and customize the work environment that you see when you manipulate your phone to access all the content on your Android.

Each phone brand has its official launchers with pre-designed designs. However, it is possible to download third party launchers like Nova Launcher. One of the best options as it is one of the most complete mobile applications on the market.

Advantages of Nova Launcher

If there’s one thing that made Nova Launcher popular, it’s the multiple customizations it allows, but not only that. It also has many benefits over other similar applications.

  • It allows you to customize icons, distribute, order apps inside the drawer or select how you want to turn off the screen.
  • You can download it directly from the Play Store, there is no need to root the device.
  • You can configure the shortcuts and select what to do by swiping the icon.
  • There is a very complete gesture configuration on the screen, through which you can customize the operation of the screen by pressing, sliding up or to the side, etc.
  • Animations can be changed for a different user experience.

Disadvantages of Nova Launcher

The truth is that it is difficult to find things against this launcher for Android. Its extensive functionality and customization options make Nova Launcher considered one of the best in its sector. Although if we compare ourselves with other applications of this type, it is true that it may not be the most spectacular, although it is probably the most functional.

How to install Nova Launcher APK

To install a launcher on your Android phone, you don’t need to do anything other than just another app. That is, just open Google Play and select download Nova Launcher APK to be automatically downloaded to your phone.

At this point it is important to say that it is possible to download two versions, Nova Launcher or Nova Launcher Prime, the paid version that includes extra features. In any case, after downloading the application, just wait and enter when the download is complete.

Nova Launcher: installation tutorial

Once the Nova Launcher is downloaded, you must configure the launcher to create the look you like best. We tell you step by step how to do it, don’t worry, it’s very simple 😉

  1. Enter the downloaded application.
  2. Select to create a new design.
  3. Choose whether you want a light, dark or auto-changing theme.
  4. Select how to open the application drawer, whether through an icon in the document or on the bottom bar or by sliding the screen.
  5. Once configured, click on your device’s home button, where you will find a window in which you can select the launcher you want to use. Select Nova Launcher.
  6. So remember to always select the option so that it remains fixed.

With these steps Nova Launcher would already be working, now you only need to access it whenever you want to configure the wallpaper, icons, etc.

Nova Launcher main functions

The functions that this launcher offers when it comes to customizing the appearance of any Android are incredible, although those that have to do with icons, the functioning of themes and notifications stand out.


This launcher allows you to change the appearance, the shapes and the way of interacting with the icons in several ways.

  • Custom sizes in the Prime version.
  • Dark icons for greater visibility.
  • New forms of icons from a flower to all types of polygons.
  • Different options when accessing an application or folder, such as opening the first item or performing an action.
  • Additional icon styles.
  • Icon packs.
  • Adaptive icons.


As for the themes, the most prominent option concerns the possibility of selecting a light or dark theme for our smartphone, but be careful, there is more. You can also select automatic dark mode and customize it to save battery life and decrease screen brightness when using it at night, among other customizations.


The installation of this launcher also represents a change when receiving notifications from different applications. It allows to make a much more practical use of them. These are some of the functions it allows:

  • Customize the notification count in each application, choosing where and how to display it. In addition to being able to select the applications you want to show.
  • Dynamic notification counters that allow us to show the photo of the person who is writing to us by automatic message, for example.

Nova Launcher Prime

To achieve a more complete experience and much broader levels of customization, Nova Launcher has a paid version for a very low price. In addition, the application itself tends to fall in price on certain dates, such as Christmas, so the Premium option Nova Launcher Prime it’s really affordable.

On the other hand, thanks to the Prime version, you can automatically download all updates, as it is an constantly improving application. These are the main advantages of the paid Nova Launcher:

  • Advanced gesture settings.
  • Counter of unread notifications.
  • Custom guides in the app drawer.
  • Hide apps you don’t use.
  • Custom actions for shortcuts and folders.
  • Extra scrolling effects.

Nova Launcher devices

Nova Launcher was developed for all types of Android devices, although it is true that depending on the model and brand of the smartphone it is possible to download one or the other version. But in any case, this application can be downloaded to any cell phone that has an Android operating system.

Nova Launcher Huawei

It is true that despite being a specific launcher, Huawei branded devices may have some problems when installing Nova Launcher with the exclusive EMUI operating system, since it is one of the most complete and personalized Android systems.

In fact, everyone who has EMUI version 4.0 or higher should select to use Nova Launcher in the predefined application menuotherwise, it will be impossible to replace the default initiator.

This is what you need to do for the launcher to work on Huawei. Download the Nova Launcher APK and enter predefined apps and click on advanced options, once inside, select the default application settings and in the activator choose Nova Launcher.

Nova iPhone Launcher

On the iPhone it is literally impossible to install the Nova Launcher, however, what this launcher allows us to do is create a environment very similar to that of iOS on an Android replicating your style and hiding the app drawer.

You simply have to prepare screens on your desktop and drag all the applications you have installed there. In addition, in the nova configuration, you can choose to add shortcuts to all applications downloaded to the desktop. On the other hand, disable the gestures to enter the app drawer or remove the access button.

Thanks to these small changes, its interface and operating mode will be more similar to that of an iPhone.

Available versions

The most current and most functional version that we can download now is Nova Launcher 6.2.13. Although there are some versions that deserve a chance for being options with great advances. On the other hand, remember that not all devices can download the same versions due to updates to their operating systems, so before downloading Nova Launcher you should check their requirements and compatibility.

Version 4.3

This version was quite agitated thanks to the incorporation of night mode which applies a dark theme to the search bar, application drawer and / or folder background. You can select which elements you want to put into night mode.

On the other hand, it also included search bars with more styles available and with the possibility of total customization. In addition to a change in the design of the Andorid N style icons.

Version 5.3

In this case, the big news is the possibility of making possible Google now so that it appears on the main home screen mimicking the Google launcher itself.

Version 6.0

In March 2019, the latest version, although with later adjustments, which include the following improvements in the free option:

  • Greater customization in the form of icons.
  • A new wraparound mode.
  • Possibility of vertical or horizontal scrolling for folders.
  • Adaptive icons for folders.
  • Customize the search bar in the app drawer.
  • Change the default search engine.
  • Integrate Google Assistant into searches.
  • Adjustment improvements.

Version 7.0

We still have no news of a version of Nova Launcher 7.0 with more improvements and features. But knowing how TeslaCoil Software developers work, it is likely that very soon we will learn about your new options for this incredible launcher.

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