PHUBBING or NINGUFONEO  What is it? + Consequences ▷ 2020

There is no doubt that mobile devices, especially smartphones, have been becoming essential companions for billions of the planet’s inhabitants, who see their possibilities of use expanding with each advance made in this sphere. However, you should know that through them too you may be connecting to phenomena like phubbing.

The degree of affectation that this phenomenon reaches in the behavior of some people, you can see for yourself when, for example, you see that in the broadcasts of public events there is always someone more aware of their cell phone than what is happening around them.

Throughout this article you will find the best information on the subject, which will help you become aware of what is phubbing about, some of its consequences and at the end we give you some tips to try to avoid it.

What is nagging or phubbing and what does this behavior consist of?

no fuss

Phubbing, which in Spanish is designated as no fuss, serves to refer to the fact that someone pay more attention to your smartphone or to any other mobile device that you have at hand, than to those who are your interlocutors in meetings of different kinds.

To explain what exactly this practice consists of, let’s take as an example those times when you are talking to someone and suddenly you hear their mobile ring. Of course, the correct thing is that he or she apologizes for a moment to take the call. But if you see that he is always more aware of looking at the cell phone than what you say, always answering with monosyllables and without looking you directly in the eye, then you are facing a clear case of no opposition against you. Yes, you read that right, you are being ignored.

If you already know someone who often falls into this type of behavior, but you don’t know how to classify them, from now on you can start calling them no user or phubber, which are neologisms accepted by the common people in Spanish, and in English, respectively. was first used in Australia, being the product of combining the words phone (telephone) and snubbing (which depending on the context comes to mean ignore, despise or ignore).

How does Phubbing affect our social relationships?

How does Phubbing affect our social relationships?

The Phubbing involves a series of conflicts on a psychological and emotional level. These problems affect social relationships; especially in adolescence. For children and young people, smartphones are very attractive. In fact, for many of them, it is their main source of entertainment. The addiction is so great that it leads them to ignore family and friends.

However, the ningufoneo not only occurs in less age. It is also a behavior that young and old adults may exhibit. The simple presence of a mobile phone on the work table, in a meeting between friends, in a relationship or in the family environment, is already enough to begin to suspect the effects of phubbing.

Numerous studies indicate that the 60% of conflicts caused at home, are due to the excessive use of technological devices. Loss of trust, closeness, and especially communication are just some of the evils caused by being ignorant.

Among its other consequences, the following stand out:

  • Drastic reduction in school performance.
  • Shyness or the inability to cope with intimidating social situations.
  • Attention and concentration deficit.
  • Instability in the psychological state.
  • Complications to cope with emotions.
  • Misadjustment of the hours determined to eat and sleep.
  • Lack of social skills (Even with family).
  • Significant increase in depression and anxiety.

Is nagging a kind of addiction to technology?


Although at first the no-sucker was seen as a simple discourtesy of the no-sucker towards his interlocutors, nowadays there are many voices which call for the phenomenon to be studied as a kind of technology addiction. To do so, they rely on the fact that most of those who fall into this practice are people belonging to the generation of digital natives, which, as you know, are the most prone to compulsive use of the Internet, especially through their smartphones.

The matter tends to be even more worrisome when the phubber falls into what is known as a nomophobia box, a state of anxiety that leads you to feel fear in situations such as running out of battery, or even just suspecting that at any time you may run out of your smartphone.

Causes of Nodding Why does a person engage in this behavior?

Causes of Ningufoneo

In the first place, the cause of phubbing can be mentioned as fascination with mobile devices. To be more specific, to the world of social media. By spending so much time on it, you end up isolating yourself from the rest of the people around you. This is due to the sensation they generate the multiple notifications of belonging to a group, and also for the immediate satisfaction generated by getting interactions on the Internet.

Another cause of the noisy is fear of exclusion. Product of missing an event or conversation in trend. This fear carries the last cause: Lack of self-control. A person without self-control is more prone to addiction to technology.

What are the main consequences of phubbing?

There is no doubt that phubbing is a behavior that affects those who practice it in different ways. Keep in mind that if you fall into this practice, that is, stay hooked on mobile and not pay attention to anything else, It can cause problems like these that we name below:

  • Relationship problems: Being aware of the mobile instead of paying attention to your partner, especially in certain places and times, has been the cause of more breakups than you can imagine
  • Family problems: You have no idea how helpless a child can feel when they feel that answering your phone is more important to you than their concerns
  • Labor problem: It’s hard to imagine someone doing well at work if they only live to keep an eye on their smartphone
  • Reduction of the circle of friends: None of your friends will be provoked to be with you when they notice that you put them aside in relation to the mobile
  • Psychological problems: The time may come when the phubber feels that it is impossible for him to detach from his cell phone, which translates into a case of clinical care

Ningufoneo vs Nomophobia What are the differences between the two?

Ningufoneo vs Nomophobia

Meanwhile he ningufoneo refers to the act of ignoring the environment to pay more attention to mobile devices, the Nomophobia represents the irrational fear of staying away from the mobile for a period of time.

Both behaviors are based on addiction to technology, given that the mobile phone becomes the social center of the person. The terms complement each other, since an individual who presents no phony is prone to also suffer from nomophobia. Coping with social situations without a mobile device, such as leaving the house, can lead to mild stress and despair.

People prefer to stay socially isolated, so they forget about their social skills.

Learn to avoid Phubbing so it doesn’t destroy your friendships

Learn to avoid Phubbing

Getting rid of addiction to technological devices is not easy. However, with a few small changes in your routine, you can improve your social relationships. Small actions like turning off the mobile, really, make a difference. Especially if you are a father or mother, and you need to set a good example for your children. Learn to avoid Phubbing so as not to destroy your friendships.

Take good note of this:

Disconnect on vacation

During the holidays, look for recreational activities to do with your family or friends. Go for a walk, visit a park, take a trip. Of course, without the mobile. In any case, you can silence notifications and leave only the main ones. The important is reconnect with your environment.

Resolve conflicts head-on

Do not try to solve a problem through mobile. Look for ways to deal with emotional situations face to face. In this way, your social skills will be strengthened.

Teach your children

Children, at a very early age, must learn to deal with their emotions. Encourage them to talk your concerns so that they are not lost through the mobile screen. This way you will be able to develop emotionally stable adults.

Create a mobile parking

When meeting with your family or friends, use a small basket for all the guests to place their mobile there. This way, while the meeting lasts, nobody will be able to use the telephone. In such a way, you will be promoting direct communication between people.

Do not do Phubbing who does it to you

If you meet your partner, a co-worker or friend, and he begins to interact with his phone do not do the same. You would be giving him to understand that using the mobile during a meeting is normal behavior. Wait for it to finish and yestell him that you prefer to have a fluid conversation and without interruptions.

Tips to enjoy life more and forget about your mobile for a while

Enjoy life

Now we just need to help you with some tips, which we are sure will help you free you from smartphone tyranny, which as you have seen can lead you to engage in inappropriate behaviors in a certain way for the good health of your relationships on different levels:

Take on the challenge

This in the sense of becoming aware of everything negative about the practice of phubbing. A good way would be keep away from the device every time you use it is not essential. Going out without a cell phone from time to time can be a good start.

Set time and limits

This can be part of a plan to implement it at the couple and family level, where everyone must commit not to take their cell phone to the table at meal times. Very effective for everyone to pay attention to each other.

Humanize your activities

It may seem like a joke, but it is not if you take into account that the smartphone has become the main way to exchange impressions with your friends on any subject. You can organize meetings with them to talk about everything face to face.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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