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To understand this, we must make it clear what each term is. IP (Internet Protocol or Internet Protocol) It is a communications protocol that is handled through the web. IP address It is the number that identifies you on the network, since each device is assigned a kind of numerical names as a license plate. This is how the Internet differentiates who is who.

These are generally of two types: static or dynamic on a computer. Regardless of the type, in some cases it is necessary to check that the equipment or, failing that, a web page is working correctly, and this is achieved through pinging.

If you want to learn how to ping an IP address or to a URL to check if it is available, you just have to read this article so you can do it. It is extremely easy, so you don’t need to be a computer technician to do it.

What is the use of PING an IP address and what is its use?

PING or internet packet tracking as it is also known (Packet Internet Groper), it is a command that is used to diagnose problems with some computer network. With this we can verify and thus know what inconvenience we present. Well with this we will know the period of time it takes for an information packet to reach the IP address and vice versa. This is how we will know if the network works, if it is down, etc.

Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to do this to make sure that the connection status of an IP address or URL is working correctly.

Mostly this procedure is carried out by network administrators or by users who have some knowledge in computing, and they use it to clear doubts. But, as we mentioned, it is not complicated at all so with this guide you can easily do it.

Notably all systems work in a similar way, the only thing that varies is where the login menu is located, which means there is no special way to read an answer to this.

In case this is wrong, it could mean many things, the main one would be that the site is down. To confirm that this is true, you may want to ping from another computer. In the same way, you could choose to try to do it with an IP address of an online service.

On the other hand, it could be that your computer has connectivity problems, here you would only have to enter the browser and find out if you have a stable connection, or ping other sites. We will notice all this if it throws a message like “Timeout” or if one of the packages was not completed or was lost in the process.

What methods to “ping” a website exist?

There are different ways to ping, any of them allows you to test the connection and speed between two nodes.

Then, We explain them here:

From the system terminal

You can run this from different operating systems, people with basic knowledge know how to do such a test without the need to use a third-party tool.

All you have to do is go to the computer command and enter the word “ping” followed by the website. This will show the result and 4 packets that make up the data to the destination terminal to which they are directed by means of the IP address or by the domain name. We will see how to do it later.


You can test the availability of a website from the page “”, you just have to click where it says “Check website availability.” With this you can monitor the performance it has, know the resolution period of the DNS, the connection time, the time of the first and last byte, as well as the response time.


From a mobile device

As we well know Android it has no terminal, yet there is a way to ping these devices. To do this we must download and install an app called “Shell Terminal Emulator”. This is one of the most popular and is available on the Play Store. With it you can enter the Shell on the Linux command line built into your system.

Shell Terminal Emulator to ping

In iPhone the same happens, we have to use an external application to ping, in this case we will use “Network Ping Lite”. In particular it is used for software testing to debug network problems on a local area network. The results of this are shown in the form of colors, green means that everything works well, yellow means that there is a problem and red means that it is no longer on the network.

Network Ping iphone

Tracert or Traceroute

This could be considered as a complementary method to the utilities offered by the ping command. Well, it practically fulfills the same function that we are mentioning in this article, but it provides data in a more detailed way.

It will give us information as the ping does when sending a packet to the destination, but Also including the route of these, the time it takes in each jump and the host that visits to reach the place.

It is done as follows:

On windows

You just have to go to “Start”> “Run”, to write “Cmd” and prick “To accept”.

  • In the command line enter the word tracert followed by a space and the domain name; ex: and then Enter.
  • It will look something like this: “Tracert”.

On macOS

Go to Applications ”>“ Utilities ”>“ Network Utility ”>“ Traceroute ”.

  • Write the domain or IP where it says “Please enter the address to perform Trace” and click on “Trace”.

On linux

Locate yourself in “Applications”> “Accessories” and “Terminal”.

  • Type traceroute -I The -I option is critical for the traceroute to use ICMP.
  • It will be as follows: “Traceroute -I”

Steps to ping a web page for its status

We can use this command to check network connectivity or measure slowness that you have when communicating with two remote points. Also on the Internet to find out the IP address used by a domain name, check the connectivity of a server and verify the connection of a computer.

On windows

These steps are the same for any operating system, that is, Windows 10, 8 and 7.

  • The first thing you should do is go to “Start” and look for the command “Run”, there you will write “Cmd” inside the corresponding field and click “To accept”.

command run cdm

  • This will open a system window. In this you are going to place an example “Ping” and you will press the space bar followed by the IP address or URL of the page. For example:“ping”

ping a page

  • If you want to do it with your router, you will have to enter the corresponding number in this case. Example: “Ping”. Then you must press enter.

If this is active you will receive the response from the server with information similar to this where it will be displayed:

ping windows command

  • Google’s IP address, which in this case would be “”, and the number of Bytes sent.
  • After this what it does is send 4 more packages where the above is specified, together with the time taken in milliseconds and the lifetime. The latter indicates the number of “jumps” it made from the computer to which the PING was made to the initial server).
  • Finally, the complete information indicating the result is returned. That 4 packets have been sent, that all 4 have been received, and therefore none were lost in the process.

It should be noted that the less time it takes to complete the process, the better. Since, the more milliseconds, the higher the slow state. Which will mean that there is a problem between the computer and the server to which the PING was made.

Mac OS

In this case we will use the “Network utility”.

  • The first thing to do is open the “Spotlight”, this is displayed as a magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen.

spotlight macos

  • Then type in the search bar “Network utility” and click the icon. You can also find this in the folder “Applications” of MacOS.

network utility

  • Once it opens, click on “Ping” at the top of the window.
  • Enter the URL you want and want to ping in the blank text box. For example: Google com. If you want to do it with a computer you just have to do the same, but entering the IP address.

You can then configure to ping a specific number of times to the selected URL. For this do the following:

  • Check the box “Just send ___ ping.” There you will write the amount you want to use, then click on the blue button “Ping.” It should be noted that this cannot be more than 10.

ping mac

  • This will show the evidence. Similar to those already seen above.

ping tests on mac

With this you will have an idea of ​​the connection between your team and the management. If one of these tests fails or fails, you will need to fix the internet link problems first.


We will do this process through the “Terminal”.

  • The first thing to do is go to “Applications”> “Accessories” and “Terminal”. You can also use the keys “Ctrl + Alt + T” at the same time to access it directly.

access the linux terminal window

  • Once in the “Terminal” you’re going to type “ping” followed by a space, and the URL of the website. For example:
  • After pressing “enter”, the ping results will be returned.

results of a ping on linux

  • As in previous cases, this will indicate the milliseconds it took for the target computer to respond to your request data and the rest of the information.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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