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When we read a book or write in a notebook we can always use a paper marker of those that are usually sold in stores or a napkin. Even resorting to the old trick of turn the corner of the sheet so we can go back to where we had left off.

If we meet in a long document it can happen to us in the same way, that we want to point out an important fragment. The very idea of ​​having to go through the entire document would be overwhelming.

It is because of that Microsoft Word offers us a useful tool That in will allow Not only mark those parts important, but even generate a custom index.

What is a bookmark and how is it different from a hyperlink in Microsoft Word?

Like a bookmark in a book, a marker is one is one tool That in allows to create references within our document to later be able to access that part of the text with a simple click.

TO difference of hyperlinks what connect a document element with a file in another location or even on the Internet (such as a web page, an email address, files hosted on a remote server, etc.). The markers create a index internal of document which refers to specific parts of it.

The markers They’re a internal Word tool that allows us to efficiently organize a document and remember important parts for later use, without the need to modify the body of the text in any way. They also have, unlike hyperlinks, a separate section in the program, a window that allows us to access quickly to them no matter where in the text we are just with a combination of keys.

Steps to insert a bookmark in a Word document easy and fast

Create a bookmark is a simple task and is especially useful when we have to navigate through long documents, being able to go from one section to another in seconds. For generate a bookmark just have to select a word in the desired location and follow a series of steps detailed below:

Steps to insert a bookmark in a Word document easy and fast

  • First we must locate the part of the document that we want to point to.
  • We select a segment of the text, it can be a keyword, a title, the beginning of a paragraph or a sentence, etc.
  • We head to the home tab in the task bar at the top of the window.
  • In this tab we must find the search button, we click on it and a search options list.
  • We select between them “Marker”. Then a dialog box where it will ask us to indicate the name of our new bookmark.
  • Keep in mind that this cannot include spaces, neither at the beginning nor in the middle. If we need to do it anyway with more than one word, we recommend sseparate them using an underscore. In this way instead of “Marker example” we must put “Example_marcador” for the program to accept the name.
  • We press on the add button which is at the bottom of the same window, and our bookmark is ready to be consulted when at any time.
  • We can create all the bookmarks that we think are necessary in the document.

Learn how to display all bookmarks in a document in Microsoft Word

Learn how to view all bookmarks in a document in Microsoft Word

Now with the new bookmarks we have developed a custom index for the file. East It will make it easy for us to consult any of the previously created bookmarks at any time:

  • For access the bookmarks list, we can do it from the search and replace window, located in the go to tab, specific for this purpose by following the steps detailed below:
  • If we go to the home tab of the toolbar. There you will find the menu “Search for”.
  • We make click on “Search” and a list of options will be displayed from which we are going to select “Go to…” Doing so opens the window from search for and replace, which in turn has several tabs. We make sure to be in the tab “Go to”.
  • This section offers us a list of options, we scroll through it and we select “Marker”.
  • Now we have at our disposal the list of document bookmarks in a drop down menu.
  • After choose the one that will take us where we want to move, we have to press on it “go to” button, located at the bottom of the window, this will lead us to the page and the word that corresponds to the bookmark selected.

Another option is through the keyboard shortcut that is activated by pressing the keys simultaneously “Ctrl” Y “G”, or Control next to the key “I”, depending on the version and language of the software you are running on your computer. This shortcut opens the same window mentioned above.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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