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Written communication is essential when we think of a digital world, where it is already possible to talk to different people in real time through chat applications or emails. It is there where the keyboard of our devices plays an indispensable role in this. While it is true, there are cultures where their writing system is quite different from ours, an example of them is this, which as ancient civilizations and some existing ones have logographic origin, that is, similar to the hieroglyphic systems of ancient Egypt or pre-Columbian civilizations such as the Maya, it becomes a bit difficult to understand them.

But surely you wonder What is this knowledge good for? Know how to modify the keyboard will allow us to expand our social network, since we can get in touch with people in different parts of the world who speak this language. In addition to the fact that if you are someone with a business vision, this tutorial will help you to establish business alliances with China, taking into account that this country represents one of the largest and most determining foci in the world economy.

Many times we miss key opportunities in life, whether they are work or study to limit our mind to what is established. It is because of that in this tutorial we will open your mind and explain step by step what the procedures are you must follow to place the keyboard in this language. You will be able to discover how to do it in different operating systems quickly and effectively.

What is a keyboard like for typing with Chinese letters and characters?

It is important to mention that this writing system has thousands of characters that are around 50,000. Although those used in the current epoch is approximately 10,000 and for ordinary language, that is, ours, 3,000 symbols are used, which means that it is quite extensive.

However, technological advances and the study of Chinese writing have been able to simplify this large number of characters, to the point where Now a Chinese keyboard on a mobile device or computer has almost the same number of keys as a Spanish keyboard.

The pinyin It is one of the standard and most widely used phonetic transcription systems in the country. Being considered the simplest, so there is no doubt that this helps many who do not know Chinese writing. It is used to enter letters of this type on the QWERTY keyboard through specific programs.

Here we will show you an example of what a keyboard with Chinese letters looks like:

Chinese keyboard

Programs and applications to change and put your keyboard in Chinese language

The vast majority of computers and smartphones are programmed with three major operating systems such as Microsoft’s, Apple’s and Android’s. According to them there are compatible software alternatives for each one, where they allow us to achieve the goal of putting our keyboard in Chinese. For example, Microsoft IME It is one that is installed on all devices that have Windows.

Also, as expected big company google seeks to make life easier and therefore has an official Software, Google Piyin, which is developed by Google China Labs since 2007 and which allows synchronizing Chinese writing systems. Its compatibility is wide for Windows, Android, Linux and Mac OR SX devices.

Next we will show you step by step how to set it on your computers.

Change for Windows PC

To do the Chinese language peripheral installation in the Windows computer you must execute the following.

  • Go to “Control Panel”. To get there quickly you can type it in the computer assistant.

control panel windows

  • Followed by this, a pop-up window will open, in which you can see all the categories of this. You are going to click “Watch, language and region” and then in “Regional and Language Options”.

regional and language settings

  • Select option “Keyboards and languages” and click “Change keyboards”.

change windows keyboards

  • Press “Add” and search the language “Simplified Chinese”.

simplified chinese keyboard

  • After following these steps to the letter, you must click on “To accept”. This way you can check either in Word or a blog of notes that you already have it activated.

Use on Mac computers

To activate the Chinese language keyboard feature on your Mac or Apple device you must follow the following steps.

  • Open the pop-up window “System preferences”.

mac system preferences

  • There select the icon “Keyboard”.
  • Then you must click on “Input Sources”.
  • Perform the language search “Simplified Chinese” clicking on the + sign and selecting it. It is also called “Simplified Pinyin”.

Simplified Pinyin

  • By selecting “Simplified Pinyin”,you must activate the “Show Predictive Completions” function. This option will allow autocomplete many words and avoid the time to write them in pinyin.
  • The pinyin as you can see has enough functions that will facilitate the processes when using this facility offered by Mac in its operating system.

Put on your Android mobile

We have already reviewed the options to perform the tutorial step by step for both Windows and Mac computers. However, nowadays we spend maybe 10 times more time with our mobiles. Therefore, below we will explain how to change the keyboard to Chinese, in this case in Android.

There are different applications to modify this, since Android does not have such a broad device to cover some languages. You can do it with Gboard which is one of the most prominent in this system and complies with a large repertoire of languages.

gboard keyboard

  • Login to “Settings” or “Settings”.
  • Then go to “Language and inputs”.
  • Look for the option “Input methods and keyboard”, choose “Virtual keyboard”.
  • Tap on “Gboard”.
  • Now choose “Languages”.
  • Select option “Add keyboard”.
  • Search for the language you want to add, in this case, you will choose “Chinese IME” and press “Ready”.
  • To change the language, you just have to keep the space key pressed for a few seconds and then select the language you want to use.

Put on iPhone

On iPhone it is done as follows.

  • In the home of your iPhone you must go to the button “Settings“.
  • Then you must click on “General”. Then go down to find the option “Keyboard”.
  • Select option “Keyboards”.
  • When locating this option you must go to the button “Add new keyboard”, there you must look for the language “Simplified Chinese”.

add new keyboard on iPhone

  • In the suggested ones you will find the option “Simplified Chinese”, where you can choose the different alternatives. The recommended thing, as we did for the Mac computer, is to select the option “Pinyin – QWERTY”.

Pinyin - QWERTY iphone

  • If you want to write by hand you can also select the write option.
  • To finish, you must click on “OK” and you are ready to write your texts in Chinese.

Write in Chinese with virtual online tools

If you can’t do it with the previous procedures, or you don’t want to download an app, you can choose to use online tools. These have the same function as any other. One of the easiest ways is to use Google translator to translate what you write in Spanish to Chinese.

  • Another is using this tool, it adapts to any jargon you want, you just have to select the language you need and write in the corresponding space.
  • In addition to the previous one we have This other, which shows a keyboard where you must click each letter with the mouse. It is a bit difficult if you do not know the Chinese keyboard layout well, since it only refers to these.
  • You can also use this by entering here, it is easier because the letters in Spanish and Chinese are displayed when typing.

Chinese letters and their equivalents in Spanish

Spanish letter

Chinese letter


a 阿 ā b 贝 bèi c 色 sè ch 车 chē d 德 dé e 俄 é f 俄 非 é fēi g 黑 hēi h 阿 车 ā chē i 伊 yī j 厚 塔 hòu tǎ k 卡 kǎ l 艾勒 ài lè ll 艾耶ài yē m 艾 么 ài me n 艾 呢 ài ne ñ 艾涅 ài niè o 哦 ó p 佩 pèi q 苦 kǔ r 艾 和 ài hé s 艾 色 ài sè t 特 tè u 吴 wú v 吴维 wú wéi w 吴维 豆 布勒 wú wéi dòu bù lè x 艾吉 尺 ài jí chǐ y 伊列哈 yī liè hā z 舍 塔 shè tǎ

For now, we hope that this tutorial has been very useful. Farewell we will write a message in Chinese using one of the steps to type in characters of this type.

Your task now will be to translate this text: 我们 非常 乐意 为 您 提供 帮助 and leave the answer in the comments, participate!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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