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When we have a fun afternoon planned with family or friends in our home, it is necessary to make the proper provisions so that everything flows and there are no setbacks.

Usually the food for the evening is planned, the snacks, the popcorn, and almost always we already have the movie that we will see. But, it may be that on rare occasions, It happens to us that our player is outdated or simply is not able to reproduce the content.

To solve this problem we have prepared an article where we show you how play DVD movies according to your operating system. In addition, we give you a small list with the best players that you can use to avoid setbacks on the family afternoon.

What does my computer need to play DVDs of series and movies?

We mainly need to have a good computer and that it has a modest graphics card, for the reproduction of high quality videos. But, the most important thing will be the things that we will mention below:

A DVD player

DVD reader

To be able to play movies and series on your computer it needs to have a DVD player. A kind of electronic device that allows to decode the video and audio stream contained in this format.

After the decoding of the formats of said streams is done, it projects them to the output devices that can be the screen, horns or headphones.

An audiovisual player

 audiovisual dvd player

The audiovisual player is another of the strengths when it comes to playing movies and series. Since, without one of these computer programs or software installed on the computer, it it will not be able to decode the files on a DVD.

Basically its function is to channel the audio and video so that they can be seen and heard in sync.



The codecs that come from the words encode and decode are the components that software must have to be able to read the different formats.

This last point is a plus, since the audiovisual reproduction programs usually already bring almost all of them, and they are available for the different formats integrated into their systems. Only in some cases if it is necessary to download them, but that’s with some exotic formats, so to speak.

Steps to play a DVD from my Windows or MacOS computer

Next, we will see how to play a DVD in our personal computers in a simple and fast way, to enjoy good moments with the family:

On windows

In Windows it is very easy to play all kinds of files of this type of format. You just have to take into account the latest system updates:

If it is a version prior to Windows 10, just insert the DVD in the playback unit and open the native player of this system “Media Player”. Once this is done, he will take care of everything.

But if it is Windows 10, it is possible that some conflicts are generated with said native player, therefore we will use “VLC Media Player”:

  • To start the first thing we will do is open the player.
  • Successively we introduce the CD-DVD on the playback unit.
  • In the VLC interface (for example), we will click on the button in the upper left corner “Media” then choose the option “Open disk”.

Open disc

It also works by pressing the key combination “Ctrl + D”. With this step done, the content of the DVD should appear on the screen.

The playback menu may be activated, in which it appears to choose scenes, language and other options.

On macOS

Play this format on a Mac computer it is not very different from how we do it in Windows, There are conversion methods in case you don’t have the right player, but we think that only complicates the process further.

If you have a slightly older Mac, it may still have a built-in DVD player. But if you count With a new one there is no problem, since in these the reader is obtained externally and is connected via USB:

  • In this case we will use the same player from the previous example, because it is the best known, simple and complete of all.
  • We simply open the program e we insert the DVD into the drive.
  • In the upper bar of the program we choose the option “File” or “Records” and then click on “Open Disc “ or “Open Disc”, according to the language of your system.

Open Disc

Once this action is triggered, we will have access to all its multimedia content to be able to enjoy with our family.

List of the best video players to view DVDs on Windows or MacOS

In this section you will see which are the best players to watch movies and series in this format on our Windows or Mac computers.

We provide you with this list so you can meet your goal:

VLC Media Player


It is a well-known multimedia player and is considered the best of all, since it is a multiplatform and open source. This one has all the features and plugins to watch practically any video format. These include Codecs for playing DVDs.

The playback service of this program is of high quality, therefore it is highly recommended.

Download VLC Media Player Windows

Download VLC Media Player MacOS

Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Player

Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Player

This is a specialized professional media player for Mac, although it is also available for Windows.

Given its nature, it is widely used for playback of DVDs in high quality such as Blu-Ray. This software is your best ally to enjoy a warm home cinema afternoon with your family, friends or partner.

Download Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Player Windows

Download Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Player MacOS

Cyberlink Power DVD

Cyberlink Powerdvd

This is another of the most solid players for videos, movies and series on the market, capable of adapting to a large number of multimedia formats. Although especially the one we mentioned in this article.

It is very versatile and works perfectly on different operating systems. Besides that supports high definitions to improve the viewer experience.

Download Cyberlink Power DVD Windows

Media Player Classic

media player classic

This player is among the best in the world in terms of multimedia, and this is due to the particularity of its formats and the easy coupling it has with various video platforms and formats.

It works perfectly with DVD formats, making it a good choice when watching movies at home and on your computer.

Download Media Player Classic Windows

5K Player

5K Player

This is one of the newest multimedia software on the market and the one that projects the most future. It is compatible with Apple’s cloud services and also with Windows.

It is able to reproduce in the most high definitions as it is in 8K, plays a large number of formats and of course DVDs are included in its list.

Download Media Player Classic Windows

Download Media Player Classic MacOS

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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