Play Video on YouTube  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Youtube has become the second most used search engine and on the main Internet streaming platform. This is due to the increase in users’ preference for watching videos over written articles.

Thus, you will need to know how to play any video on YouTube in an easy and fast way. If you want to know how to do it, keep reading because you will find all the information related to this topic.

Also, you will know the main reasons why you can’t play a video and how you can solve each of these problems. Don’t miss out on anything.

Learn step by step how to play any YouTube video

Learn step by step how to play any YouTube video

To play a video on YouTube you will have to do this step by step:

  • Enter, through your browser, with your computer to the YouTube page. For this you will have to write the address bar “”.
  • It is convenient that you register on the platform so that save history and you can include personal playlists. For this reason, you will have to access your account using your Gmail username. Go to the top right of the screen and enter your email and password.
  • Next, you will see the YouTube Home. You can choose any recommended video by clicking on it.
  • But if you want to look at one in particular You can search for it directly in the upper bar enabled for this purpose. When you see the results and find the one you need, you will have to click on it.

In case you want to access any YouTube video from your mobile, you will first have to download the platform application and then continue with this guide:

  • When you have downloaded the application from Google Play Store or App Store, the program will request your authorization to access certain resources on your mobile. Therefore, grant all the necessary permissions.
  • Once you are done, you will find the YouTube main screen. You will see thumbnail images with the description of each video. If you wish, you can click on one to access the streaming content.
  • In case you want to find a video in particular, you can do it through the search bar.

Why can’t I play a YouTube video? Main causes

The steps that we teach you in the previous paragraph may not work if there are some of the causes that we mention below:

Age restriction

Age restriction

Every time a user uploads a video You must configure the content by informing the platform if it is suitable for minors. In the event that it is restricted to persons over 18 years of age and you cannot access it, you will have to go to your account profile, to select Restricted mode Y disable it.

Geographic restriction

There is content that is restricted due to geographic reasons and is not available in certain areas. To access them, from anywhere, you will have to include a tool that allows you to make a virtual bridge so that you can connect to the streaming platform’s server.

This tool is called VPN or virtual private network. It consists of connecting your computer or mobile with a server that is in a country enabled to access the contents of Youtube what do you want to see. In turn, this server VPN connects with that of Youtube and then it receives the data and sends it to you through a virtual tunnel. There is a great variety of VPN that work well and that are safe, some are paid and others free. We recommend that you use, both for your computer and mobile ExpressVPN.

Political and religious restrictions

As with the geographic restrictionsThere are also videos that are restricted in some countries for political and religious reasons. The solution so that you can see this type of content will be the same that you will use in geographical limitations. That is to say, you will have to use a VPN server.

Privacy restriction

If you want accessing a video and you see a padlock means that the user who uploaded the content set it to be private and therefore only the persons authorized by it can look at it. To solve this problem, You will have to contact the owner of the video to grant you their permissions.

No Internet access

You should not forget that to watch a YouTube video you will need to have Internet access, unless you have a YouTube Premium subscription and you have previously downloaded it.

If you do not have this type of paid version or have not downloaded it before, you will not be able to access any type of content on the streaming platform without having access to the web. To solve this problem, you will have to enter a WiFi network or hire an extra mega bonus from your telephone service operator.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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