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Our mobile device has become for some time a tool for daily use which allows us not only to make phone calls, but also to be an ideal assistant for our entertainment.

With the different applications that we can download, we will be able to reproduce the best videos in the most demanding image qualities, regardless of their format. Further, we can configure the way we will see it on our screen and its execution in the background, among many other possible settings.

To get a more detailed idea of ​​how to play videos and audios with the screen locked, we teach you this report. We will analyze the differences that exist with a floating window and we will talk about the best apps to play this kind of files.

What parts of the content can I view in the background from my smartphone?

When we turn off our mobile screen and we are playing a video file, We can only continue listening to its audio since it will continue to run and not the image because this will be blocked with our screen.

It happens the same way with audio files, all the players on the market have the ability to play in the background, so we can continue listening without problems when we decide to lock the screen or interact with other applications on our mobile.

Background Playback vs Floating Window How are they different and which is better?

Playback in the background or “Background” is the one that is used to name programs that run with a lower priority than other software at the same time, that is to say, an audio can be played while the screen of our mobile is off or we are using another application.

A floating window is a tool that It is used to perform multitasking at a certain time and allows us to improve the productivity of our mobile. In other words, we can say that it is an alternative to play our video when we have the screen unlocked and we are running other applications at the same time.

For the video playback floating window not possible when screen is off or locked, but it is much more useful than running in the background since we can continue to see the multimedia content while we do other tasks.

Steps to play audio and video in the background from your Android and iOS

Steps to play audio and video in the background from your Android and iOS

We will detail below the different steps that we have to perform to play an audio or video in the background:


Mobile devices come with a default player from the factory, which we can use in the same way as the applications that we will detail.

We will follow these instructions for playback on our Android operating system:

  • We install the app “Pulsar Music Player”.
  • We open the application and go to the content library
  • We look for the audio we want to play by clicking on it. For this step we can choose by Albums, Artists, Folders, or Genres found in the top menu.
  • Once selected, we will simply have to press “Play”.

We will listen to audio files on an iPhone following this guide:

  • We download the application “TSC Music App”.
  • We calibrate the headphones, for this we will click on “Okay” in the pop-up window.
  • Once we have accepted the left and right headphones with the equalizer we will click on “Okay”.
  • In the gallery of files we choose the audio we want to listen to, if it is from a special platform we choose the same one in the menu that will appear by sliding our finger to the left.
  • We select “Play”.
  • We can configure the equalizer by clicking on “Active EQ ON”.

In this way we are able to lock the screen or work with another application since our audio will be played in the background.

*Note: To enjoy this application, we must search for it through iTunes.



Like audio players, mobiles also come with a factory application to watch videos. The steps that we have to do with them are the same as those we mentioned for the apps that we demonstrate below.

When we need to project videos on our mobile with Android OS, we will do this:

  • We download the application from the Google Play Store “MX Player”.
  • We open the folder where the file we want to see is located.
  • We select the video.
  • We click on “Play”.

Remember that for the execution in the background we can only listen to the audio.

If we have an iPhone and we need to play a video we will carry out the following process:

  • We open the application “AcePlayer”.
  • We head to half “Explorer”.
  • We select the location of the file, we can also write the URL.
  • We choose settings to improve image quality.
  • We select “Play”.

The video will run in the background, but we will only hear the audio.

What applications can I use to play audio in the background?

What applications can I use to play audio in the background

Many people get confused and believe that audio players cannot play in the background which is not true as a common characteristic that each of these applications have is that, while our mobile is with the screen off or we are doing another task, on the computer we can be running the audio without any complication.

There are different players in the app stores, but we want to highlight three of them that provide far superior tools and complete with respect to the rest.

We list them below:

List of the best players to watch videos in the background on Android and iOS

In the following paragraphs you will find detailed information with the list of the best players to enjoy the videos in the background. We will tell you which are the main characteristics of each one and in which OS you can install them.

These video players are:

DN PLAYER – All Format Video Player

With this tool we can play all video files regardless of the format of each. It supports 4K and HD quality videos, does not contain ads and has hardware acceleration, it also allows us to protect files because save them in a private folder.

It has an option to adjust the audios and subtitles and also supports the download of the latter. Among its different controls, stands out be able to easily control volume and brightness, as well as the progress of the video playback.

XPlayer – All Format Video Player


Allows you to configure the theme with which we can handle the different image interface options. In this way we will increase our experience as a user, since the other controls they are also simple to use And the most important thing of all is that our mobile device will not work too much because the app does not take up much memory for its management. Supports the tool “Smooth Video Experience”.

In the panel “Settings” we also managed to include the automatic playback of the next file. When we need to obtain subtitles we can download it from any application, since this tool supports this class of elements. Available for Android OS.

Accountlab – Video Player

Considered by many users as a very practical video player. With this application we will have the possibility of turning our mobile device into a multimedia center, since it allows us to connect it with an Android TV and thus manage the TV controls from the phone.

You have the option of saving the videos in a folder that will be self-managed, saving us time and steps to find your favorite files. The forward and reverse controls are very efficient, allowing us to have the possibility to choose exactly where we want to continue the transmission later.

It also allows us to edit the files with different filters that are predetermined.

VLC for Mobile

Every time we play a video with this app on our device, we will find different alternatives that will help us improve our experience. For example, there is a command that will allow us to advance or rewind the file 10 seconds and have the possibility to pause the playback and resume it at any other time from the same place.

If we need to view a screen horizontally, with this tool we will only have to click on the upper left part of the screen. In addition, we have brightness controls, audio control and color balance giving us the possibility to adapt the projection at any time of the day or in the place where we are.

Available for iPhone.

Movie Player 3

This app available for mobile phones with iOS OS, is characterized by providing a tool that allows blocking playback, that is to say, every time we activate this alternative we will not be able to modify anything in the projection, maintaining the brightness and balance of the video in the conditions that we have configured.

Its controls are very simple and adapt to any device, it also has with a library that will give us the opportunity to quickly find the reproduction we are looking for, since it offers a list with summary images of each of the videos.

Very good option when we want to configure the video ratio, since we will have options to fill, expand, modify to 16: 9 format, etc. to the screen of the device.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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