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For many years Twitter social network became one of the most used worldwide, thanks to its excellent functions that allow users can interact with each other in different ways, either sharing a tweets, a gif, an image or speaking through chat.

Each of these functions and many others managed to make this platform one of the most popular, although currently has lost a lot of ground comparing it with social networks like Facebook or Instagram. But despite this, this platform is still a very good option for share with your friends and family.

That is why here we are going to explain what are the steps you can take to share an image with your followers, To do this, follow in detail each of the steps that we are going to explain in the post.

What are the dimensions and size that an image should have for Twitter?

Prior to share an image with your followers it is very important that you keep in mind what are the dimensions and size that this must have.

Keep in mind that a photography is worth a thousand words, Y upload good images to you profile without a doubt it will offer you Very good results, as this will make the other members of the platform are interested in seeing your publication.

This is very important mainly for all those users who they work through the social network, whether they have your profile to sell a product or service and therefore they need to have quality content so that other users are interested in it.

In accordance with all this, here we show you the dimensions that images should have for Twitter:

Profile pictures

Profile pictures

Profile pictures must have a 400 x 400 pixel size, this measure will ensure that it can be the indicated size so that all users can see it correctly.

Header Image

Header Image

In the case of the header image must have a 1500 x 1500 measure pixels or in that case 1024 x 280 pixels, with a 5MB maximum size. Please note that this picture is a lot larger than profile.

Post images

Post images

In this case it is recommended that images are 800 x 418 pixels or 800 x 800 pixels with a maximum size of 3MB. This will help you make your post look very good quality, thus managing to share content in a professional way capable of attracting the attention of other members of the portal.

Learn step by step how to share images with all your followers on Twitter

Having clear what are the recommended measurements for images that they love each other share on social network, The next thing will be to explain step by step how to upload them so that everyone your followers can see it. This procedure is very simple so you will only need a few how many steps to achieve it.

To do this, follow each of these instructions:

  • The first thing you will have to do is enter your Twitter account, for it enter your username and password.
  • Once you are in Home page, you can find a box where you will write each of your tweets, keep in mind that you can accompany each of your images with a text.
  • For upload an image and so share it with your followers you will have to click or press on an image icon.

Learn step by step how to share images with all your followers on Twitter

  • Then the “Windows Explorer” in case you are doing it from your PC. If you are from the mobile then the gallery will be opened directly. Here you should look for that image you want share.
  • Once the Photo will appear in Home page, the following will be enter the text you want to add. You can also tag other users of the platform if you wish. Once this is done you must click on “Tweet”. In this way you will be sharing an image with the other members of the social network.

Learn step by step how to share images with all your followers on Twitter

Who will be able to see the images that I upload to my Twitter gallery?

Keep in mind that the images you upload to your Twitter profile everyone can see it your followers, also if your account is public You can also see all those people who for some reason enter your profile so they don’t follow you. Just the opposite happens if your account is private, since in this case only those users who follow you can see it.

It can also happen that someone retweet your post, so now the same will be seen by all the followers of the user who has shared your publication, which allows you reach even more people within the social network.

The best online tools to create attractive images for Twitter

As already mentioned above, the secret to get a good amount of followers in any social network platform consists in upload very good quality content, and the best way to do it is going up completely professional photos.

There are different online tools that they will allow you edit each of your photos to make them much more attractive.

Which we show you below:


For several years ago Canva has become one of online platforms most wanted for what it is photography editing, and it is that it has a large number of tools that will allow you edit all your images very easily and without the need to be an expert in the editing area.

To facilitate this task, it offers different types of templates pre-designed that will help you with this task. It also offers you different sizes and formats depending on which social network you want to use, also offers different types of filters and fonts that you can use in each of your images.

In Canva you will not only have the opportunity to edit photos, it also allows you create images from scratch, create logos, infographics and many other items of great importance. Here you can work so free or paid, Taking into account that the paid version is much more complete and professional.

Adobe spark

This program on-line it is very similar to Canva, here you will have the opportunity to have a lots of items that they will allow you edit each of your photos professionally, for this it offers you filters, texts, crop, magnifying glass, gradient, transparency, among many other tools that you will have available there.

Here you will not only have the opportunity to edit pictures but you can also work with videos to promote your business through social networks. It also offers you a large number of templates to help you make your work be much easier and faster to achieve. Furthermore, each of their templates is editable, so you can change some elements of it if you don’t like it.


It’s about a Photoshop style image editor, so you will get results very professional since you will have all the necessary tools for it. Regarding its operation it is very similar to the Adobe program, If you have already used it before, you will not have any kind of problem with its operation.

Nowadays Pixlr is considered as one of the most complete online photo editing programs on the market, where will you have the opportunity to work with layers so you can get the expected results. What has made it an excellent option to improve each of your images before uploading it to your social network.


Finally we present you Pixelmator. This is another of editing tools that you will find currently available. Like all those mentioned above here you will have the opportunity to get you a lot of professional tools that will help you improve each of your photos and then upload it to your Twitter social network.

Pixelmator is available for Mac computers. This is an editing tool that has nothing to envy to the Adobe programs, since it has a large number of elements that allows you to perform almost all the functions required for editing.

A very easy to use program where you will have effects, filters, you can use retouching tools, cropping, among many others.

Download Pixelmator MacOS

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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