Post Job Offer on LinkedIn  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Today, LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks for professionals who want to get new job opportunities or advertise as a company to connect with experts and workers that show the ability to maintain it and increase its success. Since, it has been designed to allow people establish labor-type relationships, easily.

In this sense, in addition to getting customers and suppliers, companies have the opportunity to find trained employees quickly, directly and easily. Since, adjusting to your interests or requirements, the social platform offers them the necessary option to publish a job offer.

Therefore, if you have a profile active in LinkedIn as a company and you need to recruit new technicians, experts or professionals for certain vacancies of the same, you can not hesitate to create a new offer from the social network. That way, you can make sure you select the right person, among many options.

Learn step by step how to post a job offer from your company page on LinkedIn

At this time, LinkedIn provides several alternatives to recruit staff for your company. Well, it allows you join certain groups to find out which users are looking for work and also gives you the possibility of use a LinkedIn Recruiter premium account to access advanced tools to connect with potential employees.

However, beyond these methods of searching for employees, there is another solution that it is free and simple to carry out. Which consists of publishing a job vacancy to publicize your requirements and allow hundreds of users to recommend potential candidates through the functionality “Jobs that might interest you”.

Thus, just by having a company account open on the social network, you can complete a job offer on LinkedIn in just a few minutes, following the steps detailed here:

Learn step by step how to publish a job offer from your company page on LinkedIn

Select the “Jobs” icon

To get started, enter your LinkedIn company profile as you usually do and proceed to press the “Jobs” icon which is located at the top of the home page. Once this is done, go to the right side of the screen and click on “Post a job”, in order to start your offer. If you’re a LinkedIn Recruiter customer, the system will surely direct you to a page with several contract options to which you are affiliated.

Complete the particularities of your job vacancy

Then it’s time to enter the corresponding information in each of the fields offered by the social network. To find the worker you really need, it is important that do this in the most detailed way possible. In that sense, you will have to write the name of your company, as well as the position you are looking for (selecting from several standard options available in the drop-down list) and it is also relevant that indicate a specific location.

Choose the option “Start job advertisement”

Subsequently, from the offer page, the platform allows you to choose up to three job functions and business sectors. Considering that, depending on the position, the type of employment and the level of seniority, these data will be filled in automatically. Further, you can modify the fields indicated above.

It is also important that, enter a job description and a company description in the relevant text boxes. You can even add the skills you want, apart from those that are filled in automatically.

Determine how you prefer candidates to apply for the job

Given that the social network allows employees to apply for the vacancy in question in various ways, you have the power to choose how you want them to carry out this action, thanks to your LinkedIn company profile.

So, you can set it to be through their profiles so that the notification is received via email or you can set candidates to enter an external website where they send their request. If you want to use this last option, you will need to publish the URL of the web page.

Choose how many job ads you want to buy

In case you choose to sponsor your job vacancy, it is essential that write the desired values ​​in Total Budget and Cost per Click. In addition, you will have to choose the number of ads you want to purchase, choose the payment method and click on “Review order”. In order to advertise your job, you will receive an email confirming the advertisement.

It should be noted that once you buy an ad of this type in LinkedIn, the platform will allow you access 50 profile results that meet the requirements of the vacancy offered, free of charge. Inclusive, it will also provide you five free Inmail messages to connect with the workers in question, obtain their data and analyze their professionalism.

Tips for finding the best worker for your company on LinkedIn

Tips for finding the best worker for your company on LinkedIn

In view of that LinkedIn has managed to transform the traditional employee selection process, many companies do not know the most important tricks to be able to locate the best available worker, so digital.

Therefore, if you want to go one step further during your recruitment process, it is essential that you follow the following recommendations:

Post an offer with as much detail as possible

To locate the best employee for your company, the first step to follow lies in be extremely detailed when publishing the job vacancy on the platform. Since, as it is the first way of contact with the future candidate, it is valuable that you capture their attention by explaining what the job consists of and pointing out the desired skills, so that they know if they should advertise or not.

Filter the characteristics of your candidate

Thanks to the fact that LinkedIn allows you to create specific accounts for recruiters and in them it offers the possibility of filtering certain particularitiesIt is opportune that you take advantage of this tool to get your ideal employee. In this sense, focus on filter the results to be obtained around their studies, experience, achievements, skills, languages, etc..

Thus, once these peculiarities are selected, the candidates that most resemble them will be displayed among the search results and thus, you will be able to refine your search in order to hire the most suitable person for your company.

Take into account the references of your future employee

Luckily, the social network also has a utility that is known as “Skills validation” and basically, it consists of a tool that allows you know first-hand the references of the expert in question. Since, at that point, people expose their skills and validate them through their contacts, in order to ensure greater professionalism.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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