Post on Twitter  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The sites where users can perform publications and short messages are called microblogging. Twitter is the best known example of this format, due to the number of registered and the amount of content published daily.

Initially, only a number of 140 characters, today being the maximum the double. It is characterized by being one of the social networks with the greatest immediacy and interaction, but above all fluidity.

Regarding the latter, we can say that the reason for this is the intensive use of hashtags Y mentions, which make up the different types of tweets (publications). If you want to know what all of them are, we invite you to read the following post.

What are all the types of posts that can be made on Twitter?

What are all the types of posts that can be made on Twitter?

If you just create a profile on Twitter or you just want learn more about this social network, we will show you what are all the types of publications that you can use.

Let’s see below:

Tweet in general

This is the message posted on general. It can contain a maximum of 240 characters, up to 4 pictures, GIF or videos. After they are published, you will see them in your profile and in the start chronology. Your followers will do it on their own timeline.


This is the tweet that contains a link to him another user’s profile. To do this you must place the name preceded by the symbol “@” (without space). After this, the recipient will receive a notification, but it will be published on their timeline and only people who follow both accounts will be able to see the tweet on their home timeline.


As the name implies, they are the publications that are used for make a return of a specific tweet. Like mentions, they are displayed on the recipient’s timeline and in the notification area.


Although it is not its own content, since it is only replicate another tweet, will show up on your own chronology and in your followers. Within this category are also those retweets with comment included. It also allows you to add your own content in comment format.

Are those special tweets listed at the top of search results or even your own timeline. This content is sponsored by advertising companies or partners, but it is not necessarily original, as it may be a retweet from an ordinary user. In addition to this, Twitter identifies clearly.

Learn step by step how to make any publication you want on Twitter

Learn step by step how to make any publication you want on Twitter

If you already have an account on this social network, you can start to create content.

We will show you how to do it below:

In the web

  • From your PC browser access “.
  • Login with your data.
  • On the screen of start, in the central column, you will find your profile picture (if you already have one) followed by the question “What’s going on?”. Click there and write your tweet.
  • Below the text, you must choose the privacy of your tweet. The options are “Everybody”, “People you follow” Y “Only the people you mention”.
  • You can use the bottom buttons to add multimedia content.
  • Once finished, press the button “Tweet”.

From the phone

  • To do it from the mobile application, you must first have installed the app. Which you will find in the store of your device.
  • Login with your data.
  • The main screen of the mobile version has only one column. But unlike the web, it has a blue floating button and inside a pen with a sign “+”. Click there.
  • When you do, the system will direct you directly to write. Write what you want and use if you want the options listed at the bottom.
  • Once finished, press “Tweet”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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