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Generally speaking, social media has become the main space for social interaction worldwide and, therefore, the vast majority of users want to participate and make people feel what they think, feel or say. Since, the time when consumers were only spectators is over.

For this reason, today it is very important to take into account the opinion of each of the people who follow you, in order to know what expectations they have to make them participate in your decisions and that they feel heard. Therefore, it is pointed out that Twitter is a great way to acquire information from your followers.

That is why, beyond communicating, promoting and selling, this social network is considered an excellent way to interact with your followers. But, in what way can you do it? Next, we let you know why surveys are a good option for this.

What are the benefits of sharing surveys with your followers?

What are the benefits of sharing surveys with your followers?

Although it is true, a survey is a method or technique of investigation and information gathering, so it is used to gather data from different people on a specific topic.

Taking into account that, generally, surveys can have a variety of purposes and are conducted in different ways, according to the selected methodology and the objectives set.

Now, a survey is made up of a series of questions that are aimed at a representative part of a certain population and its main purpose, without a doubt, is find out states of opinion, attitudes and behaviors of people under certain circumstances.

Therefore, some social networks have adopted this concept and allow surveys to be carried out; among them is Twitter. For its part, beyond the possibility that exists to create and share surveys with your followers on this platform, you need to know what are the greatest advantages that guarantee the fact of carrying out this type of investigation technique on Twitter.

Thus, below, we mention the most relevant benefits:

  • The polls they are an excellent source of feedback and feedback with your community. Which means that they provide a issuer capacity to collect reactions from recipients and modify your message.
  • They are rated as eye-catching content which, in most cases, is well received by fans. This, thanks to the fact that they facilitate interaction.
  • Due to the interaction provided by polls, It is possible that reach more Twitter users with that post because the social network will increase its organic visibility, default. Even more so, if you invite to share the survey to amplify its impact.
  • Without a doubt, the fact of doing surveys increase your community’s commitment to your brand. Since, with this content, you make it clear that the opinion and wishes of your followers They are special to you and that generates the feeling of belonging to your community.
  • They are ideal for easily discover the opinion of all your followers and the degree of satisfaction they show with your products or services. Which will allow you to adapt to their requirements and satisfy them later, with the aim of retain them.
  • Surveys Twitter doesn’t put pressure on your followers, that is, they will have the power to answer them when they wish and believe it appropriate. That way, no one will misrepresent your answer and consequently you can get reliable results.
  • Definitely, they are very easy and fast to make, so you will not have to invest so much effort, time or money in it to know the opinion of your public.

Learn step by step how to create and share a poll on your Twitter

With the above, you can see that conduct surveys on Twitter It is of great help to know more about your community, to be able to retain your followers and make an important interaction fast, easy and free. So, it will even allow you to gain visibility on the platform and optimize your account.

However, you will wonder how you can take advantage of these advantages from the social network and, therefore, it is necessary know the steps to execute to be able to create and share a survey on your Twitter account, correctly.

Let’s see what they are below:

Create Survey

Of course, before proceeding to post and share with all your followers a survey done in Twitter, is valuable create it in a timely manner to show specifically what you want and collect the precise information you need.

That is why, below, we explain step by step what you have to do:

  • First of all, log into your account Twitter Y go to the Home tab. There, click inside the box to post a tweet which is at the top (precisely, where it says “What’s going on?”). (1) It will also suffice with click the “Tweet” button, located in the navigation bar on the left hand side (2).

Create Survey

  • Then, in either case, you can observe four icons at the bottom of the bar. To create a survey, you must click on the icon “Add survey” which ranks third (from left to right).

Create Survey

  • Done the above, they will appear various fields that will allow you to create your new poll quickly. So where it says “Make a question…” you have to write the question to present and after that, insert the first and second option in the corresponding boxes (considering that each option admits up to 25 characters).
  • If you need to add a third option or more in your Twitter poll, you just have to click on “+” and thus, a new box will be displayed to enter the text. It should be noted that the publication you can only have up to four options.
  • Now to finish create your survey, proceed to establish the duration of the same in your Twitter account. By default, a day will be shown, but you can change this in the indicated fields (days, hours and minutes).

Create Survey

Regarding the duration allowed for each survey in this social network, we affirm that, can be maintained for a maximum of seven days in effect and a minimum of five minutes.

Share Survey

Share Survey

Finally, it would only remain to share the survey created on your Twitter account, once you fill in all the indicated fields and establish the time limit set to collect the required information. To do this, simply you have to click on the button that says “Tweet” at the bottom of the survey.

The best external tools to create interactive online surveys

Without a doubt, the best way to find valuable information about what your followers want or expect from Twitter, is doing a survey.

Fortunately, beyond being able to use this option available on the social platform, there is also the possibility of employ numerous external tools that make your work easier and here.

We recommend three of the best:


This is one of the best and most famous tools out there for conduct surveys on Twitter, easy and free. Among its greatest advantages, we find that the operating mode is similar to that of the social network, since you only have to enter a question of at least 140 characters and add the options you want to specify.

Luckily, the tool on-line does not require prior registration, since only you must log in with your Twitter username to be able to use it. Now, once you create the survey to present in Twitter through TwtPoll, the tool will provide you with a link to share it with your followers on said platform and in other social networks like Facebook or by e-mail.


It is a simple and powerful tool, at the same time, it allows you create targeted polls for your Twitter followers and in addition to sharing them on said social network, you can also present them on other platforms because their compatibility it is absolute. Which means that, you can export data everywhere.

Basically PollDaddy has several templates for create surveys and forms efficiently, from 14 types of questions. Added to that, it provides different styles, colors and fonts to personalize your surveys and allows you to have your own domain to share the elements created with your own URL.

Further, ideal for deep analysis based on the data collected, including creating filters to know where the information comes from. It should be noted that it offers both free and paid plans.

Poll EveryWhere

It consists of a truly innovative tool that allows live polls to a specific audience and, at the same time, reveals all those answers that your followers send you through tweets or direct messages. Therefore, it is effective for create attractive activities and encourage the participation of your audience.

In addition, thanks to the possibility of collecting different types of comments, it is useful to collect a large number of data that they allow you improve your decision-making and perform in-depth analysis.

It is necessary to distinguish that these polls can be shared through various ways and offers a free version, as well as a paid version.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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