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Promoting a product can be more effective with a video. Unfortunately, editing programs are often complex to handle. In the same way hiring a professional for this will take a large part of the time and budget.

That is why there is a huge variety of Online tools that serve a similar function. With them, we will achieve excellent results without the need for knowledge specials on composition and assembly.

Thanks to them we will be able to create content that attracts attention and attracts potential clients or followers. If you want learn more about one of the best alternatives, we recommend this post.

What is PowToon and what is this animation creation tool for?

What is PowToon and what is this animation creation tool for?

Although the question answers itself, we can also tell you that it is about the instrument ideal for creating animated presentations 100% online. It has hundreds of static and dynamic templates with a huge amount of customizations available. Thanks to it, you just have to create an account on the official site to start working on your presentation.

This product is a mix between Powerpoint and a traditional video editor. The most important thing is that no need to download any additional software on your computer. So it will not consume large resources of your device. Within the possibilities of this tool you can export video, PDF files and PowerPoint documents from the same presentation project.

What are the advantages and limitations of using PowToon to create animations?

What are the advantages and limitations of using PowToon to create animations?

If we are going to talk about offered tools, the list is huge. Well it is one of the best options when creating animations and promotional videos for products, services or even social media profiles that exists.

Let’s see its characteristics:

  • Among the most outstanding points we can mention that it is usage is free, we just have to register on the site and confirm our identity by email.
  • Within the web we will find a large amount of templates of various types of aspects and sizes. All of them ordered by category and functions. So create a video it will take us less time than usual.
  • It allows add your own content. We refer to images, sounds and audiovisual files that are on our computer.
  • most of The elements added from the library PowToon can be individually customized and animated. So it is almost impossible for two identical videos to exist.
  • The platform is compatible with different sites. It’s easy to export content directly to Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo among others. Regarding the import, it is possible to do it from clouds like Google drive.
  • It is an excellent choice if the creative synapse “failure”. Since it offers a Step by Step From the first moment. In which it will guide us through various available and completely modifiable themes.
  • However, Not everything is rosy (although not much). And is that the best tools, templates, and library items (such as music and pictures) are intended only for premium users.
  • Also, if you are bothered by watermarks, the free version will not be of use to you. In the same way, all your creations will be public to other users.
  • Although the price you must pay for all functions and utilities is quite high. It is a very powerful tool. In addition, it offers intermediate plans. You can get a premium account from € 19 to € 99 per month.
  • Finally, although it could be taken as an advantage and disadvantage as appreciated, PowToon works only online. In other words, if you don’t have a constant Internet connection, you won’t be able to use it. It also does not have a mobile version.

PowToon tips to get the most out of this audiovisual tool

PowToon tips to get the most out of this audiovisual tool

Although when you start using PowToon you will realize that it’s very easy to create a presentation, it never hurts some tips to achieve a better result.

Above all, if you consider yourself inexperienced in the field, the following list could help you create an excellent product:

  • As with a billboard or advertisement of any kind, it is important that think about the segment to which it is directed the video.
  • Develop a message with clear objectives and at the same time stay interesting for the audience.
  • Note that not a professional tool. Although it is possible to create quality content, if you are looking for a result of maximum impact, it is best to hire a professional.
  • Before you start editing, create a storyboard. It will help you to be clear about the sequences. If you are going to use a voice-over, it is best if you do it before the video. These two elements will determine, among other things, the duration of the piece.
  • The final result should not last more than 3 minutes. Especially if the destination of it is social networks. Users do not usually watch an advertising video for a long time.
  • If you are going to use characters animated, try that identify with the target market. In this way, the audience for whom the video is intended will find it easier to interpret them and generate a rpositive action towards your product.
  • Music is as important as visuals. Always use background sounds. Keep in mind the Copyright.
  • If you are going to make videos periodically, the first one will probably not meet your expectations. But nevertheless, you will improve with practice. In addition, it is advisable that investigate and study more about it. There are thousands of tutorials on the Internet that will help you on topics of composition of moving images.

The best alternative tools to PowToon to create animations online

The best alternative tools to PowToon to create animations online

As we always advise, use the free version of each online tool first. And if it is to your liking and it works for you, opt for paid versions with greater resources and utilities.

If you already did it and PowToon failed to convince you, we have to recommend these alternatives:


It is also a platform that offers a free account to create presentations, with the possibility of accessing paid versions with more functions. Although it is less powerful, its plans are cheaper and range from € 10 to € 20 / month.


This platform creates in addition to animated presentations, interactive content to place on your website. You can use it to offer small games or even trivia or test to know the tastes of the visitors.


We decided to place on this list one of the most used programs when creating presentations. Although it may be less dynamic, the truth is that it is found in almost all computers with Powerpoint. Its latest versions offer incredible tools for creating high-quality content.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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