PPTX File Extension  What is .Pptx and how to open them? ▷ 2020

Do you want to create impressive educational exhibits? Or Create beautiful, practical and high-end multimedia documents? The .PPTX file extensions give you the opportunity to do this and much more.

In this tutorial article we will guide you through the world of .PPTX, where will you find an answer to What is it and what is it for? Can it be used on cell phones or computers? Among other relevant.

The truth is that The .PPTX extension has been a tool that has revolutionized the world of students and teachers, it is no longer necessary to have a blackboard or sheets of paper, just have a projector with a Power Point presentation to defend ourselves.

What is it and what are the files with the PPTX extension used for?

files with PPTX extension

The .PPTX extension, better known for being compatible with the name of PowerPoint, is a tool created to generate visual content in a didactic way, in it you can add any type of animation, videos, images, graphics, texts, effects, etc.

The reason this tool works is because it uses Open XML and ZIP compressionFurthermore, allowing you to add conventional multimedia content, it also allows you to add screenshots, with images or videos that can be in high resolution.

I can’t fail to mention that there are differences between the PPT and PPTX edition. As everything evolves in the world of technology, PPTX files could not be left behind since it is an improved version much easier to use and program.

On the other hand, If you have trouble creating styles, the .PPTX extension has templates that you can use to make your presentation, which fortunately, you can modify using a color scheme and custom animations.

The objective of this tool is to facilitate the work of a presentationSince most people are visual, they respond in a positive way to the .PPTX extension, because it not only helps to better understand a content, but also to explain it.

The intention of a tool like this is to make a presentation much easier to digest, bearing on it a responsibility of 80% of an exposure. The sender of the message plays with his creativity when preparing the PowerPoint slides for presentation, while the receiver delights in it.

How to open and view .PPTX files on Smartphone or computers?


These important digital files They can be opened on any device that allows the playback of images and videos, but not in all places is convenient.

Next I will explain how to open .PPTX files on important devices, whether to create, present or study content:

On Windows PC

If you want to open the file just double click and it will run. In general, all Windows have what we know as PowerPoint, from 7 to the last on the market, because it is part of the Microsoft Office office suite.

PowerPoint on Windows

But instead what you want is to create content, look in the start menu for the bar that says “All programs” and go to the Microsoft Office folder there, you will find all the files that belong to Office including PowerPoint. Double click, press “Create new” and start, let your imagination fly so that your presentation is the best.

On Mac computers

Mac computers also have the ability to open files with PowerPoint, but this is not the only way.

Various programs that respond to the names of:

  • Keynote
  • FTPViewer
  • Apache Office

They are some of those that you can use to improve the quality on your computer with .PPTX files. Download any of these programs and select the option to “to open with”, click on the option you downloaded and it will display for you all the options that the particular program may have.

On Android mobile phones

Just like on your Windows PC, Most of your Android devices come with an APP called “WPS Office”. To access it in a sustainable way, it is recommended to link it with our Gmail account, although it is not 100% necessary.

To create a .PPTX file, access WPS and click on the symbol “+” and choose the option “PowerPoint “ and create your content. It is recommended that the creation of presentations be by computers or PC in devices like these it is better to read and edit.

On iPhone devices with iOS

For this type of device it is important to note that an APP like the previous one is useless but if there are applications like “Docs To Go “which allows you to view your files from your device in the application’s cloud.

Only by clicking on the document you can open it to view or edit the .PPTX file as much as you want. For this, it is not advisable to create the presentation from scratch.

List of best alternative apps and programs to open a document with .PPTX extension without using PowerPoint

Today I will leave for you a short list of applications and alternative programs that exclude PowerPoint, but that allow you to visualize file extensions of this type, each with unique characteristics that differentiate them from each other to make their operations relevant.

  • PPTX Viewer Tools: is an application for Windows and OS X, the tool mainly searches for .PPTX files that PowerPoint cannot open, due to some damage to the file, thanks to its advanced technology it backs up the file and does not lose information in the restoration process.
  • PPTX Viewer v2.0: It is also a file that works for Windows and OS X, it is known as the predecessor of PowerPoint slides. Without a doubt, this program is a free version of the previous one, it offers the same functions, but like any free version it has its limitations.
  • Systool Viewer .PPTX: Windows and OS X are sweeping the market as most of the alternatives belong to this branch, their job is to restore damaged .PPTX documents but without leaving out the opportunity to view the content.
  • Apache Open Offices Impress: when the restorers and viewers of .PPTX files began to come out, its own program was implemented that not only restores PPTX but also handles Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in addition to creating content from scratch you also have the viable option of modifying the presentation.
  • Office Suite: To go round the list this Office Suite which is a version of the previous one for Android with the intention of creating, modifying and expanding Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents, it is a fairly complete APP and facilitates its use as you adapt to her.
  • Keynote: It is the last on today’s list, what is relevant about it is that it is an APP for iOS and OS X, developed by Apple with the purpose that its users continue to live the exclusive experience that only they can offer. It is the competition that makes new APPs for .PPTX appear on the market every day, Apple is an identity that has been in charge of providing exclusivity and with this APP it made its way to continue doing yours with it, you can manage, edit and create presentations.

You are ready to solve any problem with your .PPTX, don’t wait any longer and join in, make the best presentations of your life, design, create, edit everything that goes through your mind, take your imagination to the highest level and take advantage of .PPTX to the max.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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