Privacy in WhatsApp Business  How does it work? ▷ 2021

WhatsApp Business has become an application created to meet the needs of business, so it will facilitate communications with customers or suppliers.

All this will allow companies to sort and reply to messages very quickly, thanks to all the tools it offers to automate its operation. But don’t forget what it is privacy and data protection.

This being an important aspect for everyone, that is why here we are going to explain how to make your account more secure and keep protected all your personal information in an easy and fast way.

What are the main privacy risks for your data in WhatsApp Business?

What are the main privacy risks for your data in WhatsApp Business?

Currently make use of messaging applications or social networks on computers or mobile devices it will always generate some risks to the privacy of your data.

That is why we show you some of them below:

User verification and registration process

The registration system of this messaging app it is considered quite dangerous. This is because there are very simple tricks where a malicious person can take over your account, so they could read and send messages on your behalf.

Account hijacking

This type of danger is not provided directly by the application but by the network, but it can clearly compromise the security of user data. This is generated by a failure of the communication protocol SS7, which can be used by attackers to grow the telephone network that has your number. In this way that person can receive a verification code from the app and from that moment they will have access to your account.

Deletion of conversations

Note that Deleting a conversation or message from groups does not mean that they have been deleted forever, but the truth is that this process is not carried out as everyone thinks. When this process is carried out, the messages are marked as free so they can be overwritten later. So it is a process positive due to resource consumption, but that does not guarantee the secure deletion of the conversations.

Dissemination of sensitive information

When you connect to WhatsApp the application exchanges with the servers user information, such as the your phone number, the version of WhatsApp or the operating system you use. This type of information can be exposed if you use a public or dubious WiFi network.

Account theft by SMS messages

There are many ways in which they can take over your account, if your smartphone is stolen, this increases. If someone takes your terminal, that person can use another mobile device and sign up for WhatsApp making the app believe that you have changed teams.

For this it does not matter that your smartphone is locked, since the code is sent by SMS so it can be seen from the main screen if you have not removed the SMS preview on the main screen, so the malicious person can start using the app with your name from their device. The same can happen if it is done by means of a phone call.

Be careful with unofficial apps

WhatsApp does not allow the use of unofficial versions, as well as synchronization with unofficial apps or those allowed by them, since this can basically cause a leak of private information to users. That is why this type of action can be punished with the definitive suspension of that account.

Learn how WhatsApp Business protects your data and how safe this application is

Learn how WhatsApp Business protects your data and how safe this application is

The Data Protection is very important for any user, especially if they handle business data such as purchase and sale.

That is why below we show you some ways to protect your information in WhatsApp Business:


The messaging App offers a encryption of all messages that are sent over there, since they are protected by the same encrypted signal protocol that protects messages before they leave your smartphone. When you send a message to an account on WhatsApp company, it will be delivered safely to the destination that has been selected.

This is how it is ensured that the accounts of WhatsApp Business they have a end-to-end encryption. Upon receiving the message, you will be subject to the applicable privacy practices of the company, so that the message can be processed and responded to.

App update

If you want to have all the measures of security and privacy that offers you the instant messaging, it is important that you maintain the updated app, since this will be what ensures you have all the tools that the app offers. A lack of update in it could cause a greater vulnerability when receiving any attack from third parties.

Disable on-screen notification previews

It is essential that your device does not have these activated previews, since anyone who takes your smartphone can clone your account WhatsApp without the need for it to be unlocked, so be sure to deactivate this function, as it will offer you greater privacy and security at all times.

Tips to make your WhatsApp Business account more secure and private in every way

Tips to make your WhatsApp Business account more secure and private in every way

There are several actions that users can take to try to make their account the instant messaging application more secure and private in every way.

That is why below we show you some tips that you can put into practice:

Protect your account

Being able to protect this messaging app is very important, since there you will carry out conversations with your customers and suppliers, so that important data is surely handled. When dealing with conversations through a messenger, any other person can impersonate you. One way to guarantee maximum protection is by activating the two-step verification, for this you must access the messaging and click on the three points located in the upper right part of your screen.

There select “Settings” and subsequently “Bill” once there, just access the item “Two-step verification” and then click on “Activate”. When you have this function activated, any attempt to verify your phone number will have to be accompanied by a six digit code that you are going to set through the function, which clearly gives you greater protection and security at all times.

App lock

Another way is blocking the application, this will prevent you from being able to access it simply by pressing its icon, but you will have to insert a PIN, pattern or fingerprint. This will prevent someone else taking your phone from being able to access your conversations.

In order to add a lock code to your app WhatsApp Business you just have to go to “Settings or configuration” from your mobile, then to “Security and privacy” and then enter “Application lock”, There you will have to select the messaging app and then select the blocking method you want to establish.

Privacy settings

If you access the section “Privacy” of Business you will have the opportunity to deactivate different options, for this click on the three points located at the top of the screen WhatsApp, then select the section of “Settings”, then click on the section “Bill” and when you are there in “Privacy”.

Once there you will be able to restrict some details such as turn off read receipts, turn off who can see your last connection time, decide who can see your statuses, if you want to share your location in real time, among some other details present there.

Remove notifications from the lock screen

Finally, it should be mentioned that smartphones have the function of showing notifications on the lock screen activated by default, this allows you to know who has written to you or what notification has arrived without blocking the equipment, but this type of action can be very useful for malicious people who have taken over your computer and want to get a verification code to register in WhatsApp with your number from another mobile.

Therefore, one way to avoid this type of dangers and account thefts is removing such screen notifications, as this will prevent anyone who borrows your smartphone or without your authorization from having access to your private accounts.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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