Updates and patches are very common in both computing and mobile telephony or in any field where there is software involved. They are the way that companies implement new features, fix bugs or improve performance of their proposals; as well as the one they have to introduce, accidentally, other problems that can make the arrangements not look as much as they should.

One of the most used systems today, Windows 10 is not at all exempt from this procedure. The creation of Microsoft, which populates most computers at the moment, receives patches every so often that only reinforce it in every way and improve its performance for all kinds of tasks. Every so often, moreover, receives a bigger update than the rest, full of new features, fixes, improvements and … some other problem that users soon find and suffer.

The problems at update Windows 10 they are commonplace, strange as it may seem. You just need to take a look at networks or even use the system to, sooner or later, run into some of these inconveniences that end up complicating things. Fortunately, and based on the latest update released for this operating system, we are going to review the most frequent problems that have been registered and explain how to fix them so you can keep using it without having to swallow these glitches.

What kind of problems can we find when installing the latest Windows 10 update?

From vulnerabilities left completely open again to bugs with fairly common sound peripherals. There is an important selection that we have collected here so that you can find your case and fix it in the shortest possible time. Fortunately, the solution to these situations is something that can be implemented in just a few minutes and does not require much knowledge.

As usual, updates are intended, as we have already explained, remedy those faults that appear and need repair. Patches and new versions of operating systems like Windows 10 seek to achieve a perfect experience, or at least as polished as possible, so that the user doesn’t have to worry about continual problems.

But nevertheless, sometimes when something is fixed other things are spoiled, which makes more and more problems arise. Here, we are going to explain what kind of problems we can find with the last update of W10 and, of course, how to proceed to try to fix them.

Problems when trying to shut down the computer

Many users have found that, When trying to shut down the computer after installing the latest operating system update, the operating system does not proceed as expected and, in fact, it does not react in any way. Every time you have tried to go to the Start menu, click on “Start / Shutdown“And then choose the option”To turn off”, they have found that the computer does not react in any way.

Since it is not advisable to disconnect directly from the electrical current due to the damage it can cause to the equipment, this is the workaround you can try:

Alt F4 combination to shut down Windows 10

  • With the computer inside the Windows 10 desktop, close all windows that you have open on the desktop.
  • Now, press the Alt + F4 combination on your keyboard and, within the menu that appears, choose the option “To turn off”. Proceed to shut down the equipment.
  • If it does nothing, try the combination Ctrl + Alt + Del and, in the screen that will appear later, choose “Sign off”.
  • On the new screen, press the off button what is available.

Microphone glitches

Although general sound problems have been recorded, the most detected and reported is the one related to the computer microphone. The latest updates to Windows 10 are causing computers do not recognize the microphones they have connected, something that is being a headache for those who move in the multimedia field.

To remedy it, the best procedure to follow is the following. You are managing to fix the situation:

  • Click on the start button on the bottom left of the desktop.
  • Now, in the drop-down that opens, click on the gear-shaped icon to enter the menu “Setting”.

Access Windows 10 settings

  • From among all the options you have in front of you in this new window, choose “Privacy”.

Access W10 Privacy

  • Now go to the section “Microphone” and make sure that it is activated within the section “Allow applications to access the microphone”.

Enable Allow applications to access the microphone

Excess sending of information

In the same way that the operating system changes, for reasons that we do not know, microphone options to block access to programs running on the PC, we also run into the opposite pole. And it is that in many cases, Windows 10 is being seen to collect more information than it should with regard to the actions carried out by the user with the PC. Something that, in addition, can affect the performance of the team.

To make sure that this is not your case and that only the fair and necessary information about your use is collected, follow the steps indicated below:

  • Push the button “Start” on the bottom left of the desktop to open the main menu.
  • Then, click on the gear on the side to enter “Setting”.

Access Windows 10 settings

  • Then, click on the section “Privacy”.

Access W10 Privacy

  • Here, in the side menu, choose the checkbox “Comments and diagnosis”.

Flag Basic Comments and Diagnosis Windows 10

  • Now look at the right part of the window and make sure that the checkbox is checked. “Basic”. If not, mark it and close the window to save the changes.

Vulnerability to Meltdown and Specter

Meltdown and Specter vulnerability Windows 10 update

Meltdown and Specter viruses They gave a lot to talk about at the time of their discovery because of the danger they posed and do suppose. A flaw in the architecture of most modern processors It is capable of acting as a gateway for any undesirable to get hold of tons of information from the equipment in question, accessing passwords, bank accounts and a very long etcetera that is best left in the corner so as not to panic.

As a result of this, Windows and other operating systems were updated to try to close the door to this infection. However, one of the latest updates has left it open again, putting into question the security of computers and, consequently, that of their users.

There are tools that are in charge of checking if you have the necessary security to protect your computer. Find and install them and, in case of not being protected, download a good antivirus to take care of avoiding this problem. It is especially important that you do so, as we are talking about a rather serious problem with respect to data and computer protection.

There are more errors detected by user communities, but these are the most common and frequent that have been found. Check that this is not your case by observing each of the sections and following the indicated steps. Only then can you have the certainty of knowing that your equipment is in good condition to continue working normally and calmly.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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