Put Horizontal Page in Microsoft Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Word is the most used text editor around the world, so because it is so well known and used, many people do not really care about obtaining a master’s degree in it.

But, if we take the time to review thoroughly we will see that we can find a lot of useful functions for multiple occasions. It is possible that at many times we have stopped adding certain features to jobs due to lack of knowledge to do so in Word.

So so that this does not happen again, in this post we have prepared a small guide for you to learn one of the many tricks you can do with this powerful text editor, place a page horizontally.

In what type of documents is it necessary to orient the page horizontally?

We are going to know what are the possible cases in which a document made in Word requires the horizontal direction. It should be noted that there are documents that may need all the horizontal direction, as well as only one of its pages.

Let’s see some of the most used examples:


Basically it is a small brochure whose name prefix is ​​given because presents the information in two columns. In general, these types of documents are used as a small advertisement. But it is also common for them to be distributed before or after an exhibition, presentation or conference.

For the same, the horizontal direction of the Word sheets is usually used, since presents better aesthetics and greater comfort for clients who receive the brochures.


This class of documents are similar to diptychs, although they have a slight difference, the information is stored and presented in three columns instead of two. Its usefulness is similar to that of the diptychs because they work perfectly as information brochures.

These should be done with the blade in landscape mode, not only for the convenience to write the informationOtherwise, since there are three columns, the space on the vertical sheet would not be used well.

Comparative tables

These are educational structures that, despite not being graphic, allow readers to view and compare two or more items with respect to one or more characteristics.

When these pictures include many items and features to be evaluated tend to extend horizontally. So it is a good choice to do them with the pages horizontally.

Conceptual maps

Concept maps are learning tools that allow those who carry them out to organize their ideas in a schematic way. When a document is being prepared that carries a conceptual map in its development, It is recommended that this sheet be placed horizontally for a better distribution of the text.


As with concept maps, graphics are very important elements that cannot be missing from important work documents. As allow representing different data in a more attractive way to the human eye. In these cases it is better to distribute them on a sheet with the horizontal direction.


When the lists spread out in columns to the point of being larger than the width of a vertical leaf, as it is convenient to modify the direction of the same to adapt it to the requirements. For this reason, to create lists, it is a good option to use this configuration.


For the elaboration of librettos or small literary productions, it is necessary that the sheets are arranged horizontally. Well, it is a document that must have a presentation similar to that of books.

Steps to change page orientation to landscape in Word

The process to place a whole Word document horizontally or just one page, it’s very simple, let’s see how it’s done next. Let’s first see how to change only part of the document:

  • The first thing is select all text of the sheet to be modified.

Select text

  • Subsequently, you must choose the tab “Provision” from the top menu of the program.
  • Then use will click on the button in the lower right corner of the section called “Page setup”.

Page setup

  • Next, a configuration window will open in which we have to select the option “Horizontal”. Also in the area below where it says “Apply to” we choose “Selected text”.


This method it can be easily used on one sheet of the document without affecting the others. This generates advantages when working with those that include vertical texts and graphic elements such as maps and comparative tables.

Sheet horizontal

Now, if it is a document such as a booklet or a triptych it must be all with horizontal orientation, so we use this method.

  • Without selecting any text and located from anywhere in the document, click on in the tab “Provision”.
  • In the upper right area of ​​the program we must click on the option that says “Orientation” and finally we click on “Horizontal”.

Horizontal orientation

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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