Put Links in Instagram Stories  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

All social networks popular today, Instagram is one of the most updated. We refer to everything that can be added to the stories and posts.

In addition to this, each of these aggregates fulfills specific functions that can help you position yourself within the network. However, using them can be complicated if you don’t know what each one is for.

For that reason, we have decided to create this post that will help you use these links and thus create stories that will attract attention of your old and new followers.

What are all the link formats that can be inserted in Instagram Stories?

What are all the link formats that can be inserted in Instagram stories?

As we anticipated in the beginning, the links that can be added are varied to your story. They are camouflaged from sticker, each of them has a design so that your followers can interact. The hyperlinks themselves, they can only be added by users with more than ten thousand followers or by verified profiles.

These links direct to said one Url specific that opens within the integrated browser. Is about “Swipe up”, which can take you to a registration page, a download, etc. For other users, using the above function is impossible. But nevertheless, Instagram offers other buttons.

Let’s see which ones:

  • Buttons ornamental. They are images that can adhere to the stories that represent varied emotions. We find among them gay pride, happy birthday, hearts, etc.
  • Location. To use this link you must indicate to the system in which city ​​or local business you meet. IF you have the location activated, Instagram will recommend sites.
  • Mention. If you like to participate in sweepstakes, you probably already knew about this function. It adds a link that leads to another user’s profile. It is important to add that this person is notified of this action.
  • Hashtag. Using this link, you will achieve join or create trends. In this way, users who follow this hashtag they will be able to see your story (if it is in public mode).
  • Music. By choosing this link, Instagram will direct you to a screen where you will find thousands of songs of different artists. The good thing about this is that you will not be infringing any copyright laws.
  • Time. There is not much to clarify about this sticker. Adds to the image or video the time they were captured. Pressing on it will change the format or type of clock (analog or digital).
  • Survey. It is a fun way to to interact with your followers. Choose one question and offers two alternatives response. It can be by yes or no, or whatever you want. Every time a user votes, they will be able to see the partial results in percentage.
  • GIF. As in “Music” you can choose between trends in GIF offered by Instagram or search the GIPHY database.
  • Questions. It is another of the easiest ways to get interaction with your followers. Write a topic or leave it in “Ask me a question”. The other users will fill in the remaining field with their occurrences.
  • Challenge. It’s one of the new ways to follow a trend that was recently added. Choose from the hashtags recommended or write a new one. In addition, you must choose one of your contacts to do the same challenge.
  • Direct message. Invite your followers to send you a MD with the theme you choose.
  • Countdown. It is a great utility to create giveaways. Enter how long until a certain event is left. Unlike “Time”, the stopwatch keep running until reaching the right time.
  • Megustometer. It may not be the official name, but it invites users to slide a bar in love indicating how much did they like your post (you can change emoji).
  • Questionnaire. It is a kind of multiple choice in which your followers will have to choose the correct answer to your question.
  • Temperature. Like “Time” Indicates the current degrees Celsius when the image was captured. This figure is updated automatically with the google weather service.
  • Picture in picture. Add a photography within the post. It is taken from the camera opposite the one with which the first image was taken.
  • Emojis. They are our traditional friends, who can serve to represent an emotion or decorate your Storie.

Learn step by step how to insert any type of link in an Instagram Storie

Using these tools is quite simple, you only have to perform these steps and you will have access to any of them:

  • The first thing you should do is login to your account from Instagram.
  • Then, and on the main screen, swipe left. You can also click on your photo that appears in the upper left corner “Your history”.
  • Here you should take a photo, video or choose one from your device. You also have the option of using the available filters.
  • When you have finished the previous step and before publishing, press the fifth button from left to right that appears at the top. It has the shape of a sticker with a face.
  • Now you can see a list of all options that we mentioned at the beginning. Choose the one you like, change its size, location and even the shape.
  • Once this is done, click on the bottom button “Your stories”. With this it will be published and you will keep it for 24 hours.

Tips to make better use of links in Instagram stories

Tips to make better use of links in Instagram stories

If you think there are many options and you don’t know which one to start with to get new followers, do not worry.

Follow these recommendations to get 100% out of your stories:

Always use the location and hashtags

No matter what it is, tell your followers the location. This will also help the algorithm from Instagram for recommendations. In this way, users from the same city are likely to see your story. Regarding the hashtags, fulfill an essential function for the viralization of content. It is through them that users who are not your followers will be able to access your stories.

Increase interaction

Whenever possible, use surveys and questions. Thus you will retain your followers. It can also be very useful when you can’t think of what content to post. Countdowns for live videos usually work just as well.

All possible senses

Avoid stories without sound. Take advantage of the tool “music” and add a musical background to your stories. This can also be a great opportunity if you are a musician and need to promote your songs. Of course, you must upload them to Spotify.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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