Put Music on Twitch  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

The world of video games over the Internet every time it takes more strength, this is how streaming sites like Twitch they become more and more popular and important.

One of the most outstanding features of this platform is that users can put music in each of your videos always respecting the Copyright.

This type of action will undoubtedly allow you monetize your videos without limitations, that is why here we are going to show you some ways to place music without copyright and completely legal on Twitch.

Learn step by step how to download royalty-free music for your Twitch videos

Music has become one of the best elements you can add to your videos, especially for streaming videogames where you can accompany each of your games with your favourite music or with those songs that your viewers have requested. The process to download these royalty free songs It is very simple.

To do this you just have to look for some of the many websites that can be found today and that offer you music bank without copyright. This will allow you to be able to add songs to each of your reproductions complying with the regulations of Twitch.

You must bear in mind that this platform punishes those users who fail to comply with these regulations, some of the limitations that you can receive are the following:

  • You’ll receive a strikes for your channel, when receiving three of them they will simply ban the channel.
  • They can lock channel, so you will lose all the content you have there, as well as all the progress you have made on the platform.
  • They may remove content where you have infringed copyright of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act or Law of Copyright in the Digital Age).

List of the best sites to download royalty-free music for Twitch

For all the people who create content on Twitch or any other web platform, to be able to have websites that allow them downloading music without copyright is a great alternative, taking into account that their rights tend to have a very high cost in most cases.

That is why below we show you the best alternatives so that you can start downloading royalty-free music for your Twitch channel:

YouTube Libraries

YouTube Libraries

One of the most practical alternatives that you can try are YouTube libraries, which is known as YouTube Audio Library and which you can use completely free where you will find many files hosted copyright free aimed at all types of audiences such as content creators both for those who are part of its platform and for those who do not belong to it. To access it, copy the following link: https://studio.youtube.com/oops

Therefore, here you will have the opportunity to find hundreds of free audio tracks, sound effects and songs that you can use on any of your platforms. An excellent alternative if you want to use copyright free music with a wide variety of genres, so you no longer have to attribute ownership to third parties.



It is one of the most popular online music sites and where you will find a large number of songs from all royalty-free genres. It can be said that it is not only aimed at the streamersbut it is a form of power protect the integrity of the author’s work thanks to the Creative Commons license, where it is very common for the creator to be cited.

Among one of its most outstanding characteristics are all the genres that can be found there, where you will find from rock, vibe, country and many more. In addition, sign up for Soundcloud you will have the opportunity to create your own playlists so you can access it whenever you want simply by doing Play.



Soundstripe is one of the platforms with one of the largest music libraries for streaming and which is characterized by receiving updates every week, which allows its users to enjoy a large number of songs of the moment, which has made it one of the favorite options for many of video game streamers.

One of the advantages it offers is that when you become a member of the platform and register for one of its three plans, either Standard, Premium or Business you will automatically cover the cost of the license for each of the songs you download from the site. Here you can search for content either by new songs, new artists, create playlists so you can access your favorite music in a more direct way.


Jamendo Music

This musical platform is characterized by having more than 240,000 tracks all of them available without copyright, where you will find one music library with musical proposals that are aimed at all types of projects, where they will always give all the necessary rights to avoid legal problems.

It has a browser for music tracks with different themes, environments, instruments and styles musicals, so you’re going to get a lot of options to explore. In case you want to use the same track in different media, then you can count on the license available for an unlimited number of titles, but for this you will require a subscription on the platform.


Chill Out Records

This website is ideal for all those people who like music with more relaxed, calm, relaxing rhythms or in that case for fans of the jazz e hip hop. In this way, this website has also become one of the best options for streaming where you can download a large number of royalty-free music songs.

This is how through Chill Out Records you will be able to download different songs from different composers. As it is music for free use, you will be able to add it without problems to platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and other channels available on the Internet. Finally, you should keep in mind to know the license conditions of each song so that you can know how to correctly attribute credit to the artists.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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