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Visual resources have always been the perfect way of attracting attention to any type of project. Animations are a visual resource that has proven again and again to be very effective in attracting the audience’s attention. However, if we want our projects to be just perfect we can only use the highest quality animation, such as the one created by prestigious studios like Quantic Animation.

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Outsourcing the animations of your project

The main aim of any audiovisual project is to communicate ideas in a way that our message is able to reach the audience’s mind. One of the audiovisual resources that audiences tend to find more eye catching has always been the animations in all its different modalities (2D, 3D, etc.).

Animations are a resource that offer on its majority positive results with audiences, but can only do so when they are produced properly. The way our animations are produced, edited or modelled will have a great impact on our final result, making it a process that needs to be carefully overlooked. Because of that, if you are planning to include animations on your project and are looking for an outsource animation Studio, we recommend you check out Quantic Animation. 

Quantic Animation is an animation production company based in Madrid that has worked on multiple animation projects for companies all across the world. Quantic Animation specializes in covering the animation aspect of any project regardless of the stage the project is in, from pre-production to post-production. Their international experience allows them to be able to work and be integrated as part of any production team. 

Quantic Animation has gained a name among the animation sector thanks to their ability to adapt to their clients needs. In Quantic Animation the client is king, and it is the client who decides how they want to work on their project, deciding how involved with their project they want the studio to be. Quantic Animation works online and freelance, which allows their team to adapt to the client’s pipeline while always offering the best delivery times from the hands of the best experts in the field.

And once your animation project is over, you will still be treasured as a client by Quantic Animation. Clients have access to the exclusive Quantic Animation’s VIP area, where they learn about the animation techniques the studio uses by accessing very detailed tutorials, as well as learn about the project Quantic Animation is developing at the moment and be able to invest in them. 

Overall, outsourcing your animation to a studio like Quantic Animation would be the smartest move to ensure the success of the project. All you need to do is contact the Quantic Animation team and their experts in the sector will give you a first expert assessment, so you can see all the possibilities for your project and pick the ones that will meet all your requirements. 

Different types of animations you can use for your project

Animations are a form of media that have a big impact on audiences, easily catching their attention and helping us transmit our intended message. Depending on our message, our target audience or the medium in which our project is going to be developed, certain types of animations will prove to be more successful. Quantic Animation can work in some of the most popular types of animations and mediums, such as:

2D animation

2D animation is a timeless type of animation that uses storytelling to quickly reach the viewer with the message we want to transmit. Quantic Animation is the best 2D animation outsourcing studio you can hire to manage your whole project. They create 2D animations that can be used in any type of project and media: films, video games, advertising, television, music videos, corporate videos, etc. 

When you create 2D animations, you can work with realistic designs or completely give it a cartoonish look, depending on the idea you have in mind for your project. Quantic Animation has a team of experts designing 2D characters, ensuring us that their body, face and movements will have a professional result. They also create the 2D backgrounds with all sorts of details that will help the audience immerse themselves within the story. 

2D animations can feature professional voice actors from the country or target language of your choice, ensuring you that the final product will reach out to your desired demographic. 

3D animation

3D animation is the latest trend in the modern era. Quantic Animation is a 3D animation studio that is able to adapt to their client’s story and capture every detail within the 3D animation they produce, creating a final result that is just like the client envisioned it

The professional team at Quantic animation creates realistic characters that fit and interact perfectly with the 3D environment. Every small detail is taken into account to ensure the quality and realism of the final product, such as the lightning, textures, colours, shapes, etc. Props can also be animated with a high level of definition and detail to help us transmit our story. 

As a 3D animation studio with a team of experts behind every animation aspect, Quantic Animation offers their clients the highest security for their projects and ensures that the animations will be optimized for playback.

Video games

Video games are a form of media on the rise that highly benefits from the use of animations to tell their stories. Quantic Animation is one of the best game studios UK, covering all the stages of the video games development process. They can step up and join your staff, regardless of the stage your game is in.  Quantic Animation has a team of experts to assist with any stage of the game, including designers, illustrators, concept artists, game developers, etc. They offer 2D and 3D character and environment designs, working optimally for the main game engines. The video games created by Quantic Animation can be designed for multiple platforms, such as consoles, smartphones, virtual reality or computers. 

It does not matter the type of animation you are looking to include in your project or the type of media where the animation is going to be featured, the team of experts of Quantic Animation have you covered.

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