Razer Huntsman Mini: this is the new 60% format keyboard

It incorporates some of the most popular enhancements in the community and is available with optical, tactile and linear switches.

Players were asking for a high-performance compact keyboard and Razer responded. As? Introducing the Huntsman Mini, a 60% ultra-compact format keyboard that fits perfectly into tight spaces typical of tournaments.

At 60% the size of a full-size keyboard, the Razer Huntsman Mini retains all the essential game keys. The functions normally assigned to dedicated keys on a full-sized keyboard are still present as secondary functions, printed on the inside of the keys. Even more functions or macros can be assigned to any key via Razer Hypershift in the Razer Synapse 3 application.

This minimalist design eliminates clutter from the table and allows more space to move the mouse when quick and wide movements are needed.

Developed by the community

It is equipped with Doubleshot PBT keys, available since September with the Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard, they last longer than the ABS keys of traditional keyboards and are highly resistant to oily shine after prolonged use. Razer has also invested heavily in the production of these high-quality PBT keys on regional versions of this keyboard, including Japanese, Nordic, Russian, German, French and Spanish.

For those who prefer to customize the keyboard at all levels, the Huntsman Mini features a standard bottom line to be compatible with most standard keys on the market. It connects to the computer via USB-C, so it can be exchanged for any one of a different design.

The Huntsman with Optical Touch Switch is now available for € 129.99, and the Huntsman with Linear Optical Switch will arrive in August at a price of € 139.99. Take a look at the different models in detail on the official Razer website.

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