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If you’re frequent computer useryou’ve probably heard about Backups, backups or backups. You may even have done some in your life.

It’s nothing to write home about and It is a procedure that consists of making a copy of all the data and files on your PC, to have them as a backup in case of a loss. Data loss is so common that it is estimated that 60% of Internet users have suffered it at some time.

Hence the importance of performing a backup of this type from time to time. However, not everyone does it correctly. Therefore, we will share some security recommendations when backing up, so that you can execute the procedure effectively.

What are the main mistakes made when making a backup?

What are the main mistakes made when making a backup?

You should know that during the execution of any computer procedure risks are run, so backups are no exception. Although it is essential to do one every so often, you may run into problems or errors throughout the process.

In this way, we show you a list of the main mistakes you can make when making a backup of your computer:

Do not perform backups on a regular basis

The first thing you should take into consideration regarding backups is that should be done periodically. Only then can you have updated information in case of loss.

So, set the periodicity of backups It’s essential. Establishing the indicated time to make a backup varies according to the job or company you have. In this sense, There is no use for you to carry out a backup every 24 hours, if, for example, losing data from only 5 hours ago can cause a great disaster in your company.

The device where the backup is made has a virus or malware

You should always make sure the device where you save the backups is free of malware or viruses, because it can be a double-edged sword. If the device is connected in any way such as through the Internet, LAN-like networks, etc., is susceptible to seizures.

The tricky thing about this situation is that if the device where the backup will be made becomes infected, you can contaminate the computer with viruses or malware. So scan all the devices you connect before deciding to save any kind of data to them.

Store backup in one place

When it comes to computer security, it is essential to have as many measures as possible so that you can solve in case of unforeseen events. Therefore, it is necessary to anticipate the facts. A very common mistake is backing up in one place, which is not recommended because it is not known what disasters may occur. In this sense, make sure that your backups are stored in different spaces to have a extra protection.

Not having a plan in place to recover data

It’s not enough just to make backup copies and that’s it. You need to have a plan previously established in these circumstances, to go to him quickly and make everything return to normal without the customers being affected. So in short, organize a plan to go to when you encounter an urgent problem that you need to solve.

Check that backups are in good condition

In the physical world there are many factors that can cause your equipment to suffer damage, in some cases irreparable. As safe as your backup system may seem, at any time it can suffer damage, blows and much more. So, be sure to do test restorations or to check that the ones you did are right. So you have full assurance that all the data is in order and you can use it without problems.

Security risks to which you are exposed by not making backups

Risks of not backing up

Nowadays there are still users who are not very clear about the importance of having a backup of your files and data. This occurs because they think that only companies require it, but it is not. You are just as vulnerable to loss of information, so the best thing to do is prevent.

So that you are more clear about the security risks to which you are exposed by not making constant backups, we leave you a brief list about it:

  • You will have to invest a lot of time trying to recover files if you suffer a loss, which is a considerable waste of time that could be spent on other jobs.
  • If you lose personal customer data, purchase or hiring history, you may suffer economic losses.
  • Your reputation can reduce, because if a client requests some type of information and you don’t have it, your credibility will be harmed.

The best recommendations for making backups safely

Recommendations for making backup copies safely

Once you know the importance of backing up, there are a few recommendations that you can apply to make the procedure much safer and avoid possible accidents.

Here are some recommendations:

Perform a thorough cleaning

Whatever the device or the place where you are going to backup your data, before you start you have to free it from unnecessary or obsolete data. For example, delete applications that you no longer use, fragmented or inactive data, download histories, cookies, among others. Thanks to this, you will have more storageApart from the fact that it speeds up and simplifies the backup process.

Establish a backup strategy

As we mentioned before, not establishing a backup strategy is a mistake. Therefore, we suggest that define how often you are going to make a backup of your data and files, their location and storage media, be it an external drive or a copy in the cloud. Added to that, there is the option of automatic backup configuration, in which you adjust the defined intervals and times in which the backups will be made, so that you don’t have to do them yourself manually.

Make a full backup every so often

Whatever mechanism you apply when making backup copies, it is always an excellent idea for the user to make a full backup every so often. In addition, it must be complemented by the regular development of incremental backups.

In these, only data that has changed since the last full backup will be stored. In this sense, you can apply the 3-2-1 principle. It consists of making three copies using two different storage media. For example, an external hard drive, a magnetic tape drive, and a third version in the cloud, where there is an external backup.

Define which device you will use to restore the data stored in the backup

This advice refers to the fact that you should know how you are going to restore the files stored in the backup when you suffer a loss on your computer. Such a solution has to support the recovery of individual files, folders, and even the entire system.

For this, there are numerous solutions on the market for both backup and data recovery. Whichever you choose, take care to make sure it is a product compatible with your computer and offer all the software functions you may need in such an emergency.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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