Mobile devices have become a tool widely used on a daily basis, either because of their versatility or because of the ease they provide when communicating. One of the most prominent functions they provide is phone calls but Have you ever thought about the possibility of recording them?

If you are interested in saving the content that is being handled in the conversation, be it a job interview, a family conversation or that you want to protect yourself from something that is happening, You can do it without problem from most modern smartphones that have this function. You will simply have to easily execute a few steps.

In this guide you will see how to activate the function of recording calls from your computer Android or iPhone. In the same way, you will learn which are the best applications available in the Play Store and Apple Store to enhance this feature of your mobile, and You will even know to what extent it is legal to do it in Spain and throughout Europe so that you are sure not to commit a crime.

Steps to record calls and telephone conversations from your mobile

There are computers that do not have the functions at a glance, but you have to dig a little thoroughly to verify if you have the option of being able to record calls. However, in this part You can see how to do it from your Android, iPhone / iOS or Windows phone without having any apps downloaded. You just have to follow the steps that you will see below to activate it without any problem.

On Android

You may be interested at some point in recording a call, but you can’t do it because you don’t know how, then don’t worry because in this part we will show you how to do it very easily. You just have to take into account that certain devices do not have this option, so you will have to download a platform when necessary to carry out this action.

  • Go to the menu of your mobile device and enter “Settings”.

Android settings

  • In the options that appear you will find where it tells you “Call settings” which will take you to another tab.

android call setting

  • Access the section that tells you “Other settings” and click “Automatic call recording”. In this way, each time you answer this option will be activated and they will be saved in a folder.

android call recording

*Note: Below you will see other alternatives that you can activate if you want, these are:

  • Call recording notification: By activating it, you will receive notifications when you have made a call recording.
  • Automatic recording settings: From this part you can customize the numbers you want to be recorded or select in all numbers.

You can also do it in the following way:

  • Once you receive the calls you will see a mini menu in, there you will have the option to record them directly.

record calls from android

On iPhone / iOS

If you come across a call where you need to save the information that they are discussing in the conversation and you don’t have enough time to write down what they are talking about, or have a tool to record it, don’t worry. you can do it from your own iPhone / iOS, you just have to follow these steps that you will see below.

  • Go to the mobile settings and look for the “Voicemail”.

    (*Important: if you don’t see the option, it is because the team does not allow you to do so).

  • Click on “Setting” voicemail.
  • To use it you will need to create a password, which is the one you are going to use every time you enter this. Once you create it, you must confirm it.

configure iphone voicemail

  • If you want to record a message you must touch where I indicate “Personalized”, You can also choose to leave the message that is placed by default.

record iphone voicemail message

  • Now you only have to make the call you want to record or, failing that, answer.
  • When they answer you, you should see the call menu settings on the screen. In it you must search “Add call”.

add iphone call

  • Then you just have to put your phone number that you must have already saved in contacts and press “Call”
  • You will be able to see that it sends you to voicemail, as soon as you see that it starts recording you just have to look for the “Join calls or merge”.

merge calls on iphone

  • In this way you will have the conversation recorded in your voicemail to listen as many times as you want. You can even send or share it.

On Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile)

If you find yourself with a new mobile and do not know how you can record calls from your mobile device, because it works with a different operating system, in this section you will see how to activate it without major complications. It should be noted that this function is available from version 10. To do it, follow the steps below.

  • Go to menu of your mobile device.
  • You will look for the “Setting”.
  • In the options that will appear you will give where indicated “System” > “Telephone”.

windows phone settings menu

  • In the tab that will open you must find where it tells you “Default applications”.
  • When entering you will see several alternatives, but as in this case you need to record your calls, you will touch “Calls”.
  • Finally you must enter “Voice recorder”. Now you just have to follow the steps that they ask you to complete the process.
  • This way you will have it activated, so that every time you go to make a call you have the option to record.

But … Is it legal to record phone conversations in Spain?

It is very important to be clear that the law depending on the country will varySo be sure to do your research on this topic if you are from another nation. In the case of Spain two scenarios are presented; it is legal to record telephone conversations as long as the person doing it is participating. But, when you want to spread it, it has to be authorized by all the parties that were involved.

On the other hand, It is illegal if they are recordings of third parties in which there is no intervention, since it would be missing what the Spanish Constitution establishes in its statement of Fundamental Rights and Duties: The secret of communications, article 18.3.

Spain ruling

The secrecy of communications is guaranteed and, especially, of postal, telegraphic and telephone messages, except in a court decision.

What are the best applications to record calls from Android or iPhone?

Once you have made sure that it is totally legal to record conversations in your country and you notice that your mobile device does not allow you to do so, you can choose to search and download an application with which you can do it.

To do this, it is always necessary to know which ones are the best, thus avoiding having to install several to know which one works best. That is why we have brought you a series of very simple, but powerful tools for you to achieve it.


Record calls with ACR

It is one of the most used apps, at least on the Android platform. It has a free and a Premium version, although with the first one you can perform the main function which is to record calls without any problem.

It also lets you store the files in different formats, configure to your preference if you want me to delete old recordings or record each conversation at the time of having it. You can even protect them so that only you and the people you authorize can hear it.

One of the advantages of this interface is that it not only allows you to record normal calls, but also You can also do it with those that are made by WhatsApp or Skype.

Call Recorder

Record calls with call recorder

This has a slightly simpler configuration than the previous one. It is a free and Premium platform that works in the same way for Android. In particular, it allows you to configure it to your liking so that it is more effective when using it, With it, you can have all conversations recorded or only the ones you select. You agree to save the files in Dropbox and Google Drive.


record calls with callx

This is a very complete free platform when it comes to recording audio on Android. The design of its interface is based on Material Design, which allows it to be very clean (it does not save junk files), plus it is very easy to use.

In what is its function it is very similar to the previous ones, it accepts the recording of the calls you make and receive to save them in MP3 and WAV format. You can also upload your audios to Dropbox or Google Drive, configure it as you wish to start recording, among other things.


record calls with TapeAcall

It is one of the best apps to record calls on your iPhone, At the time of doing so, it only accepts a period of 60 minutes. If you want to record longer you have to do it with a Premium version. With this you can share your recordings on social networks, even save them in Dropbox, Google Drive or wherever you prefer.

Call Recorder

record calls with iphone call recorder

This is a totally free iPhone app that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. The moment you are in the conversation, you can press the record button and the application will dial the number that you have already registered at the beginning to merge the calls, It is something similar to the one as if you did it with the voicemail but with the difference that it gives you the option of combining more than one. At the end you can share the recordings by mail, Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox.

Google voice

record calls with google voice

It is a tool that very few people know that it also serves to record calls, once you download it to your iOS device, you only have to configure your account and start recording them. To activate it, you just have to press the number 4 while you are in the action and when you want to finish press it again to stop recording. The only detail is that It only allows you to record the outgoing and not the ones you receive.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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