RECORD CALLS WITHOUT Applications  ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Currently there are many reasons why users of both Android as well as iOS want to record your phone calls, either for work reasons, for security or simply to obtain data that they do not have to write down at a certain time. Thanks to the technological advances of both mobile phone companies this is possible to do in a simple and fast way.

It should be noted that in On Android Smartphone this is much easier to do than on iOS devices. It is also important to note that recording voice calls is something completely legal as long as both sides of the conversation are informed and satisfied of this, on the contrary, it could have legal consequences depending on the laws of each country.

Therefore, before wanting to have the recording of a phone call, it is recommended that notify the receiver in this way you can avoid problems later. Due to the importance of knowing how to make voice call recordings through Smartphone We have decided to explain step by step how to carry out this process from your Android and iPhone.

Steps to record calls and phone conversations from your Android phone without using applications

Android users are the ones who find it easier to record a voice call, taking into account that most of the these devices include this option which can be applied in an easy and fast way when receiving or making a phone call.

It is also important to mention that some Android phones do not include this option For which there are also some applications that can help you perform this procedure, but most of them have a cost. To record phone conversations from your Smartphone without using any application You just have to follow these steps that we will explain below:

  • To start you must enter the option “Calls” of your device.

Step 1

  • Once inside the menu “Calls” You must choose the number you want to call and record.
  • When you have dialed the number and your call is received you must press the following icon to start recording.

Step 2

  • We can observe the time elapsed recording in the upper right part of the screen of our mobile phone.

Step 3

  • Once you want to finish you must press again the record icon, your call will automatically be saved. On the mobile screen you will be prompted the site where the audio has been saved.

Step 4

  • Once this is done you must go to the folder “File Browser” to start looking for our file.

Step 5

  • We look again, this time the folder “Audio” and we select it.

Step 6

  • When you are inside the “Audio” Each of your previously saved recordings appears, you just have to press on it to play it as many times as you want, being able to share or send it through any app such as WhatsApp, Telegram or even via email.

Step 7

How to record calls from my iPhone without having to use an app?

In the case of iPhones, this procedure is a bit more complicated to achieve, but it is not impossible to do. Because The mobile phones of this company do not have an option that allows this to be carried out directly, but quite the opposite, since in order to record a voice call from your device you will have to include a third party in said call, but this is something that will be achieved through a trick that we are going to teach you.

Like Android phones, they also have different mobile applications that can help you carry out this process. However, today we will teach you how to achieve it without having to use any of these App but directly from your Smartphone.

  • The first thing you should do is to record your own number on your mobile phone.

record calls from my iPhone without having to use an app

  • After having your number registered in the phonebook of your device you’re going to call the number you want or in that case wait for that number to call you.
  • When the call has already been answered you must select “Add Call”.

Add iPhone call

  • After you have selected this icon we look for your own phone number and you are going to make a call, once this is done, in that third number it will begin to be generated a call in voicemail where it will be recorded. While you include your number, the other person will be on hold.
  • After calling your own number, you must press the option “Merge call” so that these numbers are merged and recording can begin.

Merge iPhone calls

  • Once the calls have been merged, it will return to establish connection with receiver.
  • From this moment on, the entire conversation will begin to be recorded as a voice message on your iPhone Smartphone.

How to record calls from my iPhone without having to use an app

Once the phone call is finished, you can search for said recording on your mobile in the following way:

  • You must start by accessing your voicemail and you will search for the recorded message.
  • If you want to share it through the social media or email you have to “Activate Visual Mailbox “ of your device.
  • Once this is done the Audio will be saved in voice recording format on your cell phone.

In this way you can record calls phone numbers from your iPhone and share it with other users without the need to use a mobile application.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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