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It is very likely that at some point you have wondered if it is possible be able to record voice calls in WhatsApp Messenger for both Android and iPhone, and the answer to all of this is YES. Currently the messaging application does not allow its users to carry out this. But this can be done through some totally valid methods that we will be teaching you.

WhatsApp Messenger has become one of the most important messaging apps in the world and with more active users today. Due to its great demand, many users wonder how to carry out this process, since for different reasons many people would like be able to record your voice calls through the application, either for security reasons or for some other specific reason.

Thanks to advances in technology, this can now be done for both Android and iOS devices. To save your calls or video calls on WhatsApp You just have to follow the steps that we will explain below.

Steps to record “Wasat” calls and conversations

Very few users imagined a few years ago that making calls to other people regardless of where they reside was going to be possible and best of all, totally free, and that is how both this messaging App and many others allow to carry out this type of actions.

WhatsApp has been characterized as one of the most complete and preferred applications in the world. Today you can record the calls you make from there without much inconvenience in a very simple way.

This will allow you to have a backup of the calls that you deem convenient and which you can listen to whenever you want. It is important to mention that this process is easier for Android phones. However, here we will teach you how to do this both for Android and iPhone.

Best apps for Android

Nowadays WhatsApp does not have an option that allows you to do this directly but, in the case of The Android can be done through the use of applications to record calls which you can obtain through Google play for free. They will allow you record the calls you make from your phone as well as those that you also do from the messaging application.

Some of the most used App to do this is Call Recorde and Recordable, Both will allow you to record the voice calls you want from your messaging application, these will be automatically saved on your device which you can listen to whenever you want. Today we are going to show you how to carry out these recordings from the application Memorable on your Android device.

To take phone calls from the Recordable App on your Android device, you just have to follow the following steps:

Best apps for Android

  • The first thing you should do is activate the developer options, for this you go to “Settings”.

Best apps for Android

  • Then we click on the option “About of the phone” or “Development options”.

Best apps for Android

  • Within this option we are going to select “USB debugging”.

Best apps for Android

  • Now let’s download the Recordable App from Google Play, both for the Android device and for the computer.
  • Once they are installed we will open both applications, install everything and click on the section of “Install USB Driver”. Once this is done, the device must be installed on the computer for the installation to take place.
  • Once everything is configured, we are going to activate “Recordable” on the mobile device and it should automatically start recording all the calls you make from messaging.

Record on iPhone / iOS

This process results a bit more complicated for iPhone phonesSince there is no specific application that allows you to record messaging calls, but there are methods with which it is possible to do so.

One way to do this is through Jailbreak which will allow you to have more freedom and to be able to get the external App that allows you to do this but, this is not recommended to do so, starting from the fact that it is a somewhat complicated and tedious process, you can also put your computer at risk as doing this voids the warranty on your device.

Another way and perhaps the most recommended is use a program that allows you to record the iPhone screen. However, if you are going to use this method you must bear in mind that you have to connect your Smartphone to your Mac or computer. This can also be done and in a simpler way if you have a iOS 11 as it allows to make WhatsApp voice call recordings from the control center, To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  • To start you will enter the menu “Settings” of your Smartphone.

Record on iPhone / iOS

  • Now you’re going to go to “Control center”And then to “Customize control center.”
  • Once this is done, we are going to search and add to the “Control center” the “Screen recording”
  • To start screen recording, you just have to drag the menu from the center up, there you will see the option to record screen. From the first moment you press the record button, everything you do, the audio that comes out it will be fully recorded on your iPhone.

Record on iPhone / iOS

  • These recordings will be automatically saved in the folder of “Images” there you can edit and modify it to your liking.

Is it legal to record WhatsApp calls and conversations in Spain?

Many of the users of the Messaging app think that making a call recording in Spain is illegal but, the truth in all this is that this type of recordings They are contemplated by the legislation of the country. Therefore, recording this is not illegal as long as both people are participating in the conversation.

It is also not illegal for the recipient not to be notified that he is being recorded during the call. In such a way, that this will not become any type of crime or problem for those people who want to make use of this type of recordings through the App.

Where are WhatsApp Messenger video calls and voice calls saved?

It is important to mention that this messaging application does not save voice call audio as such that you do in it, but quite the opposite, it only stores a few data on its platform, such as the time of the call, the phone number, the username, the date, so that you can verify which people you have called through the App.

However, if you want to know where the WhatsApp voice call data is saved, what you should do is the following:

  • For this you will consult through the App registration.
  • The first thing you are going to do is enter the upper tab that appears on your mobile call screen.
  • Now you are going to select the last call.
  • Once you are there you will be able to see all the complete data that WhatsApp saves every time you decide to call another user of the platform.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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