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While it is true, Google is a company specialized in Internet-related products and services, which has a large number of clients worldwide. Which, can create and use a Google account that facilitates access to various services, such as Youtube, Blogger, Google Groups and of course, Gmail email.

Thus, since it is an account that allows access to different services owned by Google, many people classify it as an extremely important user account. However, sometimes these users may forget their Google account name or password and for that reason, will have limitations to access the indicated services.

For this reason, it is very important to know the methods to follow to get back a Google account, in case of not remembering the username or password. Thus, below, we will indicate the steps to follow for this and we will also emphasize what you should keep in mind before proceeding to restore said account.

What to keep in mind before trying to recover my Google account again?

Although it is extremely easy to recover your Google account again, it is of great importance take certain precautions before trying. Since, in some cases and for certain conditions, the Google service could cancel user accounts and in addition to that, it is of great value to keep in mind the most suitable ways to carry out the reset process.

Here we point out everything about it:

Inactivity time

Although you can remember your Google account username and password, in some circumstances it is totally impossible to access said account, since the same service has closed it. Well, Google is responsible for closing user accounts that have been inactive for a long time. So, they proceed to suspend your account or disable it.

If this is the case, Google will most likely take care of show you an error message and it is also possible that you receive a text message from this service where they inform you about the status of your account, in view of the inactivity generated for a notable time.


On the other hand, when trying to recover your Google account, you should keep in mind that it will be easier and faster to execute this procedure directly from a device you use regularly. Since, in a new device the process could be a bit tedious and even complicated.

In that sense, use your computer, mobile phone or tablet from which you usually log into your Google account And if possible, we also recommend using the same web browser as always and doing all this from a usual location, either from home or at work.

Alternative phone and email

In addition to the above, we also advise you to carry out the recovery process using the mobile that you have associated with your Google account. Since, they could send you verification codes and the same system will proceed to recognize them automatically. In addition to this, it is also important to have on hand an alternate email in which you can support yourself to restore the user account in question.

That way, when they ask you to enter an email address that you can consult instantly, the best thing is put an email that you previously added to your Google account. This will make it easier and more efficient to regain access, log in and receive help information.

Steps and methods to recover the Google account without knowing the password or the user

Now, we have reached the section of the post where you will know the best methods and tricks to use to recover your Google account without any complication, even when you do not remember the username or password that you had previously entered in it:

Checking the passwords saved in the browser

One of the most effective tactics to be able to reset your Google account, is reviewing and verifying the passwords that have been stored in the web browser. This being, a great kindness that you can take advantage of thanks to the fact that, currently, all modern online browsers offer the option to save the passwords that are entered during the experience.

In this sense, although said password and information is encrypted and stored in a database, there is a way to access them and with this, you will be able to recover certain user accounts, such as Google’s. Taking into account that, for such cases, it is best to carry out this procedure using Google Chrome.

Now, the steps to follow to be able to recover passwords saved in Chrome and with this manage to enter your Google account, again; are the ones we present to you here:

  • First of all, you have to access Google Chrome and click on the upper right corner of the browser to press the three vertical dots that are there. In this menu, press option “Setting”.

Checking the passwords saved in the browser

  • Later, scroll to the bottom of the page and there, you have to click on the selection that indicates “Show advanced options” or “Advanced settings”.

Checking the passwords saved in the browser

  • Now in the input that prints “Passwords and forms”, you must click on the link that says “Manage saved passwords” and this will open the Passwords window.

Checking the passwords saved in the browser

  • After that, they will show you the list of websites that you have accessed by entering a certain password and you have selected the option to save this password with the web browser (They generally appear as asterisks). Once you get the one for your Google account, select that site and click on the option “Show” in order to retrieve the password for this account.Checking the passwords saved in the browser

Without mobile

If you do not have specific information about an alternative email address to recover your Google account and you do not have your cell phone on hand to perform this procedure, fortunately there is a quick solution for you.

Well, it is a method that supports the recovery of the Google user account without the need to use the mobile and for which, you must complete the following:

  • Initially, start by logging into Google as if you were going to access your account and enter your Gmail email address. In other words, this trick is ideal for those who have forgotten the password for that account.
  • After completing the above, at the bottom of the panel, you will find an option that says “Have you forgotten the password?” and you will need to click there.
  • With the above, they will show you a code on the screen that you have to enter in the indicated bar and thus proceed to press the “Continue” button.
  • Subsequently, a window will appear that says “Account Help” and they tell you to write the last password you remember having entered, if you know what it was, you can enter it and the recovery process will be much faster. Otherwise, click on “I don’t know” or “Try another way”.
  • Now, in the window to which you are redirected, it is necessary that provide an additional email For the system to proceed to send you the password of your Google account and it will be necessary to confirm this email in the other indicated bar. If, before, you have entered an alternative email to Gmail, the password will automatically be sent to said email.
  • In addition, Google will ask you to indicate the last date in which you think you have accessed your account for the last time, such as confidential information. They will also ask you to put the date when you created your Google account (at least indicate the year).
  • With all this, they will finally send you a link to the additional email, with which you will end up with enter your Google account when recovering it by placing a new password.

Without mobile

Without knowing the user

Finally, if you do not even remember the user of your Google account, but you want and need to restore it to make use of the technological services that you can enjoy from it, there is also a way to try to get it back. In other words, even if you have forgotten the email address you use to access it, it will be possible to use your Google account again.

In that sense, for this trick to be effective, you must make sure you have a phone number or other email address for account recovery. Like, additional information as it is the full name that appears in the user account to be reset.

Now, having clarified the above, let’s start with the steps to follow:

  • To start, you have to access the following link that provides the same service: “”And then follow the other instructions.
  • Once you are on the page in question, they will tell you to enter a phone number that you have at hand or an additional email address in the indicated bar. To do so, click on “Next”.Without knowing the user
  • Third, you have to place the full name that has your Google account, like the last names correctly. Once you complete these fields, click on “Next”.Without knowing the user
  • Later, depending on whether you have indicated your phone number or an alternative email, they will let you know that they will send a code there to facilitate the recovery process. In this case, we will click on “Send text message”. Instantly, they will send you the code that you have to enter in the new window and once you enter it correctly, you must click on “Next”.Without knowing the user
  • By completing all these steps, finally, Google will show you your username or, failing that, the email address belonging to your account and thus, you will be able to enter it at once.Without knowing the user

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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