Recover Microsoft Account  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

To have a complete experience when using your computer or telephone equipment, logging into Microsoft is essential, since this action will allow you to enjoy a lot of applications and functions that will help you with your needs, whether they are for study, work or social activities.

Bearing this in mind, it is important that when registering you pay great attention to the email address and password that you decided to use. It is best to record this information in a safe and accessible place to prevent them from getting lost later and you run into the problem of not being able to access your account.

However, if you have this problem, in the next section we will inform you about how you can access your Microsoft account if you have forgotten your access information, or if you have something unforeseen with the validation code.

Is my Microsoft account the same for Outlook and other tools?

It should be noted that previously this was known as Windows Live ID, but later it changed its name. It allows you to use all those premier services that Microsoft offers such as: Outlook, Skype, Office, OneDrive, Bing, Store, Xbox Live, Windows or MSN.

microsoft services

Once you log into any of these platforms with an email address, you automatically have a Microsoft account, through which you can configure, synchronize and manage all your computers in one place. In case you need to use someone else’s computer, you just have to switch to your account and you will find several elements in common with your computer.

Steps to recover my Microsoft username and enjoy all its services

Forgetting the access data of any digital platform it is something very common today, This is due to the fact that most people trust everything to Touch ID, which in many cases avoids entering our username and password.

The process to retrieve this information is simple, but Before starting you will need an active email account that is linked to the one you want to recover. This in order that the platform can communicate with you and send you the information of your request.

If you don’t have an extra one, you can create a temporary one at for free, or use one that belongs to a trusted friend or relative.

To recover user

To start what you should do is enter the official website; once there you must click on “Log in”, located in the top bar of the screen, on the right side.

Microsoft home page

  • Once the above is done, the alternative to enter your username will appear, but in this case, since you don’t know, you must click on “Login Options”.

login options

  • Three options will be displayed and you must enter the third one that says “I have forgotten my username.”

I have forgotten my username

  • There you must make use of the alternate email address that is linked to yours so that they send the necessary information.

linked mail

  • Then you just have to wait for the Microsoft team to send you a security code to the alternative email to enter it in the corresponding space.

Confirmation code

  • Finally, the first two characters of the email address will appear on the screen which was used to create the Microsoft account. Then it remains to log in with this. It should be noted that you could also try asking a friend to look up your username in their email and enter your profile to find out what address you used.

To recover password

As in the previous case, the first thing to do is enter the official website and write your email.

  • Then you must click on Can not access your account?

I can not access my account

  • When the box where you must enter the email address appears, two types of accounts will appear, one professional and one personal, you must click on the second option that says “Personal account Created by you”.

personal account

  • Done this They will ask you to enter the email address, a phone number or Skype name of the account you want to recover, then you must select to have the information sent to you by the chosen means.

account check

  • The technical team will send you a security code that you will have to append where they ask for it and click on “Next”.

security code

  • Finally, You can create a new password that you will enter twice to confirm it. This must have the necessary requirements that will guarantee your safety.

New Password

But what if I can’t receive the validation code?

If you are having problems receiving the validation code, which should reach you by email or mobile phone after having completed all the required process to restore your account, You should keep in mind that this can be for several reasons.

If you requested the code by phone, you should make sure that it has a sufficient signal and is not configured to not receive calls or text messages from unknown numbers, if so, you will have to change this configuration and select again “I do not have a code” for them to send one again.

It may also happen that the program classifies the mail as spam and send it to spam folder, so you just have to look for it there and use the code received.

unwanted mail

It is appropriate to remember that whenever personal data is placed in a form We must check several times to verify if these do not have any errors, or if they are correct. If you discover that they have an error, it is best to update the information, since for security reasons only the last two digits of your phone number or the first two characters of your email address will be displayed.

Can I lose my Microsoft account if I don’t use it for a long time?

Even though the previous inactivity limit was five years, As of August 30 of this year, Microsoft took the initiative to eliminate all accounts that were inactive for more than two years in a row. With the exception of those that have some type of subscription or current product, or those of professional payments, which will be exempt from this purification.

If this happens, you will not only lose the one already mentioned, but also all those services associated with it. All data and contacts associated with that address will be automatically lost and files stored on OneDrive will also disappear.

microsoft services

What you should do so that this does not happen is to log in at least once every two years on those platforms that contain information relevant to you or that you simply do not want to lose.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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