Recover Pokémon Go Account  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Pokemon go is a virtual reality video game developed by the Niantic company for Android and iOS devices. It consists in the location and capture of the pets of the Pokémon saga hidden in the real world. This means that you have to physically move around the city until you find one and fight with them.

Its initial release was in 2016 and from that moment it became a high-impact game, but little by little in some countries it was being forgotten and many stopped playing it as it usually happens. So If after a while you decided to reestablish your account and you find that you forgot a piece of information, And you want to recover it and you don’t know how to do it without losing your progress because you changed your mobile, you came to the right place.

In this article we will tell you how you can do if you forgot your login information as username or password in a few simple steps without losing your progress.

Steps to recover your old Pokémon Go account quickly and easily

Steps to recover your old Pokemon Go account quickly and easily

If for any reason you forgot your username or password The first thing you have to do is go to At the time of access you may find that it is in English or another language, if this happens you just have to scroll to the end of it and select “Select a Country / Region”.

If I forgot the user

To recover your account it is important that you have certain information on hand, since it is essential to provide additional information to recover your name. In addition to your email address, you must fill in some fields of the form that will be presented to you.

Notably your user name is the name you chose to appear in the Pokémon Trainers Club.

login to pokemon go

  • In the next tab choose “Forgot your username?”

forget my pokemon go username

  • The first thing you should enter is the email that you use for your account; this is a required field to retrieve it.

form to retrieve username

  • Later there are three more fields, but it is not necessary that you fill them all, because you only need one of them. You can choose between “Date of birth”, “Player ID” or “Screen name”.
  • Birthdate: For you it should be the most feasible option, especially if you do not remember the other information you entered. For this you must select your date on the calendar. Bear in mind that it is impossible to recover those where a false one has been established.
  • Player ID: This name is used for Play Pokémon events such as Leagues, tournaments and others. It usually only contains combinations of numbers, so you probably don’t remember them.
  • Display name: Many gamers overlook this option, because it is not a required field when you create an account in the Pokémon Trainer Club.

fill in form to retrieve username

If I forgot the password

Unlike other platforms, this one does not store any data, so if you have gone through a rough patch of forgetting your password, you just have to do the following. It all depends on the profile you usually use for this one.

If you use your Coaches Club account you must go to and click on the option “Have you forgotten your password?” and follow the steps shown to you.

form to reset password in pokemon go

If instead you use your Google account, you must access your web browser and write the address There you must write your email and click on “Recover my password” to proceed.

If you were driving by Facebook You must enter the home screen of the network through this link and click on “Have you forgotten your account details?” This same as the previous one is the one you use frequently to enter these platforms.

Can I lose my Pokémon Go account due to inactivity?

I can lose my Pokémon Go account due to inactivity

If you will not use this game for a while, it is best to unsubscribe, since it is a simple process that will not take you more than a couple of minutes. But, if you just want to rest for a while and then come back, you should know that your account will remain active on the Niantic servers.

However, you have to keep in mind that after one or two years these delete those accounts that have no activity. So if you have not entered for a long time, you may find that when you want to do it, you will find that it does not exist.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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