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Telegram offers the ability to delete messages and entire chat histories without leaving any traces. Yet have you ever wondered how to recover Telegram conversations and rescue messages deleted by or without error? If this is the case, we invite you to continue reading this step by step guide.

As we have mentioned, in Telegram you can delete all kinds of messages. Be it a simple text or a multimedia file. You or someone else sent it. Whether it is an individual or group chat.

Nevertheless, Deleting messages has its disadvantages, as it is likely that you will end up deleting something important. Which is a situation that becomes much more complex.

Is it possible to recover deleted conversations from Telegram or can you no longer do anything?

Is it possible to recover deleted conversations from Telegram or can you no longer do anything?

If you’ve had outbursts in the past of erasing every conversation that comes your way, you’re probably wondering if it is possible to recover deleted conversations from Telegram or, if on the contrary, you can’t do anything anymore. First of all, we must inform you that if you have deleted an important message, there is little that can be done. Other platforms like Whatsapp allow you to restore the latest backup.

However, this is not the case for Telegram. The application does not save conversations locally, nor is it stored in Google Drive. All sent messages are saved in the cloud of Telegram servers. For that reason you must be very careful when deleting your messages. However, there are some steps you can try to safeguard your conversations. That way, in case of deleting important messages, you can access them again quickly and easily.

Discover how to make and restore a backup of all your conversations in Telegram

Discover how to make and restore a backup of all your conversations in Telegram

One of the most outstanding methods to safeguard your messages on Telegram is create backups. Here’s how to backup and restore all your conversations to Telegram.

Notably this procedure is only available in the desktop version from Telegram. The application for mobile devices does not have this function. If you do not have the program for your computer, you can download it through the following link: Once installed, and you’ve logged in, all your messages and conversations are automatically synced. From this moment on, you can export Telegram data to your computer.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Telegram program for the computer.
  • Click on the side menu. It is represented by an icon with three side bars.
  • Then press ‘Settings’.
  • Now click on ‘Advanced’.
  • In the data and storage section, click ‘Export data from Telegram’.
  • A wide list of items and boxes that you must check. We recommend that you take the time to review each item and thus know what elements you want to include in the backup.
  • The backup creation time it will depend on the number of elements you include.
  • When you are done with the selection, remember to check the ‘human readable HTML’ box last which will make conversations readable once exported.
  • Click on ‘To export’.

When the process is complete, a folder will be created on your computer called ‘Telegram desktop’. You will locate it in the folder ‘Downloads’as long as you haven’t modified the save path. If this is the case, the folder will be found in the folder that you have previously determined.

The conversations will be located in the folder ‘Chats’. However, it is necessary to emphasize that chats don’t have people’s names with whom you had such a conversation, since all the folders are numbered. So if you are looking for a specific chat, you will have to open one by one until you find it.

Learn step by step how to undo deleted messages from a Telegram chat if you do it by mistake

Another method that you can choose to save an important conversation from its imminent elimination is the ‘Undo’. Although it doesn’t work with individual messages, you can prevent an entire chat from disappearing. Next we show you step by step how to undo deleted messages from a Telegram chat if you do it by mistake.

Both in Android like in iOS the procedure is pretty easy. At the time of delete a chat, Telegram gives you the option to undo the action. Just at the bottom of the screen appears a small bar, with a five-second countdown on the left side, and the button ‘Undo’ in law.

To undo the action, simply press the button. Nevertheless you must act quicklyBecause once the five seconds have elapsed, the chat will disappear without leaving any trace. In the case of the desktop version and the web version of Telegram, the option of ‘Undo’ deleting a chat is not available. For that reason, if you delete a chat from either of these two, you won’t have any chance of saving the conversation.

Recover deleted messages from your smartphone’s notification log

In addition to the alternatives mentioned above, you can also recover deleted messages from your Smartphone’s notification log. All you need is a specialized application or a launcher. Take into consideration that this is not a method to retrieve a conversation. It simply gives you visibility to specific messages that are in the notifications.

On this occasion, we recommend the Nova Launcher App to use its notification logging function:

With Nova Laucher

The devices Android have a hidden function: record recent notifications coming into the device. You can find it as a widget in the team widget section. However, some mobile manufacturers decide to eliminate this function.

If you don’t have a notification log widget, you can download Nova Launcher from the Google Play store and then follow these steps:

  • After installing and configuring Nova Launcher on your device, you must press and hold a blank on the screen.
  • Then, in the options menu displayed, select ‘Widgets’.
  • Press and hold the button ‘Activities’. You must release it once the home screen appears.
  • Below is a list. You must press the button ‘Settings’.
  • In the following list, click on ‘Notification log’ to create a shortcut to the Nova Launcher notification log.

With Notification History Log

If you don’t want to change the launcher of your device, then try with Notification History Log. It is an application that is responsible for registering all the notifications that reach the mobile. The App is available for free in the Google Play store.

In simple terms, History Log simply stores all kinds of notifications you receive. In the event that the other person deletes the message, the App will record what said message said in the notification. If notifications are no longer important, you can mark automatic deletion to be deleted later of a certain time.

Recover the photos and videos that were sent to Telegram in case of having deleted the original conversation with these steps

Recover the photos and videos that were sent to Telegram in case you have deleted the original conversation with these steps

In the last place, we present a series of alternatives for recover those photos and videos that were sent to you in Telegram in case of having deleted the original conversation.

Each process is simple and quite fast, so just follow these steps:

From the Telegram Images folder

If you are looking for all the images that have been sent through Telegram, what you can do is enter the folder ‘Telegram Images’. For this you must enter the administrator of your device. Then, select the Telegram folder and later ‘Telegram Images’. Even if the original chat has been deleted, in this location you can find all the images that had been shared.

From the mobile cache

The next location is a bit more hidden. To find the cache Telegram App you must enter the administrator and open the folder ‘Android’. Then you must open the folder ‘Data’ and locate the folder ‘Org.telegram.messenger’. Open the folder ‘Org.telegram.messenger’ and then enter ‘cache’. In that location you will find all the images that have been deleted in Telegram conversations.

With a recovery tool for Android and iOS

The last resort you can turn to is to use a data recovery tool. This is an extreme case, as it not only allows you to recover photos and videos, but also gives you access to deleted conversations. On this occasion, we recommend the tool EaseUs MobiSaver for Android. It should be noted that this software only supports rooted Android devices, that is, that they have super user permissions. It is essential to verify that the computer is rooted before using the recovery tool.

After connecting the device to the computer, the program will recognize the mobile and start the recovery process. On the screen you will be able to see all the different types of files that had been deleted. To save the items on your computer, we recommend you enable the preview to check what files you want back. Once you have made the selection, you just have to press the button ‘Recover’ or ‘Recover’.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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