How do I get my Yahoo account back if I forget my username and password? Step-by-step guide

It may have happened to you that you have changed your mobile phone or formatted the computer where you had configured a direct access to your Yahoo! mail. Then, when you wanted to log in you realized that you forgot your username and password.

Please note that if you try to log in with an invalid password on too many attempts your Yahoo! Mail account will be blocked for 12 hours. This happens as a security measure established by the platform.

You can recover it with the assisted login, in which we will show you how to use it. Let’s see then the steps you must follow when you forgot your user ID or password.

Steps to get my Yahoo! email account back quickly and easily

If you don’t have the “Yahoo! account key” tool, with which you can manage and configure your login password and you have forgotten what your user ID or password is to access your mail on this platform, don’t worry!

In Internet Step by Step, we help you to solve this problem. Let’s see how it’s done:

If I forgot the user

When you are in the Yahoo! login and you don’t know your user, you must select the option “forgot your user name?” This will take you to a window with the message “Let’s take you to your account”. You will have different options with which you can indicate the data to start. Once you have forgotten your username, you will need to choose either a phone number you have provided to retrieve your username or an email address you have also provided to retrieve your ID.

If you choose the phone, an SMS will be sent to that number with a PIN number for you to follow the recovery process. If you choose the email address to retrieve your user, you will receive an email with a link that will redirect you to the Yahoo! login with the name of your email.

If I forgot my password

Once you have entered the “Mail” section of the Yahoo! site, you will need to follow this guide to help you recover your password:

  • The first thing you must do is click on the option that indicates that you forgot your password or user.
  • You will then see a list of the alternatives you have to recover your data. That is to say, you will have to choose a mobile login number or the email address. You can also use a phone number or email address you assigned when you registered as a user.
  • Once you have chosen the option that will help the platform to identify you, you will receive a message by email or SMS indicating the steps you must follow.
  • You must bear in mind that you will be asked for a new password, so we recommend that you keep them in a safe place or choose one that you can easily remember.

How long will it take for Yahoo! to consider my account obsolete and close it?

You can close your account at any time for free. But you should consider that you will lose access to all your personal data and content that you have in the email. In addition, Flickr photos, Yahoo! finance investments and other data related to this platform will also be deleted.

If you have cancelled your Yahoo! membership, you have 30 days to be considered obsolete by the platform. This means that if you start a section before this period, you will be able to reactivate your account.

In countries like New Zealand, Australia or India this period is 90 days. While in Brazil, Taiwan and Hong Kong the period is 180 days.

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