Remove Font Formatting in Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Microsoft Word, is a word processing program that allows multiple functions. Among them is that of modify many appearance parameters that has what we write.

By this we mean the possibility of changing fonts, sizes Y colors. Besides paragraphs, margins, the software allows adding images and other elements to enrich the text.

Many people can overlook these tools. But nevertheless, Knowing them will make our document transmit a clearer and more powerful message. It is also important to mention that the conjunction we make with them will give a particular connotation to what we want to say.

What are the text formatting tools available in Word?

What are the text formatting tools available in Word?

Throughout its existence, Office has been adding and modifying tools in its softwares. But nevertheless, the utilities to change the text format have not varied so much. They are found (in the 2007 version) in the tab “Start”, which is located on the top bar of the program.

And as we mentioned, they haven’t changed significantly for a few versions. These are the utilities:

  • Source. It is a drop-down list with all the typographic styles that we have installed on the computer. You can choose it from this sub menu or write the name of the one you need.
  • Size. Immediately, next to him, we have the dimension of the letter. We recommend using 10 or higher if you need to print the document. In case you think the text is difficult to see, don’t change its size. Go to the bottom right of the program and zoom. If you want to avoid choosing numerical values, use the two buttons that appear next to them.
  • Change uppercase and lowercase. This is a relatively new tool in the software. It allows toggle between capital and regular letters the selected text.
  • Clear all formatting. We will dedicate a section to it in the next segment.
  • Bold font. Already at the bottom of this toolbox, we find this one, which is used to thicken the letter line. Use it to intensify an important idea or data that you think are essential for the reader. If Word is set to Spanish, the shortcut will be Ctrl + N, on the other hand if it is in English it is Ctrl + B.
  • Italics. It is often used to write words from other languages ​​or author quotes. Your shortcuts are Ctrl + K in Spanish and Ctrl + I in English.
  • Underlined. This tool adds a line to the bottom of the selected text. It can be used in titles or like bold to highlight words or sentences. Your shortcut is Ctrl + S no matter the language.
  • Strikethrough. It is a little used utility. But it can be very necessary when it comes to correct a text. With it, you can highlight the mistakes made without eliminating the word.
  • Sub index and super index. Serving to add small characters after a word or letter Either below or above respectively. For example, to write square meters as follows m2 or include the water formula in some educational work in this way H2O. To do this, select what you want to shrink and press any of these buttons.
  • Effects. We go to a more decorative utility what a practice. With it you can add shadows, reflections, change the color outlines and even give it three-dimensional effects.
  • Highlighter pen. Like a marker, this tool will help you when you want to summarize text. You can change the background color of words. There is a variety of fluoride options that appear by pressing the arrow on its side.
  • Font color. This button is used to change the color of what is selected or what we will write later. Use this tool sparingly if you want your text to be serious and professional.

Steps to remove a font format in Microsoft Word fast and easy

Steps to remove a font format in Microsoft Word fast and easy

On many occasions we usually copy text from Internet and paste it into our Word document. This action carries with it the legacy format from the website. Font, size, color, and other characteristics are included in the file when we paste it. And if we also do it from different places, we will have a sloppy body of text that is difficult to read.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  • Choose the text you want to change.
  • Go to the tab “Start”.
  • In the segment “Source” press the button that appears with a letter “TO” covered with a red eraser.

Another method is:

  • Once the text from a web page or from a different program.
  • Press the secondary button mouse in the place where you will paste the text.
  • Select the letter form icon “TO” denominator “Keep text only”.

Using an external program.

  • You can use the memo pad as an intermediary. This application does not have any alternative to modify the font. For that reason everything the text you copy from there, will not be formatted.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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