Remove Hyperlinks in Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Microsoft Word is known to be a text editing program. That supposes power view, write and correct documents. But its functions are not contingent only on this. And it is because it has tools that allow adding images, change colors, formats, among other.

Of course all of them have evolved with the passing of technology. Regarding this, can you imagine the Internet without links? It would surely be something completely different.

In the same way, Word has the utility to use, link and edit these links. To learn more about how to do it, we recommend that you read this post.

What should we take into consideration before removing a hyperlink in Word?

What should we take into consideration before removing a hyperlink in Word?

To remove a hyperlink, it is important that we first know what it is really about. Although they are more related to Internet links, are best defined through the meaning of hypertext.

He himself is a information organization system what links through words, pictures, or other elements. This enables the reader or user to scroll through its content in a non-linear. The way that you relate these, is with the hyperlinks.

That is, one of them can join a word from a Word document with a website. But also (not at the same time) with another sector of the sheet or even another system file.

Second, it is important to mention that the way this link is displayed can be varied and not coincide with the true address where it will lead us.

Finally, you should know that the button “Recoil” keyboard it does not work in all the cases you want remove link.

If you want to know the correct way to remove a hyperlink, read the following section:

Steps to remove hyperlinks from Microsoft Word documents

Before starting, you need to know that the method that we will show you does not delete the object it links, but remove the link that connects it. That is to say, in the event that it was a word (for example, a link), we will not erase His composition. In this way, no matter how much you click on it, it will not take you anywhere else. But it will be like any other word.

You wonder then what would be the need for remove a hyperlink. Well it happens that sometimes When pasting text from the web, other elements come with it. Among them we find, typography, colors and of course hyperlinks.

The other reason is that Word, transforms the wording of the type into a link automatically. This can become a problem, if we need send the file to someone else or even print it (will change color to blue).

To fix these issues, follow these steps:

Steps to remove hyperlinks from Microsoft Word documents

  • Start Microsoft Word.
  • Create a new document or open one that contains hyperlinks.
  • If you are working on a Blank sheet, you can copy a text on the Internet and paste it here. Or also write an address by hand, within the document.
  • If you opened a file with content, locate hyperlinks. It wouldn’t be difficult, since are blue and underlined.
  • Done this, press with the right button mouse over it.
  • Within the drop-down menu choose “Modify hyperlink.”
  • In doing so I know will open a small window. Inside it press the option “Remove link.”

This will be enough to erase it. However, within this screen you can find other options, as change it, or direct it somewhere in the document.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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