Remove YouTube Age Restrictions  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Youtube is a platform that hosts millions of users Y many more hours of content. Due to this large quantity, site policies They define what content is suitable for publication and what others are not.

However, there is a gray space between these two categories. These are certain characteristics that, although do not infringe regulations, they are not suitable for all audiences.

In this post we will show you everything about the restrictions of this type of videos. In this way you can be sure that your content can be seen by everyone and thus earn more followers and money.

What are YouTube’s age restrictions and how do they limit me?

What are YouTube's age restrictions and how do they limit me?

As we anticipate, it is a system that prevents users under 18 years of age or those not registered watch certain videos. If your goal is monetize your content and make money with the platform, it is of the utmost importance that you pay attention to age restrictions.

This is because videos that contain one or more of the considerations that we will show below are not eligible for monetization:

Vulgar language

Youtube considers inappropriate the use of obscene languageEither in the title or in the video. This includes abuse and sexually explicit words.

Disturbing images and violence

It is about the content that incite others to commit violent actions or bloody. Also falling into this category are fights that involve minors, accidents, sexual assaults, torture, harm to animals, etc.

Nude images and provocative content

The site prohibits explicit content of a sexual natureAlso the videos of a fetishistic nature. Also if a person appears with an exciting pose, if he incites other people to perform a challenge that involves sexual acts, etc. It is important to mention that the content for educational purposes is excepted.

Representation of harmful or dangerous activities

Refers to challenges that threaten people’s health, jokes or an instructional on how to hurt someone. The explicit use of hard drugs or how to make them. As well as instructions on how to commit a crime, piracy or violent acts. And so many others. If your video contains any of them will be deleted. But nevertheless, if it is contextualized in such a way that it is clear that it is content that discourages this, only age restrictions apply.

Learn step by step how to remove age restrictions from YouTube videos

Learn step by step how to remove age restrictions from YouTube videos

If you want to know if your content has been cataloged with age restrictions, you only owe to YouTube Studio. There you will find a list with all your created content. Inside the column of “Restrictions” the situation of each video is described.

Follow these steps to get it right:

On Android

Since Google incorporated as an external application YouTube Studio, it is impossible to perform the process from the mobile. Not even entering from the same browser. Therefore, we recommend carrying out the steps from the computer.

In the web

  • Accede to “ with your data.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Within the menu choose YouTube Studio.
  • In the side panel, select “Videos”.
  • An ordered list will be shown with all the content uploaded to the platform. You will also notice that there is a column of “Restrictions ”. If your videos don’t violate any of the policies, it will appear as “None”.
  • However, if any regulations were breached, Youtube It will let you know in this column. In the case, for example, of rights of copyright can appear “Copyright claim”.
  • If it is about age restrictions, the possible options are “Created for children (marked by you)”, “Marked as Made for Kids (Flagged by YouTube)”, “Age restriction (marked by you)” or “Age restriction (flagged by YouTube)”.
  • In the latter case, you will have the option to perform a corresponding action, holding the mouse over the category and clicking on “More information”.
  • Doing so will open a small window. Show the menu “Select action” to make a modification to your video or start a dispute.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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