Repeat Title Rows in Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

East microsoft program stands out today as one of the best software for text editing, and it is that in it all users have the opportunity to have all The necessary tools that allow them to carry out very high wording level.

One of the most important aspects of this application is that it not only allows work with text, but also offers the possibility of including images, shapes, charts, tables and many other items that will be available there. However, at the moment of working with data tables the process is not that simple.

Control these data tables in word sheet It is not always an easy task, since on many occasions very long squares are made that occupy two or more sheets, so that the title of it is lost. That is why here we are going to explain how you can repeat the header row in your document and that way keep the title on each of your text sheets.

What is a header row and what is it for?

Whenever a table is created in a document either in Word, Excel or any other program this has a header, where the title of the painting will go, that is to say, what is going to be referred to in it. Also these headers are used to add on top of document either a logo, a title, numbering, author’s name or any other information that the user needs.

This means that There are two ways to apply heading in Word, either for each of the worksheets or simply to add it in each of the data tables that are created in it. In accordance with this, in the next section we will explain the steps to carry out these procedures.

Steps to repeat the heading of a row on all pages of a Word document

Currently you can repeat the header of the first row of a Word table Or simply create a header in the first row of the worksheet in general and that it appears throughout the entire document.

That is why below We teach you how to perform this procedure step by step in each of the cases, to do this, follow these instructions:

Repeat the header in the first row of your data table

When create a data table on many occasions there are several problems, one of the most frequent is when said tables are very long and take up one or two sheets of Word, so the title will be lost every time a page break is made.

Whether loses the title readers will have problems when viewing said data box, since they can easily confuse by not knowing to which description each of the data that appears there belongs.

Therefore, the best that can be done is to repeat the first row of the table in each of the worksheets that it occupies, To do this, follow each of these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is insert your data table. To do this you must go to the ribbon and there click on the tab “Insert”, then you click on “Table” and select the measurements of the table you want to insert.
  • Once inserted and filled in, it may happen that it is separated into one or more worksheets so the header of the first row will be lost after page break as you can see on screen.

Repeat the header in the first row of your data table

  • As can be seen in this case the table is divided between two sheets of Word. In this case what you want is that the title of “Day, month and year” appear in the first row of the second sheet, for this you must select said header.

Repeat the header in the first row of your data table

  • Once selected, you will notice that a new tab will appear on the ribbon called “Presentation”, which you are going to select.
  • When you have selected this option, several options will appear, on the right side of your screen you will find the option to “Repeat title rows” which you are going to select.

Repeat the header in the first row of your data table

  • Then you will see how the title is repeated again in the first row of the table on the next page, this way you can continue to maintain the header allowing reading the table much easier for readers.

Repeat the header in the first row of your data table

Apply header on all Word pages

On many occasions when a wording is prepared each of the pages have the same heading, this can be the company logo, a specific description or the same title for all pages. This allows you identify each of the parts of your document thus avoiding can be taken by third parties.

Agree with this, Here we show you how to perform this quick and easy procedure:

  • In order to carry out this process you can do it two forms, the first of which is through the ribbon by selecting the tab “Insert”.
  • There you will find several available functions, in this case you must select “Header” located in “Header and footer”.
  • When you have selected it, you will see several options of available headers, in this case you must select the one that best suits your needs. In the case that you yourself want to elaborate your own title then you must select the item from “Edit header”.

Apply header on all Word pages

  • Once some of them have been selected, they will appear as follows:

Apply header on all Word pages

  • The following will be place the title you want and click on any other page site in this way you will have the same title for each of the Word sheets you use.

The other way to do this is simpler, but in this case You will not have templates but you will place the title that you want to repeat on each of your pages.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • This procedure is very simple, the only thing you will have to do is place you at the top of the worksheet and there you do double click.
  • Then you will see how it appears enabled the header area. This is where you will have to write the title What do you want to appear in all your word sheets.

Apply header on all Word pages

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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