RESET an Android TABLET  ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

During the last years, the most used electronic devices are tablets; a fusion between a mobile phone and a computer, with a touch screen and good image quality. It is a device that integrates different functionalities: portability, autonomy, versatility, power, multimedia station, etc. For which most people, worldwide, choose to use them for greater comfort, and thus have become one of the most used gadgets in everyday life.

Tablets have a fixed battery and this is a problem when they are locked, because it cannot be removed as it is done with mobile phones. In this way, many people go into despair trying to manage this and be able to get it to turn off and on normally. So the need arises to have full knowledge about how to reset this type of device and later restore the system to factory settings.

In view of this, below we present you how to obtain this task correctly and in extremely simple steps. So that you can continue to enjoy your tablet with Android operating system in perfect condition.

Steps to restart and format an Android tablet and go back to factory settings

Make a hard reset on Android It can be complicated for many people and because of this, they end up hiring someone “expert“To get your tablet back. But this can be left aside, since it is a very simple subject that you will be able to execute yourself from the comfort of your home.

Indeed, we present several alternatives so that you are not afraid to format your Android tablet:

Insert a pin through the hole of the device

Insert a pin through the hole of the device

This method of restarting a tablet seems a bit strange, but it is quite useful and easy. Since these contain a reset security mechanism that lies in a kind of hole, through which it is possible to activate an integrated restoration button that it has inside it.

You just have to take into account that this button cannot be pressed just like that; it should be used in a case of extreme security. If you use it a lot, you will end up damaging it.

Now, the way to press it is with the help of a pin, a needle, a toothpick or any object that has the same size of the hole. Then enter it and make sure this object click. With this, you will have it reset and ready to use.

Wait for the battery to run out

Wait for the battery to run out

Most of the people when they see that their tablet is locked, they are more alarmed than necessary and end up doing what they really should not do. Since the best and simplest solution is wait for the battery to drain completely. During this waiting time, you should not touch anything. Keep in mind that it may take a few hours.

Then, place the device to charge in any outlet in your house and when charging resumes, the tablet can be turned on in its normal way. Do not forget that on several occasions, the remedy is simpler and more effective than it seems.

Press the power button for 5 consecutive seconds

Press the power button for 5 consecutive seconds

You may have noticed that when you press and hold the power button on your computer for more than 5 seconds, it turns off suddenly. Which has also been integrated into Android operating systems at present, due to the fact that more and more mobile phones have a non-removable battery. Consequently, this is the only way to force restart in such cases.

To execute it is very simple; hold down for 5 seconds approximately the power button and at once you can see how the tablet turns off, and then turn it on as usual.

Reinstall via computer

In many cases, people want to leave the tablet completely clean, that is, directly remove all the content from it. What can be achieved from a computer, using programs such as “odin“Or”Sp Flash Tools”, Which vary depending on the brand of the Android tablet. In the case of those that come from China and come with MTK processor, it is appropriate to use Sp Flash Tools.

In this sense, the operation of these programs is based on install a ROM that you have downloaded directly from the Internet to the device. Then you will get a fully optimized one, deleting files such as root and viruses that may exist on the Android system partition; a clean ROM takes care of erasing everything, even invasive advertising.

Restore from PC with Universal ADB Helper

Restore from PC with Universal ADB Helper

To use this method, you just have to connect the Android tablet to the computer with the USB cable. Then wait for the driver installation to finish, previously established. Thus, you can run the Universal ADB Helper tool, where you choose the option “Reboot“And later the option”Bootloader”. That’s when you can press “Factory Reset ” via “Fastboot”.

The best thing to do when using this solution is to start the device in “Bootloader”Using the USB cable and within this Helper, sink the number 9 to test the tool Factory Reset.

Make use of the recovery menu

Make use of the recovery menu

This is a very advantageous function that Android contains. The recovery menu It refers to a kind of interface that is started before starting the device and works especially to repair the errors that it may present.

If you want to start the recovery menu, you have to turn it off and then press and hold the power button and the volume button down, that is, it runs with a button combination; just like when you are going to take a screenshot.

Then you will see how the recovery menu starts and shows a figure of Android lying down. After that, you must sink in the section where it says “wipe data factory reset”, Being the way how to proceed to eliminate this fractionation and restart the tablet to default values. So you can use it in perfect condition.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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