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It is very common for these two to be confused terms in computing, keeping in mind that they both sound very similar, but each performs totally different functions.

This doubt or confusion between what is reset and format it is basically because in the world of mobile phones, the hard reset is known as a function for erase everything and leave the phone as factory. It is basically treated as a formatting, which makes both functions look the same.

However, in The computers all this changes, since in this area the difference between the two is well marked. That is resetting is like rebooting and formatting is deleting everything. To do this, here we teach you a little more each of these terms.

What is a computer reset and when should it be done?

What is a computer reset and when should it be done?

Especially in the world of computers and laptops the term of reset, which has like main function clean the system before any type of error that is preventing its proper functioning. In this way, the equipment will be able to return to its normality or in this case to its initial state before the fault occurred.

In general, every time a failure occurs, the internal mechanism of the computer tries to recover, in the event that a long time passes and it cannot get out of it, then the program or the system stops completely. In this case, the computer begins to work slowly, reaching a point that is impossible to handle and that forces a reset.

It is recommended to carry out this process mainly when problems such as blue screens of death in Windows, that are commonly produced by driver errors when Windows starts working very slow and is unable to recover, or some software specifically that presents difficulties for functioning.

What is a computer formatting and when should it be done?

What is a computer formatting and when should it be done?

When we talk about the term format we refer to what is “Format disk.” In this case, it is a process that is carried out by the hand of the HDD, and that aims to be able to eliminate everything that is inside the storage unit. It may be causing a equipment malfunction.

As usual, everything can be erased leaving the machine completely at zero or just erase some parts of the disk. The most common is to remove from healthy operating system installations to those with affected or damaged files.

So it can be said that formatting is basically taking the equipment to its factory state again or to its initial configuration, where the drive is left completely empty and clean to install any software on it. This allows you to erase everything that has been affecting the system and in the same way prepare the computer to work correctly.

It is important to mention that there are two types of formatting:

  • The first is about low level, where is left unit completely clean as factory
  • The high level which causes all data to be lost, deleting all those disabled files and all references.

That is does not erase everything, but allows power maintain or recover some external programs. However, this will depend more on user requirement and equipment failures.

How do I know when my computer needs to be formatted? Symptoms

How do I know when my computer needs to be formatted?  Symptoms

Formatting is completely erasing the existing information on a computer’s storage drive. On many occasions, a backup of the most important files is made for users to avoid their loss.

In general, this process should be carried out whenever the computer exhibits any of the following symptoms:

  • When the system is unstable or a total installation of the OS.
  • If suspected the presence of viruses that cannot be destroyed.
  • The computer is working very slow.
  • For delete junk files inside your hard drive that cannot be easily erased.
  • Allows to clean the system of any type of error what is affecting PC performance.

Carrying out this process will basically help you rejuvenate your hard drive, that is why a system that is freshly formatted and installed It will be a lot faster that those who already have some time (weeks or months).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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