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Today mobile devices have a large storage capacity so that the Android phone user has as much information as they want among their files. However, for some reason either because you have too much information on the phone and it gets tedious, or because you want to sell the mobile device, you need to restore or format it so that it can be left empty as when it comes from the factory, that is, without any type of document.

What you must remember to do Before performing a format of this type to your Android, it is to make a backup copy so that you can save all those documents, photos, videos that you want to keep. After you run this, if you can proceed to discard and delete all kinds of documents from your mobile device.

In the article that we present we will explain you step by step in a detailed and simple way how to reset and restore factory settings on your Android in different ways. From using the settings buttons, the recover mode, hard reset, to resetting the factory settings, but this time from your computer. Take every step to achieve what you want with your mobile device.

Steps to reboot and restore your Android device and return to factory settings

Now, we have reached the most important part of this tutorial, where we will provide you with all those steps that are necessary to factory reset and restore your Android device. Whatever the reason you want to do it. Pay attention so that you can do it in a very practical and fast way following the entire process in detail.

Restore Android from Settings

In this opportunity, we will tell you how to restore it from the “Settings” from your Android device. In fact, it is one of the simplest ways to perform. Check step by step how to do it, as we will show you below:

  • First, you must go to the menu of “Settings” found on your device.

Android device settings

  • Next, press the option where it says “Back” or “Backup and Restore.” You can locate it on your mobile in the submenu.

Backup for safety

  • Now, it is your responsibility to select the option “Factory data reset”. You have to click and accept so that you can restore the values ​​permanently on your device.

Factory data reset

  • As a last step, after having carried out all those mentioned above, you will proceed to “Restart” your smartphone to get it restored.

Reboot phone

Do a Hard Reset using the mobile buttons

The hard reset is another way you can use to reset your device in a more advanced way. This is done with the buttons on the mobile and in this step by step we will tell you how to do it.

  • The first thing you will do is turn off the mobile device.
  • In this case, depending on the type of device you have, this step varies a bit, but normally you will have the option of pressing the mix of buttons which are commonly the “Power” + “the hot button” + “low volume button”. When doing this, you must release it until the phone boots.

How to reset a mobile used the buttons

  • Subsequently, the phone when performing the previous step, should already be restored.

From Recovery mode

If for some reason your phone does not want to start, the recovery mode will help you solve this problem you have on your mobile. So follow the steps below to resolve this conflict.

  • What you should do first is turn off your device.
  • Then, it will be necessary that hold down two buttons on your mobile at the same time, to enter the system menu of your Android.
  • Depending on the version, the modes of use are different, but are commonly used: “Mobile Power Button + Volume Up Button” or on the contrary “Power Button + Volume Down Button”.
  • Once the mobile enters the system, you will have to select “Wipe Data / Factory reset”.

recovery mode reset

  • To move through the system menu of your mobile, it is your responsibility to use the volume keys to move up and down and the power key to select.
  • Subsequently, a text will appear indicating that you are going to erase all the data. Now, you must press where it says “And it is”.
  • Finally, when the factory settings are restored, you have to press the option where it says “Reboot now”.

Factory reset from Windows PC

In this way, we have reached one of the steps that gives you the option of restoring your mobile using your computer. This output can be used when you cannot solve it with any of the previous processes.

Continue the following procedures that we will give you using one of the programs that we will present below:

Format from PC with ADB and FastBoot

Now, it is essential that you know how to do it from your computer, so this is one way to do it using ADB and FastBoot where we present the detailed steps you must perform on your Android.

ADB and FastBoot download links:

For windows

For Mac

For linux

  • The first step that is very important is that you will have to install the mobile drivers on the computer.
  • It will correspond to you, download minimal ADB and FastBoot tool in which they integrate the commands to do the factory restoration from the computer.

from the pc with FastBoot method

  • After this, prepare the device in “Fastboot mode” with the mobile off and then press and hold the power and low volume buttons simultaneously. That is to say at the same time, but you should not release them until the phone starts.
  • Followed by the previous step, you have to connect the Android to your computer using the USB cable and it will be up to you to wait for the installation of the drivers to be completed.
  • To culminate, you must run ADB and Fastboot tool and you will have to enter the commands that are presented below, one by one through the key “Enter”.
  • astboot erase cache This usually resolves conflicts on your device without resetting it.
  • fastboot reboot This is the one that takes care of restarting your phone in a normal way. If for some reason neither of these two commands solve the problem, you will have to use the latter fastboot erase userdata, which is responsible for restoring your factory mobile phone.

Restore from PC with Universal ADB Helper

This is another of the methods that we can also present you so that you can do it from your computer, called universal ADB Helper, with which we want you to solve the problem with your phone from your computer. Here are the steps to follow:

  • As a first step, you must connect the mobile on to the computer with your USB cable.
  • Following this, you have to give time to complete the installation of drivers that you have installed previously.
  • After this, it is your responsibility to start the tool Universal ADB Helper.

Universal ADB Helper tool

  • On the screen of this tool, you have to press the option where it says “Reboot ” and followed the option “Bootloader”.
  • Once the previous step has been carried out with the equipment already in this condition, you have to select the option where it says “Factory Reset via Fastboot “.
  • Finally, you have to use this tool with your mobile in normal operating mode. Activated USB debugging is extremely necessary for this step.

What must be taken into account before formatting an Android phone?

Here we present what you have to take into account to be able to format an Android device. Mainly, you should take into account make a backup copy on your device before formatting your mobile.

Yes, as we tell you a backup because how will you have to erase absolutely everything from the phoneYou can lose all the information you have on your computer, including contacts, photos, videos or other files that you have on it.

If for any reason, you also want to save it somewhere else, You can do it using a MicroSD, to store everything you want to keep from your mobile and thus not lose the data that you consider to be important. As well as, if you wish, make a backup of the conversations through your WhatsApp.

On the other hand also export your Gmail contacts to some file so you don’t lose them when you reset it. These considerations you have to take into account when formatting your device.

It will always be important to keep as much information as possible elsewhere, whether it is one storage card, computer, tablet, pendrive or others. So, if at any time you lose the information on your device, you already know that you have your important documents saved.

If you have not managed to reset your equipment by following this tutorial, we recommend that you access the web Movical.Net, since they offer free guides on how to specifically reset each brand and model on the market, and if your mobile phone needs a more professional reset service, or a firmware restoration, you can also hire their premium services, where one of their technicians will help you personally with the specific problem of your terminal.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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