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The Xbox One is one of the game consoles that is breaking with the characteristics of normal consoles, since it can respond to voice commands and can be integrated into your television. Using it is very easy and practical because It can be turned on just by saying Xbox One, with the device that is incorporated. Not satisfied with that you can do and visualize several things at the same time; With this you can see applications on the edge of the screen and you can even watch television without any problem.

All this works if you program your unit and activate voice recognition so that you can go wherever you want, be it games, tools, surf the internet, listen to music, cable programming, among other things, just by telling it what you want to do. It is something out of the ordinary but it always happens that you want to reset the operating system of the console to factory settings, to solve any problem that may arise or for any other reason.

That is why in this guide you can find the solution to that problem that you present with your Xbox One. Just by resetting the system to its initial setting, you are ready to use it again and get the most out of it. Below we will indicate several methods so that you know how to do it and thus be able to solve your problem.

Steps to restart the Xbox One console and return to factory settings

If you want to restart your game console, Either to solve a technical problem of the equipment, or because you want to sell or give it away and you need to reestablish its configuration, in this part we will show you how to make the Xbox One restart through a hard reset in a very simple way.

If you are looking to keep your games and applications this allows you to do so. However, you have to keep in mind that when performing the restart, all files will be lost, including associated accounts, saved games, settings and associations, that are not stored in the Xbox Live cloud. These steps that we show you They serve you on the original Xbox One and Xbox One X.

From the control panel or dashboard

We explain below how to reset your Xbox One from the dashboard. If for major reasons you cannot see the screen or access the configuration menu, these procedures will not help you. But rest assured that we will help you if that is your case later. Here we will focus on explaining how to reset your Xbox One from the console.

  • Press the button “Xbox One” to open the manual.

Xbox One Logo

  • Go to the system menu and select “Setting”.

Xbox One Settings Menu

  • You will select where it says “System”.
  • Then you will look for the option of “Console information and updates”.

System - Console Information

  • Upon entering you will see what it tells you “Reset Console”.

Reset Xbox One console

*Note: At this point it is very important where you select, since you can lose everything.

Three alternatives will appear on the screen where you must select one of them:

  1. Reset and remove everything: Here you can return the console to its default restore. Even though you will lose all the user information you have. You will only do this if you want to delete everything to make it look like new. Try to make this your last option if it is to solve a problem.
  2. Reset and keep my games and apps: Have this choice as one of the first if it is to repair a technical failure that the console has. With this alternative you can restore the operating system (OS) and you can eliminate all the data that may be affecting it. Despite this, it does not delete your applications or games, as it is a safe way so that you do not have to download or reinstall the files. If in this case you see that the bug persists, you have to force a restart, because it may be a game that is causing you problems.
  3. Cancel: If you’re not sure you want to reset your Xbox, no problem you can “Cancel” And nothing has happened. Because you haven’t selected any of the other two options above.

Reset Xbox One console options

Keep in mind that even if you leave the games and applications, all personal data will be erased from the system. So the best thing to do before doing this is Check if your Xbox is synchronized with Xbox Live, otherwise you will have to force yourself to manually export your settings. If you want to save some of your data, once you have decided how to restart your Xbox console, it will proceed to delete the content, which can only take a few minutes.

Using a USB flash drive

As we indicated above, if you want to make your Xbox One console reset, but in this case you cannot access the settings from it, this process will help you to do it in an accessible way for you. For it you need a USB drive that has a minimum capacity of 4GB so that it can serve you, in addition to having a computer available to perform the debugging. The only thing is With this method, only what is synchronized with Xbox Live is saved.

Mainly you need the USB pendrive to be completely empty and as mentioned above that it has a large capacity. Although it should be noted that not all store files greater than what is indicated (4GB), so it is convenient format the USB stick and pass it to the Windows NTFS system, which theoretically handles very large volumes.

This can be done through the Windows file explorer, from some versions of Microsoft such as:

  • Windows Xp
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


After completing the process, you must proceed to the following:

  • You must download a reset file to your computer and transfer it to your USB memory. The link address is as follows:
  • You can download it directly by doing click here.
  • Later, you are going to extract the file named “$ Systemupdate” and you will copy it to the directory of your USB memory. Once the document is there you must make sure that it is the only thing you have. This to avoid future problems.
  • Then you must go to your Xbox console and turn it off. You will also have to remove the power and network cables. Wait some 30 seconds approximately so that you can certify that it is completely at rest.
  • Then connect the power cord and USB device in the corresponding port.
  • Consecutively, you must press and hold the button combination: Link and Eject (Run) from your console for a time of 10 to 15 seconds. Then you have to press the Xbox button, until you hear two intervening ignition sounds. The first beep is to indicate that the console recognized the USB device and the second is to indicate that the data has already been transferred to it.
  • It is very important that you hear the tone twice power on your game drive. If this does not happen after 15 seconds, or failing that the shutdown tone sounds, it will be a sign that the reset process has not worked. So you will have to perform all the steps again, otherwise you must go to a technician.

To know exactly which buttons are those that you have to press on your console, we leave you a small visual scheme:

Xbox One console buttons

  1. USB 3.0 port: Used to connect wired accessories such as the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.
  2. Eject button: used to eject a disc from the console. The discs will be inserted automatically.
  3. Xbox button: the power button and LED indicator on the console.
  4. Accessory pairing button: Used to connect wireless accessories, such as the Xbox One Wireless Controller.
  5. Infrared receiver and emitter: They are used to receive signals from the Xbox One controller or to send infrared signals from the controller devices through OneGuide.

If you heard the two ignition sounds, the process worked completely for you. So the restart should start on the screen and you can configure it as if it were a new game console.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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