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Every day you use your computer, which already has Windows 10 installed, whether you installed it yourself or it came from the factory, but let me tell you that the days will not pass in vain and this also applies to him. After a few months, it is advisable to do maintenance on your PC. Although there is no specific period for this, you should consider doing it regularly. This should be taken into account according to the frequency with which you use your computer.

Windows 10, came out on July 29, 2015. This brought a lot to talk about at the time, as it was highly criticized. Therefore, updates such as: Windows Creator Update, Anniversary Update among others that have made it by far one of the best operating systems today. However, tAll these changes affect the computer, which begins to slow down or decrease its performance. If this is your case, it is time to do a Hard Reset.

A hard reset is simply to format, reinstall or restore to those first values ​​of your computer. This must be done at your discretion, since as we said, there is no estimated time to do it. This will make your equipment “lighter” and even if he cannot tell you, he will appreciate it. Therefore, in this post we are going to show you step by step how to reset your Windows 10. We will do it through explanatory texts and a series of images, so that you can do it without any problem.

Steps to safely restore and hard reset Windows 10

If you want to restore W10, reset it or make a hard reset, what you should do is follow the steps that we explain below.

  • First you have to go to: “Setting

Go to Windows 10 Settings

  • After the part that says: “Update and security“.
  • Once inside, select where it reads: “Recovery“.
  • When you click on “Recovery“, you will find on the right side of your monitor, a series of information about:”How to reset the PC“.
  • You select the option: “Start“.

Hard reset in Windows 10 Restore

Types of hard reset For Windows 10 on PC Which one do I choose?

Once the previous steps are completed, a text box will appear that will say: Choose an option. These 3 options that they point to you will have different consequences. You should know all of them before thinking about selecting one.

  • “Keep my files”: This is the first option that the text box displays. With this, you proceed to reset your entire operating system, although this method will preserve your personal files. Which could be documents, videos, music, among others.
  • “Remove all”: With this option your operating system will be erased, as well as each and every one of your personal files and their settings. You must be very attentive before choosing this section.
  • “Restore factory settings”: If in the previous point you had to be attentive, here you have to be much more. The option to Restore factory settings is only for very specific cases. This can proceed to take you to an earlier operating system. Lately the computers already come with their backup in their operating systems which allows them to restore them when this method is applied.

restore windows 10 choose an option

You must evaluate these 3 options according to your purpose. Now we are going to proceed to show you, one by one, these options with their respective procedures.

Keep my files

Of all the options that we present to you in this post, this is undoubtedly the most used. This is because it will allow you to keep your valuable information. We will show you step by step how to proceed to use it

Choose the option: restore or hard reset Windows 10 keeping my files. After that, the system will perform a brief analysis of what you already have previously installed. Next, this same one proceeds to indicate that:

The applications that are from the store will be easy to reinstall, since it will be enough to go to our library and there choose the ones we want to have again. Next, the classic desktop programs, the installation software will be required to put them back. Thus, What Windows will do is place a list of all that on your desktop. This way we don’t have to write them down, and then reinstall them.

Once you click on the next button, the system will give you a kind of summary of the operations to be executed:

  • Move all the programs that did not contain the equipment.
  • Change the settings to their default values.
  • Reinstall Windows without deleting your personal files.
  • Finally and to complete the process, the computer will restart and the restoration will begin.

Remove all

This process is similar, but has different characteristics and sections. In this case, you will also delete your personal files. For this option, your OS will give you 2 more options to which you should pay due attention.

  • The quick method: this will be the one that runs in the shortest time, but you must bear in mind that it is the least secure. This is because your files are not physically erased from your hard drive. Which can be good if you want to recover them at some point but bad if you give the PC to someone else. You decide which is your case.
  • The slow method: the opposite of the previous one. This one takes much longer but will be more secure. In this the deletion will not be partial, here the deletion will be total and definitive. As we discussed in the previous point, you decide which is the one that best suits your wishes and needs.

Ready, once you have chosen the option of your preference, the system will proceed to remove the programs, the changes made and delete all the files (either partially or totally). Once this is done, the computer will proceed to restart to complete the Hard Reset process.

Restore factory settings

The latter is the most extreme case, you must use it at your own discretion because there will be 2 possibilities:

  • The first: If your computer was bought with a previous Windows and you proceeded to install Windows 10. It proceeds to return to that original Windows. Either Windows 8 or Windows 7.
  • The second: Here, if your computer is native to this version of the operating system, it will return to the original configuration. The W10 was the last Windows that came out, since its launch so far only updates have been made. If you choose this section, your computer will go back to that original version of Windows 10. This always in case of having been factory assembled with it.

What must be taken into account before formatting a Windows 10 computer so as not to lose any data?

Format a Windows 10 computer

There is a series of aspects that you must take into consideration when doing a hard reset to a Windows 10 computer so as not to regret it and do it safely:

  • Know the origin of your team: There is a possibility that the equipment is second hand. If so, you should know which was the original or factory Windows you have.
  • Anticipate if the equipment will only be used by you: It may be the case that your team at some point passes to other hands. Make sure those hands cannot access your data or documents. Always keep in mind to do a total reset so that no one can recover the information that was previously there.
  • Know why you are formatting or resetting your device: there can be many reasons that lead you to reset your factory equipment. You should consider all of them since many times the solution may not be so drastic.
  • Have a backup or backup: It is always good to have a backup of your programs and documents. Either in an external device or in the Drive.
  • Be aware of the Windows you brought from the factory: Although your team has always been yours, time does not pass in vain. You must remember which was the original Windows that your computer brought. So if the computer returns to that native Windows, you always know the Why? In the face of this.

Ready, you are already an expert in doing Hard Reset in Windows 10. Regardless of which was your case and which was the option you chose. Your computer will now have better performance and therefore the hours you spend in front of your computer will be more enjoyable.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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