Reset Windows 7 to Factory Settings  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

When we have a problem on our computer the first thing they recommend us is restore it to its factory values, since these are caused by bugs in installed programs or viruses that infected the system.

In doing this, we must understand well the difference between reset and format, since one of these two can delete all our files, even the ones we want to keep. To understand what is the definition of each one, I recommend that you read this post.

Among the many things you will learn today, there is one step-by-step guide to resetting to factory defaults our team, successfully.

Reset or format What are the differences between the two methods?

A simple way to differentiate “Reset and Format”Is understanding that resetting is reboot or reset while formatting is deleting everything. The second is more radical than the first, since all the files are deleted with no option to recover them. In most cases, reset is used so that the system return to factory settings.

We can find this option in many devices and computers, example of this routers, which, despite having set a configuration, just by pressing the reset everything returns to its factory state. This application is very useful when we have an error in the configuration or there is a strange behavior in the operation of the system, since there is a high probability that dissipate the fault with a simple reset.

As for formatting, it is deleting everything that is on the disk, including the operating system. We must understand that they are totally different activities, because if we get to confuse them we can lose things that we really want to keep.

Steps to reset my PC and return to factory settings in Windows 7

For reset our PC It is necessary to comply with a series of steps, because this is a fairly rigorous process. On the contrary we could lose important files or deconfigure our system.

Let’s see the steps below:

Control Panel

Control Panel

We must first address the “Control Panel”, And for this we go to menu Windows located on the lower left side of the screen. While there we will see a large number of options, but we will only select “Control Panel” At “Control Panel”We will find many tools and options that can configure the system, so we must be careful where we enter and what we do.

System restore

security system

In the control panel, we click on “Security system”, Then the window will change our view, and it will show us a list of options. We will look in the section of “Activity Center (The first block) ”The option of“Restore the equipment to an earlier point in time ”. This restoration can make us go back to a point, from the first time we installed the operating system, or since the computer has marked during the useful time of the Pc.

We start recovery

team recovery

  • For start with recovery we must, click on the option “Advanced recovery methods ”.

use system image

  • We will see later a window with two options; The first allows us to recover the equipment without losing files, by means of a system image, while the second reinstalls Windows from scratch, letting us make a backup of our files so as not to lose them.

save copy

  • Now it will ask us choose whether or not we want to save a backup. This backup is in case something fails in the system.

Restart the system

  • As we do not want to create any copy, we simply click on “Skip”. Finally, we click on “Restart”. When we restart the computer, everything will return to its factory settings, we must be careful because the same system warns us that some important files and documents may be lost, for this reason it is recommended to generate a backup copy.

What programs and files are affected?

In this process some files and documents that we have are affectedAlthough they can be well preserved, there is a percentage of risk that they will be lost. Regarding the installed programs, all are uninstalled, so that if we want to have them we will have to download the installers and proceed from scratch.

Will I lose my license by restoring my Windows 7 to factory settings?

As long as let’s install a new operating system, or factory restore, our license may be lost. This is very normal, so we shouldn’t cause a big scandal. But nevertheless, we cannot live with your operating system that is not licensed, because it attracts many risks, including limitations in the operation of the system.

The loss is because the license is not integrated from its symbol, but is added after having installed the operating system, so it never hurts save our activation key before restoring a device. On the other hand, if it is too late to save the activation key, we must apply different tools to be able to activate our Windows again. If we have the physical installation disk, what we should do is go to the cover and extract the key, to recover the license.

If you do not have the installation disc cover, you will have to use other tools, such as ShowKeyPlus, which by simply running it shows us that license that we lost. This believing that Windows you stored the activation license in a folder. At other times just searching the local disk, Windows folder.old, we can extract the license and reactivate our Windows.

If you didn’t have a legal license, but you used software to deceive Windows, you will have to reinstall the application again, because it is deleted. We advise you to go to the website of Microsoft and buy the license, because otherwise you Pc You will never be sure, let us remember that these programs are deceptive even to us.

Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 Is it advisable to continue using this OS?

Microsoft 10 years ago he promised to give technical support to Windows 7, and this was only during the established period. This operating system It was launched on the market on October 22, 2009, and it ended this year 2020, on January 14. Microsoft was strict with its promise, for this reason when the 10-year support period expired, it stopped updating and providing services to this version of its product. This in order that its population can migrate to its latest versions such as Windows 8 and 10.

Your new version of Windows, offers us a greater experience. Although there is a population that does not want to adapt to it, for this reason Microsoft He did not give an extension and decided to completely close this version. That there is no longer technical support for Windows 7, it means that all technical assistance and software updates are canceled, so the security of a PC that still has this version is vulnerable.

What are the consequences

After January 14, 2020 all the qualities of Windows 7 began to change. Some of its consequences are; security updates will no longer be received, our operating system becomes completely vulnerable before any threat and we will have a constant warning recommending us to make the system change. Other things are that it will not be available to us is Microsoft customer service, just as it will interrupt the games downloaded to our computer for our version.

All services that are related for Windows 7, they will stop working over time. If we still own Windows 7, we can see that, if we try to enter different games on the Internet such as Checkers and Backgammon we will not be able, including also the Suspending the electronic guide for Windows Media Center.

What should we do?

As we have mentioned repeatedly throughout this section, the solution is “Upgrade our operating system from Windows 7 to 10”. This will eliminate all problems and exclude us from the consequences of using an unsupported operating system. To update it, we only have to download the tool Microsoft from its official website, have a good internet connection and wait for the whole system to update.

We know very well that the fear of many migrate to the new operating system is to handle their new functions, and they do not know very well some options or their features. The truth is that this is a good excuse. To avoid and dispel this fear, we recommend that you dare to this new system, in the same way if you have any doubts the official website of Microsoft offers us many guides.

In such a case of not understanding them or anything else, we will also provide you with a lot of information so that you can fully know this system. By not updating the system, we will be accepting the different risks that this brings. It is true that there are still some computers with Windows Xp, having this so long out of support, but what Microsoft Excluding it from your products does not mean that they are not accessible or stop working.

In other words; Microsoft does not prohibit us from using your systems out of support, but nor does it guarantee us stability in the system, in the same way it denies us protection against Internet threats.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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