RESET your HUAWEI Phone  ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

When our Smartphone is left hanging, stuck, is full of viruses, or is very slow, do not worry that not everything is lost, you do not have to run to buy another mobile phone, the most recommended in these cases is reset the device to the state in which it came from the factory. There are several methods to do this, which are really simple and efficient when applied in the right way.

When performing a Hard Reset to our phone, we permanently delete any configuration applied by the user, as well as all data stored in the smartphone memory. When the process is done, we have a brand new one regarding settings, much faster and ready to start customizing it again.

In this tutorial we will explain the most common methods to restart or format your Huawei mobile and return it to the state when it left the factory, that you can also do them yourself from the comfort of your home, following a few instructions, having a little patience and having the best disposition.

Steps to restart your Huawei device and return to factory settings

Next we will explain step by step, the methods with which we can do a factory reset to a Huawei, and thus get rid of viruses, unwanted data and configurations, which are making our cell phone go slow or that it is working poorly.

Reset Factory values ​​from Smartphone settings

The most common and fastest option to restore the Smartphone is from its configuration, for which you must follow the following steps:

  • With the device on and with more than 50% of the battery, we enter the “Configuration or Settings “ depending on the mobile.

configuration or settings huawei

  • We move to the section “Backup and Restore”.

backup and reset huawei

  • We select the option “Reset Factory Data “.

reset factory data huawei

  • Then we select the option “Reset Device “.

reset huawei device

  • The process will begin immediately, which can take a few minutes, depending on the model and the amount of data we have in it. At the end of the procedure the mobile will restart and turn on again you are ready to use as if for the first time.

Do a Hard Reset with the Recovery method

This method is applied when it does not turn on, we forget the lock code, or when the option Reset the mobile from the configuration is not enough. To apply a Hard Reset to the mobile phone, we carry out a combination by following the following steps in detail:

  • Verify that this count on 50% battery or more, or failing that it is connected to the charger.
  • Remove and replace the battery.
  • Simultaneously press the button “Power On and Volume Up “, until the Recovery menu appears on the screen.

power buttons and volume up

  • We select the option “Wipe Data / Factory Reset “, scrolling up or down, with the volume key, and selecting with the power key.

wipe data factory reset

  • On the next screen, it will ask us for confirmation, for which we select again ¨Wipe Data / Factory Reset¨, using the volume and power keys.

confirm wipe data factory reset

  • The process of restoring factory settings will begin. The time this process takes will depend on the amount of data we have in storage.

wipe data factory reset process

  • When the Factory Reset process finishes, it returns us to the main screen of the Recovery menu.
  • Then we select with the volume and power keys, the option “Reboot System Now”.

reboot system now

  • The process of formatting the Smartphone will begin, which requires a few minutes. At the end of this process, the mobile phone will restart, being formatted and with the factory configuration, ready to start using again.

Access the Recovery mode of Huawei from the PC

If for some reason the phone keys do not work, you can also access the recovery mode from the PC, following the steps below:

  • You must have the “device drivers “, installed on the PC. These are generally installed automatically, when connecting the mobile to the PC with the “USB Cable”.
  • Activate mode “USB debugging “, from the options device security or developer options.
  • Connect the Smartphone to the PC using the USB Cable.
  • When the smartphone is properly connected to the computer, we must enter the option to run from the computer, pressing the button combination “Windows + R “ and a tool to execute commands will be shown, like the one seen below.

run windows

  • We write the command “CMD” and we execute it by pressing “Enter ” or by clicking “To accept”.

CMD Windows

  • A command console like the one we will see below will be displayed on the screen.

Windows command console

  • In the command console, we write “Adb Shell “, and press “Enter “. In this way we enter the recovery mode of the mobile connected to the PC.


  • Then we write “Wipe Data “ and we press “Enter “.


  • Then “Reboot System “ and we give “Enter “.
  • The formatting of the Huawei then proceeds to run, leaving the factory settings.

Force Reboot in Safe Mode

If any of the previous steps did not work, or was executed incorrectly and the Smartphone does not turn on, or remains in a loop where it restarts and restarts over and over again, without accessing the home screen, you can choose to turn on the phone in safe mode, which allows you to reverse some changes you have made recently, uninstall malicious applications and recover personal data.

To force start in safe mode, you must follow the following steps:

  • With the device off we press the button “Switched on” until the logo of Huawei.

Press the power button

  • Then immediately and before the Huawei turns on, we release the button “Switched on” and press the button “Volume down” until the home screen appears.

Volume down button

  • In this way the mobile will have started in Safe Mode.
  • We can notice it in the lower left, in which we can read, “Safe Mode” or “Safe Mode”.

Safe Mode

  • We can proceed to make the necessary changes.

By applying these methods and following these simple steps, you can solve problems on your Huawei Smartphone from the comfort of your home, before visiting the technician, or making the decision to purchase a new one.

Recommendations before formatting a Smartphone

Before applying any restart, formatting or restoration to our device, it is essential make a backup of the most important data, in the cloud or move them to the removable memory card, since when we reset our Smartphone, all data such as multimedia, downloads, and installed applications will be lost.

It is also important that the equipment has 50% of the battery or more, since if the process is interrupted, it could be really harmful to the mobile.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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