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In general, when a phone has been used for several years it begins to generate certain failures that can cause it to be delete all your WhatsApp data. This too it may happen because for some reason you removed the app, because the internal or external memory of the device is expiring, or perhaps because you are only changing equipment to a newer one.

But none of this should be a cause for alarm for us, because in any of these cases the only thing you want is to recover your information, or transfer it from the old device to the newer.

That is why in this article we have prepared for you a complete guide so that you can correctly access WhatsApp backups and thus restore all your information safely.

Steps to restore and transfer all WhatsApp photos, chats and messages

Before you can restore all the information from WhatsApp Messenger you need to have a backup, which we are going to create immediately by following these steps:

  • Enter WhatsApp and click on the button in the upper right corner with the three vertical dots, to access more options.

whatsapp menu

  • Enter the tab “Settings”.

whatsapp settings

  • After in “Chats and calls.” (Backup, history, background …)

whatsapp chats

  • Finally we locate “Backups” and we agree.

whatsapp backup

  • Now we are going to set up account Google Drive, If you don’t have an active account, you have to click “Add new”. We must also adjust how often to back up and the type of navigation with which it will perform, being the most recommended with WiFi to save mobile data.

google drive settings

  • If we want make the copy immediately we just have to click on “Save”, because if not, it will be saved at the time set by the system, which is 2:00 AM. (before noon)

utilma backup whatsapp

Restore from Google Drive

The process of restoring the data from our backup is a bit out of the ordinary, since there is no way to restore it manually, Unless a failure occurs in the application and it tells you that you must restore:

  • That is why what we will do is promote this situation uninstalling the app, We can do it easily by searching for it in the Play store and then clicking on “Uninstall”. Then when the process ends we will give you in “Install” again.

installing whatsapp

  • We hope this ends and when we open again it will ask us to configure the phone number, We must place the same one that we had assigned and confirm it with a text message or call.
  • A screen will appear searching for backups, so we have to wait a few minutes. At the end it will ask us to accept the restoration, once this is done we will have all our data visible and recovered.

restore backup

  • On the other hand, if it is a device we must put the same email account that we used in the previous equipment and of course the same telephone number so that we can have access to restore our data from Google Drive.

It is important to know that for all these procedures we must have at our disposal enough space on the device, an excellent connection to WiFi and enough battery in the cell phone or mobile.

Recover the copy from One Drive

The process with the Microsoft cloud is similar to that of Google Drive, but of course, with some differences, and that is so that the information can be saved in One Drive we will need a Windows Phone device with version 8.1 onwards, so that it can be compatible with the app.

The process will be the same as explained above, First we must make sure that there is a backup, if not, we will create it in the same way by entering the “Wasat” configuration.

Once we know that there is a backup, when restoring that information on a Windows device we just have to enter the Marketplace or in the store of this, locate the WhatsApp application and uninstall it and then install it again.

When starting it we must enter the same phone number and it will give us the option of whether we want to restore it with a backup from One Drive, we click “To accept” we wait and go.

How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages and chats from backup on Android and iOS?

WhatsApp always saves on our device on the SD card, To be more precise, all the information from the conversations of the last week, so if what we want is to restore that data, the first thing we should check is that there is such a backup.

  • We will know this by entering “Menu”> “Settings”> “Chats”> “Backups”. Here we will also see when the last update.
  • Already checked that if there is a backup probably from the day before at 2:00 AM, just We must uninstall the application and then reinstall it from the Play Store.

last backup whatsapp

  • Now in the case of a device Manzana after removal and installation, automatically backup stored in iCloud; the cloud of these devices, will be restored almost immediately without any complications.

How to access WhatsApp backup or backup on my Android phone or iPhone?

As we have said before, the backup copies will be saved on your Android or iPhone device of the last 7 days plus that of the current day; in case you make a copy that day manually. Therefore, to access any of these 7 copies, you only need to make a small adjustment on your mobile. It should be noted that we will not be able to access in time before.

  • To begin we must look for the “File manager” or the “File manager”, whatever it’s called on your team. In case you don’t have one, you can download it from the store of your operating system.

file management

  • After this you must enter the SD card and at the end of the folders you will find “WhatsApp”, here you must click on the folder that says “Databases”.

databases folder

  • Now the work begins, in this folder you will find 7 or 8 files called msgstore-year-month-day.1.db.crypt12 “, each one with the different dates of the last 7 days.

msgstore folder

  • Below this list will be a file called “Msgstore.db.crypt12”, It may have another number at the end instead of 12, because it will usually increase over time.

folder msgstore.db.crypt12

What we will do now will be select the last file and we will delete it, not without first having copied the name of said file somewhere in a notepad, it could be on paper.

Then we must select any of the 7 files we have, depending on the date on which we want to retrieve the information from the chats, and we will search among the options to change the name, we will put the exact same name that we had already noted on paper before, that is, “Msgstore.db.crypt12”, in our case.

msgstore.db.crypt12 folder to restore whatsapp backup

After we have done this with the backup of our preference we only have to apply what we have learned previously, that is, uninstall WhatsApp and install it again from the App Store or Play Store.

In the event that from our mobile device we cannot modify the name of this, We just have to transfer this file to the computer with a USB cable, by Bluetooth or with an SD card reader, change the name to what we said and finally return it to its position on the mobile and continue the procedure.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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