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Most people do not even know of the existence of Roaming, but today we tell you that this is in charge of communication between two operators to give you a connection or a signal, but when it is active the rates can increase, which we are not going to like very much.

Here we are going to explain the distribution of the rates according to the operators, showing you the 5 operators most important in Spain. What if we are going to tell you is that not all have the same rates and one may be more economically feasible than another.

We will also teach you those tricks that you will need to use if you are one of those people who are enemies of excessive spending. The more we save, the more we can enjoy our trips.

What is Roaming and what is this service from your operator for?

The word Roaming is the English translation of Itinerancia, whose word we can see very common in our phones, since it is widely used in the telecommunications area to indicate that the wireless device it has left the network coverage assigned to it as the main one.


Well, this concept can be specified a bit. In mobile telephony, is used to indicate the possibility to clients to use a different network when you go outside the certain range, this happens more frequently when you have to go out of the country. The network identifier in this case it’s the sim card, which is responsible for communication between different operators.

You can also see this mode (Roaming), in some Wifi networks, which means that the client can roam to any other wireless network. In this case, the way to identify is by means of a personal username and password, which it must be shared by different networks.

How much does it cost to have service while traveling on my mobile operator?

We show you How to find out the cost of your service with each of the most important telephone companies in the country:


If we are Movistar customers and we want to travel, we will have to bear in mind that the rates increase from the moment that Roaming is activated on our device. To be able to consult these rates we must enter the Movistar page.

Here we can search for the country where we want to travel and select the type of service we use (contract or prepaid). When we click on “Search” a box will appear where it details what we must pay additionally for activating this service in the indicated country.


Yoigo’s rates are a little different than Movistar, and they are organized as follows:

Roaming rates for Internet coverage

The rates for the EU and associated countries are 0 euros / national rate. Such a fee will not charge us even half a euro by roaming service, so we can enjoy many of these services within this range without having to pay anything else.

More explicitly we can say that if we travel to any country, within the European Union, Yoigo We will only be charged for the consumption of our navigation, just as if we were in Spain, and we will not be assigned an additional cost.

Yoigo divides the countries by zones. The countries that belong to Zone 1 are the following:

Germany; Slovenia; Malt; Austria; Spain; Norway; Belgium; Greece; Netherlands; Bulgaria; Hungary; Poland; Cyprus; Ireland; Luxembourg; Croatia; Iceland; Czech Republic; Denmark; Italy; Romania; Estonia; Vatican City; Sweden; Slovakia; Latvia; France (including Martinique Island, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and French Guyana); United Kingdom (including Gibraltar); Portugal (including Madeira and Azores); Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Finland

While the rates for the rest of the world have a cost of 10.89 euros / MB. If the country we have in mind is not within the list shown above, we will have to know that there if we will have an additional cost, which is why Yoigo identifies the rest of the world as Zone 2.

Roaming rates for call and text coverage

Like Yoigo Internet browsing, it considers that all calls and messages that are received within the countries that are located within Zone 1, will have no additional cost, while if we do them, they will.

For calls made, the following is considered:

If the countries we are going to visit are within zone 1, It will have the same rate as the one used within the country (Spain). Whereas if they are within Zone 2, it will have a cost. From 2,54 euro / minute.

This also applies to sending messages, as follows:

Countries within zone 1 will not have any increase in their rate, while countries that are located within Zone 2, they will have a cost of 0.36 euros for each message. This is also true for the sending of multimedia messages (SMS).

We can consult more the rates, through the following link.


The Jazztel operator offers the following rates for those who wish to travel to or leave their country where they reside. The first thing we should know is that all countries that are within Zone 1 are not assigned any additional cost to their rate.

While the countries of Zone 2 will have an additional cost of 7 euros per 100 MB consumed, and for the standard contracts that cover the countries of Zone 2 and Zone 3 a cost of 12.10 euros for each MB.

To review in more detail the rates for each country or for each service visit the next page.


For Orange, roaming-type data consumption is distributed in Go Europe, Mobile Internet, Contract or Card, Everywhere. Go Europe, is the type of Roaming established for the countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, whose cost for data consumption it is 1 euro for every 100 MB.

If we go to the type of Mobile Internet Roaming, it will cost € 12.1 / 1 MB, which this type of roaming covers all the countries of the world. For the Contract or card, which also covers all the countries of the world, It has a cost of € 6.05 / 500 KB.

Finally roaming Everywhere, which covers countries such as Russia, Andorra, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Morocco, Japan and China, It has a cost of € 7/100 MB.

For more information, visit the page.


For now, Vodafone offers a roaming service for people who are going to travel to the United States where the rates are they have a cost equal to the national. This rate is known as Rate for the countries of the European Union, where you must pay € 1/200 MB.

We can also enjoy other rates such as The Travel World Rate and rate Vodafone world. Where the first has a cost of € 15/200 MB, whose countries involved within this range are those belonging to the Zone 2 list, and in other cases the same rate is makes a charge of € 15/20 MB.

The second rate that we show has three types, one that has a cost of € 6.05 / 1 MB, where it only covers Zone 2. The second with the same cost as Zone 3 and the last where € 18.15 / 1 MB must be paid for Zone 4.

To find more information we must visit the official site.

What tips can I apply to spend less while using my rate outside the country?

As we have already seen, the costs of the rates can increase significantly when we use our phone with active data consumption. For this reason we bring you some tips that you should use to avoid these fees:

Let’s deactivate all the data and look for a Wifi network

The operators charge for data consumption, but if we do not consume the data they will not charge us anything, so we must deactivate data consumption and look for a wifi network where we can navigate and communicate without any additional cost.

Let’s look for open Wi-Fi networks

Many countries have Wi-Fi networks open to the public which are completely free, so we recommend using an application known as Free Zone Wifi which allows you to know which networks are open and at what distance you can get them, in addition to allowing you to connect to those networks automatically.

This application can be found available for both Android and iOS.

Let’s use the app to communicate with calls and messages

To finish with these tips, it is highly recommended to use applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram to establish communication with other people, because they do not necessarily need the consumption of data, since they can be used through a Wifi network.

Do I need to manually activate Roaming or is it automatic? What if I don’t want it?

Roaming is a function that is predestined in most devices, so we can always see that it is activated automatically, but this can be disabled manually, as well as it can happen that we want to activate it and the only way to do it is manual.

Configuration and adjustments

To avoid high data consumption, we can configure our phone with a limit, so that consumption is normalized and does not exceed more than what we are willing to pay.

For this we are going to “Settings”And we seek “Use of data” A notice will appear which we click on “To accept” and we limit how we want our consumption to be. As we saw in the notice, the data connection or the consumption of them will be disabled just by exceeding that limit in order to prevent further consumption.

Roaming consumption limit

Activate and deactivate service

This is the best solution in most cases, so if we want to deactivate the service we go to the mobile and look for “Settings”, then we select “Wireless connections and networks / mobile networks” and uncheck the boxes where it says “Mobile Data” and “Data Roaming”.

disable roaming

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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