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It is almost certain that you came across a flipped video while going through your files. Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us. The most ergonomic way to hold the mobile is in its vertical position, since we only need one hand.

But when viewing the video we see that it was not recorded correctly. In turn, certain social networks have chosen to naturalize the vertical aspect ratio. IGTV and YouTube are some of them.

That is why, it is important that you know that These are the simplest ways to rotate a video on a MacOS computer.

Steps to rotate any video on MacOS without losing quality

It is important that you know that many editing programs compress your file to be able to edit it. This means that you can lose quality in the output. For this reason we recommend that you use one of the following list.

By way of default without using any external software. Select video, press the space bar. A preview of the content will open with a couple of editing options. To rotate it, we must press the rotation button located in the upper right part of the window.

Once all the modifications have been made, click “OKAY” to accept the changes or “Reverse” to discard them. A window will appear asking us if we want to replace, cancel or create a new clip. In case of selecting “New clip” we must indicate the location and name of the created file.

Rotate image without programs on Mac

With Camtasia

It is one of the most intuitive and simple to use programs. To rotate a video with Camtasia we will have to perform the following steps.

We import the video from the menu “File”. Then “Import media (or Ctrl + I)”. We select the corresponding file and accept. We drag the clip to the timeline and making sure that the beginning of the video matches that of the timeline.

Steps to rotate any video on MacOS without losing quality Camtasia 01

With the item selected, press the button “Visual Properties” located at the bottom of the media window. In that same tab we can, among other operations, rotate the video. We recommend that use rotation in Zas the other options can mirror or warp the content. Usually the degrees required to rotate are 90 or 180. Otherwise you could generate empty spaces.

Steps to rotate any video on MacOS without losing quality Camtasia 02

Once we make all the changes we need, we must export the already corrected file. For this we will go to the button “Produce and share”. We will choose the format we want, name the new clip and indicate the folder where it will be saved.

With Quicktime Player

Quicktime is an application developed by Apple and used on both Mac and PC. For this, we will not have any compatibility problem. In order to rotate our clip with this program we must first open the video and go to the upper toolbar.

There we will select within the menu “Edition” the option “Turn left” or “Turn right” as appropriate. It is important to note that not to be confused with the “Flip” option since this will reflect our recording in one way or another. We need to clarify that, in order to make these changes, the video it should not exceed 1080p with 60fps.

Steps to rotate any video on MacOS without losing Quicktime quality

With Adobe Premier Pro

This is one of the best video editing and montage programs. If we have not used it before it can be complicated. But it is not necessary to scare us, since to rotate a video we must follow these simple steps.

If our clip is in portrait orientation and we want landscape it “: we must create a project if we did not do it before. In the work sequence we will have to select our clip in the timeline. Then in the tab “Effects controls” modify the rotation item. We will put this one at 90 or 270 as appropriate.

Steps to rotate any video in MacOS without losing quality Premiere Pro 01

On the other hand, if we want our video vertical and we record it horizontally, there are some previous steps to be added. We must create a sequence in the File menu, New and choose sequence. Here we will select the output quality of our material. We will also have to invert aspect ratio. For example, if we want a FullHD video, we must make sure that it is 1080p wide by 1920p high. Then carry out the steps in the previous paragraph.

Steps to rotate any video in MacOS without losing quality Premiere Pro 02

Will a video lose quality when rotated with an audiovisual editing program?

As we indicated at the beginning, many editors on the Internet or second-line programs tend to compress the material and lower the output quality. There are many others, such as the ones we name you in the list in which we can work without fear of losing quality.

For this we recommend that you use the highest possible recording quality, edit the complete material and finally render a final clip with the correct proportions. It is important to say that, if you rotate a video and then stretch it to cover the black spaces, it will lose quality. Since it is the same as doing a digital zoom.

List of the best external programs to rotate videos on MacOS easily and quickly

When our purpose is only to easily rotate videos and we don’t want to get bogged down in complicated menus and settings.

We recommend the following editing programs:

Apple iMovie

It is simple to use and best of all is that comes included in our Mac. Rotating and cropping videos couldn’t be more practical thanks to this program. Due to the interconnectivity with the entire operating system, we can make simple changes to the audiovisual files just by pressing the space bar. But it also allows us to make other simple adjustments in the program’s own interface.

Video Lan Movie Creator

It is simple and powerful. From the developers of VLC comes this editor compatible with many operating systems. It supports almost all video formats and is completely free. With this program we can rotate, trim and even add some effects. It is important to say that it is open source software and consequently it is always updated

Final cut pro

A great option if we want to improve our editing. It has a friendly interface and a powerful work engine. Although it is a payment program, we can make products with it worthy of cinema and tv.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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